Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Awning/Shingles cost less than $12.00 Canadian

There was something else missing...AWNINGS or shingles...
We call them awnings in French, but the translation is different in English..
so let's call them shingles...not the burning kind people can get...
Shingles as in a sign above a  doorway ...

Sooooo I took some plant hangers, turned them upside down...
cut some S hooks...pieces of wood that David had in his shop
from projects from the past... I painted them white last weekend..

I took my powered drill and drilled the holes today...went to our 
nearby lumber yard and got some dry wall screws 
and yes ordered some peel and stick stickers...


Custom made by me...cost $12.00
Total cost...

Now our basement is done...

Well almost..I still have some slips to make for my boudoir chair
and desk chair....

and some pillows...all the while , working behind the scenes
on some projects, and some needlepoint and some more
scissor fobs...

The day in life of a RETIRED Madame! 

Ohhh and now to write some letters..you know
the old fashion kind that goes into an envelope and requires
a stamp...tonight is my night to write...

Nighty nite..


  1. So cute! I have one friend who lives in BC (I'm in NL) and the only way we communicate is by old fashioned letters. There's nothing quite like opening the mailbox and finding a letter in amongst all the bills!

  2. How darling! and absolutely perfect for you :) :) I have always heard them called "shingles" here in the states ... but no matter the name, they are perfect for your marvelous space!! Thank you again for sharing all that you do and are with us :)

  3. Another creative project. Great idea.

  4. The perfect finishing touch. Love it.

  5. This is a nice touch. We don't seem to do this here in CA. I like it very much. Creative Shingle Bliss...

  6. What a terrific idea! Do you mind if I borrow it for my new sewing room? (If we ever get that far, that is!)

  7. That is a great idea! So, so cute, too!

  8. These are just adorable, and such a Great idea!! Nick made a sign long ago to put above the door frame of my Studio, but yours are very unique!
    Thanks for sharing~
    Huggs, Nancy

  9. Love your shingles,very cleaver idea, but you always come up with unique and special ideas!

  10. Forgot to say your new wall art is stunning!

  11. Such a cute idea. Your space looks very cozy now. You sure work hard for a retired person. That's the key to staying young, you know.

    1. P.S. My picnic basket has arrived!!

  12. "Hanging out your shingle"..... that's what I've always called it. Your shingles are just darling and add a sweet touch to your home. I'm also a fan of a pen and paper letter. Email is great for quick communication, but I will always love to give and receive that personal touch. Oh.... love the little dollhouse at the end of the hall!

  13. Loving your shingles - wishing I had the space to hang some because I love the idea. I do have a framed needlepoint that says "powder room" outside the guest bathroom. Does that count. Love seeing your designs and inspirations. Judy C sends hugs.

  14. Those are just too cute. Oh what fun I could have with moose shingles! ;-)

  15. one word.....A-DOR-A-BLE!! ...oooh, I think I just made it into four words :)
    ...and to be a little on the philosophical side, I think that a quilter is an inventor, creator, modifier and problem solver! As well, as a person of kindness and good taste! That is certainly you!

  16. OMG that is too cute! I love your mind :) I see a doll house in the background. I wanted one of those for so long, but have no room left for one.

  17. So beautiful! Love the awnings and love the wainscoting. Just beautiful!

  18. Those are just adorable! Love them to pieces. I absolutely love all your added details.

  19. cute ... cute ... cute ... :) Pat

  20. I agree with everyone else...cute-CUte-CUTE !

  21. What an ingenius idea to turn those planter hooks upside down!! I simply don't think that way but Oh so glad YOU do so I can copy your ideas. I will be making one for sure. This would have been a great idea when I was teaching!! I would have had one hanging beside my 8ft. Pink Flamingo. No one ever got lost looking for my office/classroom.
    Love you Samm

    Gmama Jane

  22. Your shingle is just too creative! It's the little fininishing touches that do so much! And letters.... good for you!

  23. I love these Samm! What a wonderful idea - blessings, marlene


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