Monday, May 26, 2014

Stay tuned ....we are experiencing SPRING...

It is a very early start to my day......I had some ANNUALS to plant...
and what a welcomed spring morning...Although cool this morning 14 C / 56 F...
It was nice enough for my Garden Keepers to join me...

Sumatra sooo makes me smile, She got into a cone for one of my tomato plants
and thought she was hiding from me....We grow MINT around the garden
it keeps all other furry creatures from snacking...it works very well...
Although our Felines love it... they often have minty breath..

And Although the MINT keeps away the creatures of the wild...Sumatra insist on taking
her post and watching over our small but bountiful garden....

We always grow tomatoes, 4 different types of greens for daily salads
and this year we also planted some brussel sprouts and brocolli...
ohhh and some cucs...

This is our viburnum tree alll ready to pop this week...the garden is just gorgeous this morning,
the dew was welcoming on my feet....

As I planted some seedling...COSMOs on the back of the fence behind
the Viburnums, both Sumatra and T-cup were ready to assist if needed...
They love the mornings with me...now both of them are on my day bed

We have 7 Viburnums Trees and bushes on our property...will take
pics when they are all in full bloom this week..

NOW I have some yellow paint beckoning me to add some stripes to my gingham wall.

p.s spots are fading wink...


  1. Very pretty. I had to look them up, never heard of them before (like many things lol). Will yours bloom white? Glad to see they come in a variety of hardiness...even a zone 2, though we are mostly zone 4, bordering zone 3 some years. I yearn for a zone 7 hardiness =) oh the things I could grow! My cherry and plum trees are in full bloom, my apple trees sadly did not bloom again this year, but they are growing and look just lovely in green foliage. Love your veggie garden, I planted cherry tomatoes and petunias in my front hanging flower boxes, and some lettuce in some big planters. This is the first year I'm not doing anything else. This is the year of our massive declutter. We have the content from 3 houses to deal with, so I will love my perennial flowers and be content!

  2. Oh what a beautiful yard, and so much work! No planting for me. I am still in deconstruction mode. Taking out the old and overgrown. LOL Haven't even put in my free standing pots for fear of hail. Only a few more days of this crazy weather, then maybe...

  3. I can't imagine a better way to spend the morning!

  4. I spotted your red chair amongst your garden plants...beautiful! The kitties look so sweet in your photos. Lovely morning!

  5. I may have to try to the mint since something insists on snacking on my squash. Lovely photos of the kitties.

  6. Everything looks so lush! You have been busy My tomatoes and cukes are still in their little pots waiting. Grand daughter can help tomorrow, she will help with anything as long as she gets to use the hose!

  7. Your yard and gardens are so lush. Thanks for sharing with us, we are still a waiting for spring to come here and bring with it warmer days!

  8. Lovely photos of your garden. You've got the right idea doing your gardening so early in the morning. I can't imagine working in a garden in the afternoon when the sun is at his highest especially here in Florida.

  9. I love to read about what's happening up in your neck of the woods ! S & T look happy to have warm weather so they can go out and patrol without getting frozen kitty paws !

  10. It looks ohhh so pretty. I would be chasing our kitties way more than planting. Longing for the bad weather to stay away, so I can get all those annuals in the ground without the worry of them getting pummeled.

  11. Your garden is looking gorgeous.love those kitties too.

  12. Your yard is looking truly beAutiful! Those Tiberius

    Your garden is looking beautiful! Those vibernims are looking gorgeous, even before blooming! (Sumatra is such a pretty cat!)

  13. So beautiful Samm! It's lush and green here too; I planted a couple of things yesterday and am hoping tomorrow to get some hydrangeas planted in my back flower bed. blessings, marlene

  14. Lovely Garden, wonderful kept. Everything looks so neat.

  15. I do love your kitty girls. What gorgeous photos of them in your garden. I can get lost in the sea blue of Sumatra's eyes.


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