Friday, May 16, 2014

FABRiC on DEMAND....a REVOLUTION of the nicest KIND!

You possibly have heard of companies who help  to bring
your graphics to life...on your own fabric...

WELLLLLL I heard about this pretty dynamic team
of FABRIC Makers... they are called FABRIC ON DEMAND.

Don't you just love their design...
wish I had created it for them...I could have--- wink...

But that is not what I wanted to show you...
I had every intention to show you the finished project
however my beloved wanted to surprise me and whisked
me away for a few days...

I  had most of my post done ready to place all the rest of my 
completed project but that will have to wait...

But  what won't wait ---is me telling you about

I had them create some postage stamps of me  that I could make a couple
cute projects...got it all cut up....ready to sew....but no go just yet..
when I get back... I will show you the completed project...

Could not even pack it with me....cause I would have had to bring my machine..
NOOOOO said HE....it is NOT going with ME... lol ok...

Their fabric printing is far superior than anything I have seen so far...
even on satin, which they created some great satin tags for some things I am making...
CREATED with you in MIND...welllll satin and me...are buds...
I love the complete finish of both of them...very professional and their cotton
is a bit thicker , great for Tammy Bags....

soooo the completed project will be done very soon...
Fabric on Demand is worth checking out....
YOU will be very pleased at their attention to detail and excellent customer service!

If you would like some custom name tags created let me know...
I am sure I could design something for you..

And speaking of FABRIC......My next BIGGGGG Fabric overhaul will be in my Sewing Studio....
upstairs.....I  have yet to decide on paint...but it will be 2 colours... I have narrowed it down to blank and blank...lol hint it may be gingham ???

MY  valences over the windows...welllll the fabric came for that...bold black and white stripes...
OHHHHHh I love it already....I ordered some swiss dot sheer fabric...I just love it when I open the windows and you see the sheers bellowing into the room...just reminds me of summmmmmer!

All the cabinets are on order....I had 2 wardrobes, 3 sets of cupboards and some wall units
designed...I just got a note that they will be here June 1st...( sunday of all days) I have till then
to get the whole room completed cleaned out and re painted....

I have all of my fabric cut for our PICNIC blog hop...sooooo upon return, I do have a few things
that require my immediate attention.....

I will show my Tammy bag completed first...I  have made a few of them since my last post..!

update Tammy Bag..


  1. Oh my word....how cute is that fabric ! I'm going to go check them out right now .

  2. These are wonderful, enjoy your time away :)

  3. How exciting! My new fiber arts group talked about designing and printing on fabric. While I would like to design and love to have my own on fabrics, I just don't want to invest my time in doing the actual WORK of it. Glad to know about Fabric on Demand. Will you look into getting a gingham effect with paint? I think I have seen it somewhere. It involved flat as well as satin or glossy, I think and the effect was made with the same colors both directions--kind of a faux gingham, I think. If I find that link, I will pass it along. Have fun on your trip.

  4. These are looking awesome! I love the stamp one so much. The other one is cute too.
    How is this different than Spoonflower?

    I have been wanting to print some tags/labels for my handmade stuff. This sounds just perfect.

  5. My sister and I have used Spoonflower to print out our own fabrics, but I haven't heard of Fabric on Demand. I'm so glad to know of them. I'll check them out. Your fabric is adorable! Can't wait to see your sewing room!

  6. Love your fabric! Can't wait to see your sewing room. What a great guy to surprise you with a getaway!

  7. Your fabric is sew adorable ... and so you! I shall head right over to check out Fabrics on Demand. Looking forward to seeing all the creations ... :) Pat

  8. Ohhhh what fun fabric. Can't wait to see what you do with your sewing room! ;-)

  9. You know I Love your Graphics Samm, but this Fabric is just too over the Top Adorable!! Your Surprises never cease to amaze me either!! I hope your having a wonderful time Lucky Lady!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  10. Thanks for the awesome post. Use code SEWWE10 at checkout, and Fabric On Demand will take 10% off your purchase. The code is valid through June 15, 2014.

  11. Samm you discover the most amazing things! I love your fabric and I know you must too. I will think about something to make my own fabric and labels too and send off an order (thank you to Fabric On Demand for the discount!). blessings, marlene

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  13. Love the fabric labels! Marlene is so right. You do find the most amazing things!

  14. wow, is that YOU fabric perfect or what? I have always liked that graphic you did up and now you have it printed up as fabric! What a neat pillow that other lady made for your space too.

  15. Oh my, how did I miss this post! Your fabric stamps and labels are to die for, well not to REALLY DIE, but you know what I mean!

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