Saturday, May 17, 2014

HOME sweet HOME to some GINGHAM LOVE and Ruffles...

It is always nice to get away especially when YOU 
had no plans of doing sooooo...
but there is even greater joy to returning HOME....
this is what welcomed me upon our my return...

I was working on these HOME pillows and did not get a chance
to showcase them....they are all individual and strategic gingham ruffles were added. 
has the best gingham...but you know that by now if you have been
dropping in from time to time)

I only added ruffles on the side end pillows and on the top...this way they sit
proudly on the day bed and it looks like ONE big pillow)
Now I do remember someone saying it was a good idea to have
different pillows cause I could remove the H and O and ME would be left..
Was that you Lynn or Mary Pat ???? lol 

I seriously had some  challenges creating these... but  being the 
crisis manager I am  - I wiped some tears and brought out some paint brushes
and after stitching H O M E ...they were just not BOLD enough to see....

I painted in between the stitches with acrylic paints, and sealed them with a special
paint mixture so they can be washed in the future... I loved how they turned out..
tut coming out soon for these.....

I had already hand quilted each pillow with 
it almost made them wrinkly like.. great texture...

And speaking of sweet SURPRISES....this gorgeous PILLOW complete with GINGHAM
appeal was a lovely gift from well you know that OTHER LADY....
I could not be prouder to have it on n on my day bed in my office a constant reminder
of how she managed to blow into my life and ruffle me every time we have a blog hop
Isn't it adorable? and goes sooooo nicely with my HOME....

Soooo appreciated OTHER LADY..wink....

and now for the upcoming week....

I will be working on completing my PICNIC quilt....It is coming
along nicely...sooooo now to gather all my creative juices
and stamina and stitch for the next few days to get
ready for our HOP first week of JUNE.....

something else I have been working on that 
will soon be revealed....I did do a few things
with this when I was away wink...

And yes the photo was taken for the 
Tammy bag

just did not have access till I got home...
here it is...this one is even larger than others I have made...
This will be going in my wee store...
( as soon as I stop selling everything before I get some 
stuff over there...wink)

Thanks to all those who purchased all of my scissor fobs..
all proceeds purchased yet another sewing machine...
another one will be sent out this week...

You are alll so kind, smart and important to so many...

Now I have some laundering to do....I added all new buttons to my new nighties....and I am dying
to get one on and settle for the night in our theatre room with some homemade spaghetti and meat balls...

See you soon in ruffled warmth..


  1. Oh the pillows are so lovely and so very you. Of course I love the Tammy bag and your fabric you created.

  2. Absolutely lovely! That Other Lady does nice work...and she knows you very well! Your Tammy bag looks great...love that fob! Welcome home!

  3. The pillow are so chic! Love the cute material you created, it looks just perfect on the Tammy.

  4. I can't wait to see your picnic quilt. Love the little peek! Your painted pillows look very cool and so does that Tammy bag with YOU all over it. I'm so glad you blew into my life!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the next blog hop. Love the pictures of your room and that fabulous Tammy bag!

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely - what more can you say :-)

  7. Your comfy cozy spot is so sweet ! I love your Madame Samm fabric in the Tammy....now that's a special one ! Create on....creative one !

  8. That was me that suggested ME and other combinations you could do with the addition of a letter or two.

  9. LOVE IT! You may have just answered a dilemma I have been in with the addition of acrylic paints to your letters. :) Off to experiment! Janita

  10. Love your pillow(s). She is a very talented lady. A good friend to have. Also love your fabric for the Tammy bag. Stellar.

  11. Home is where the heart is, and your HOME is comfy, cozy, and creative. It says all are welcome.

  12. So, so pretty Samm - I love the way the pillows turned out. blessings, marlene

  13. That new Tammy Bag is beyond wonderful!!! Your pillows turned out great. Talent should be your middle name!

  14. You did a wonderful job with those pillows! I really love that room....are you renting ;). Just kidding!

  15. Great idea to paint inside the stitching, looking forward to hearing more about it. Good luck with your picnic quilt. Glad you had a little getaway.

  16. Your pillows are fantastic! I, being nosey me, clicked on the picture to see them up close and personal and the beautiful hand quilting, a rarity these days! What a wonderful friend to have made such a sweet accent pillow.

  17. Your pillows turned out beautifully! (I've also been away and am just now seeing it.) I know you will find d that area a great retreat!
    I have been using a paint pen outlined with embroidery for about ten years now to add words to some of my quilts. I heat set them with an iron before washing and they have stood up to multiple wAshing with no fading. ( I did this on one of my first quilts because I didn't know about the 'quilt police" at the time. Since I never got reprimanded for it, I continued to use paint where I thought it enhanced the design. It opens up all kinds of possibilities!)
    I am intrigued by your sneak peak! Looks Adorable already!
    Your bag is great with your own fabric design!!

  18. Loving the pillows....That was pretty witty, but darn, I don't think it was me...must have been Mary Pat...of course I taught her well! LOL


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...