Thursday, May 15, 2014

GOODBYE lost Scissors.... USE Scissors Fobs with Sparkle! Harry Barnett HOOPS

#16 P.s My new fav look at the MUG... sold

#1 SOLD I was able to make another but it is different..
look down at the list ....
I do not have any more of these charms....

I looked at all the ones everyone asked for 
many times over and with the beads I have in my collection
I was able to make some duplicates...
with new ones added...

Like being a quilter we all have our unique taste in  style and even gems...
These are what I was looking for and I  could not find any..
So I began making them....and sadly once you begin beading..
like quilting it is hard to stop....lol

I have been ordering as quick as each one sells...
I have made numerous ones trying very hard to make them all OOAK.
( because YOU are One Of A Kind) 

I had soooo many requests for more fobs..
these are the ones I made that are the extras....

They are not just pretty...they serve a valuable purpose..
YOU will not lose your scissors again....the clasp I add to them 
all does not interfere with you using your scissors...
and if you are at an event..YOU can be sure NOBODY else
will have the same one...

Each one unique with precious stones, gems and charms...

Same price $20.oo a piece I will ship to you for FREE!
( no matter  you live)
each one will come with a small organza bag! 

#2 sold
#3 sold


#5 sold
#6 sold

as I was taking the photos...T-Cup was quite curious at the reflections of these scissor fobs....
Hard to believe she is 14 years old...


#9 sold

#10 sold

#11 sold

#12 SOLD ( I have no more pink pearls at the moment)

#13 sold

#14 sold

#15 SOLD

#17 sold

#18 SOLD

#19 SOLD

#20 SOLD


Every dollar... will go towards purchasing new sew machines for those on our lists....
so thank you on behalf all of our ladies! 

And on Friday, I will have ONE as a giveaway....
( let me know which one you would like and if I have enough
beads and stones...that is the one I will make for YOU)

Here is my progress so far....all of the ivory tapestry will be done in a creme merino..
I finally had to stretch it on my frame from Barnetts...it is lightweight and very easy to use
when you are stitching from below......
Worth every penny! 

Harry has this one....perfect for Switching and Tilting your hoops...
I just may have to get this one...

I am going to call it the Switch Tilt Hoop! 

Now this is a FAB idea....I find sometimes my hands hit the rails..
this way it would not...and you could tilt it up to see your stitches..
Brilliant Harry...

His workmanship is superior....no splinters on these ever...

 And different sizes too....Link here if you are looking to purchase in the near future..


  1. More pretties! Love mine, thanks sew very much! Spring has finally arrived and we are very much out there and enjoying every moment!

    1. Too quick on the publish button... I love the size and the weight of my fob, and that thimble charm is adorable. You were right Samm, they do not get in my way at all when I use my scissors. I'm so very glad you mentioned that! Thanks again.

  2. They're all beautiful, I love the "lady bug" one.

  3. I love makin these. Nice effort for a Good cause.

  4. My goodness you have been busy. Those are beautiful gems & charms. So so pretty.

  5. These are just Beautiful!! I can't wait til my Daughters arrives. I am so anxious to see it! Pere Noel is going to be a stunning piece of work!! You know Samm, I have to have a couple different projects going on as I will sometimes get bored with a lengthy one. Today it's Pillowcase dresses for my Granddaughters then over to my Daughters on Wednesday to use her Machine and finish them up. The weather here this week is going to be in the 70's and 80's so I am squeezing in the Garden too~ Love these days!

    Huggs, Nancy

  6. You certainly have been busy....every one is beautiful...of course I'm drawn to anything with black and red....T-Cup is such a doll!

  7. I love your fobs! So creative! I love the black and red ones! But the Ocean one is pretty too! Gosh, I love them all!

  8. They just get prettier and prettier! Your Santa is coming along so beautifully!

  9. Loving your fab fobs!!! Santa is just cute as a button.

  10. More beautiful fobs Samm - but Santa, well he's stunning! blessings, marlene

  11. ll of your fobs are beautiful, am drawn to the autumn ones with the black/white red a very close second How do we order one or two? Teacup looks like she is enjoying your new hobby.

  12. I haven't blogged in a few days and what cuties you have added since my last visit! I am anxiously waiting for mine to arrive so I can put it to use. Your Santa is coming along wonderfully! Wish I could xstitch again!

  13. Love your Santa cross stitch. I need to pull out the series of old-fashioned Santas that I am needle pointing in pearl cotton instead of cross stitching. I wish I had followed through and bought the entire series when I had a chance to many years ago. There was one each year for many many years. I really like your fobs also. I appreciate the fact that you used a lobster-claw clasp -- you know that one is not going to open accidentally.

  14. Looks like your fobs are doing well. I think I am in love with all of them. Your Santa is beautiful. Hand stitching is so relaxing. Hope you are having a great week.

  15. Your little fobs are adorable! I'm so glad they're selling well!
    I love your Santa cross stitch! I haven't done cross stitch in quite some time. I do remember how relaxing it was, though!


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