Monday, April 28, 2014

Tis the Season...Quilter and SEWER Gifts.

 I did a google search...Quilters Gifts, Sewers Gifts....I could not find anything that shouted out
"I care" "You are Special" 
and "OOAK"( one of a kind)....
With so many special occasions coming up I wanted to find something
 or perhaps CREATE special gifts....

I ordered this amazing LINEN ---it came last week, I ordered beads lots and lots of them...I went to a few classes, learned all about the necessary tools needed...OH MY I had nothing then...NOW, well let's not even go there wink...

.For almost a year I have been searching for beautiful scissor FOBS, I never found any that shouted, "OOAK or You are Special" ....So I did what any CREATIVE superpower person would do....I CREATED some...  but first this new Tammy bag....
This NEWSWORTHY Tammy Bag... ( link to pattern)
like many of you who have received this pattern, how can you possibly stop at ONE...
I have now made over 30....and I cut out a few yesterday...
Dots, gingham go so well together, add a satin bow...and well you have
a lovely gift for someone...

( this scissor fob above is mine...I made a pair for all of my scissors..
I have a few of them too...I was always NO not losing them...
they just were hiding from me for some reason) 

Each Scissor Fob I created were assigned a name....something that reminded 
me of each person I created these for....This lady is silent, sparkly,
and full of heart....seems a perfect gift that will remind her "I CARE"....

NOTE spool of AURIFIL love their red...nobody has one I like better YET....

And this is for that OTHER LADY ( don't look)......
this is because she loves PURPLE, she has such a warm and touching heart....
Her creativity goes around the globe .... "She means the WORLD to me" ...

Presencia Finca Perle #12 my very fav all time use for all of 
needlework...isn't this purple lovely...and I am not even a fan of
the colour..but this...

This one is heading off to lady who knows the meaning of LOVE,
She LOVES so she is BELOVED...she is filled with charisma
sentiment and her heart just keeps pounding...
Surely she will know she has made a difference in this Mdm's life! 

OHHHHH my scissors are DOVO
this is where I get them...
Anita has a fine collection...I swear my heart skips
a beat when I misplace them...hence I have 3 pairs....
would not SEW, stitch or quilt without them.

What colour fob would you like?
Do you have a FOB on your scissors?..

( you do not remove the fobs when 
in use..they are very fine and do not interfere
with cutting at all)

I made quite a few...I am waiting for another supply order...
so I just may be a tad busy this week...
Tis the SEASON...

p.s just like we allllll have styles in quilting
imagine what some of YOU could do in BEADING...
just wanted to put that in your pretty little head ...wink


  1. You have been very busy...those are just lovely! Am I seeing correctly that the fobs are on the scissors with a clip? Super idea...sometimes you just need the fob off and out of the way for trimming, or maybe even for an easy change...you know, holidays, seasons, etc. Oh, and a lovely new Tammy. I need to get busy and make my own, have the pattern, and the handles...other priorities first you know =)

  2. Oh lovely Samm there you are. I have been wondering why you have been silent. Yes I have one scissors fob, but when I have seen yours, I think I must make one or two for me and some for my sewing friend. I am also fond of Tammy and I have thought long to make some more for me. Your new Tammy is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing your lovely projects.
    Hugs from Sweden

  3. I go to a lot of quilty events, so I use fobs on scissors as well as rotary cutters. I really enjoy making them. My favorite is one with a ceramic owl bead--orange!

  4. Love your sweet Tammy bag, and your fobs are lovely! You are SO creative, ladybug! Have a great week! xoxo

  5. My eyes were closed the whole time, so I didn't see the purple scissor fob you made for That Other Lady. LOL I have a large pin stuck to my favorite scissors, so a purple fob (that I never saw) will be so cool...if I had one. :O) I guess I need to learn to bead now? Oh my!

  6. That has to be the cutest Tammy I've ever seen ! Love the wordy fabric so much ! How cute are those fobs ! I'm off to make some for thank you gifts for some sweet people. ...thanks for the idea ! Boy, Carol is good at reading and not seeing pictures !

  7. You are always so full of inspiration! LOVE the fobs...so sweet!

  8. Cute, cute, cute! Your fobs are adorable! I love, the new Tammy bag. That fabric is wonderful. You are such a creative lady. I love seeing what you are working on.

  9. I love your Tammy bags...always do! You are such a busy lady. I do not have a FOB scissors, perhaps someday.

  10. You find the cutest darn things to get into! ;-) Adorable fobs and Tammy Bags!

  11. Now you have truly come to the "dark" side with all of your beading. I adore scissor fobs and love making them for gifts. Beads are my all consuming passion...even more sew than fabric...well a close race at least. With beads you can go shopping and spend tons of money but have the tiniest little bag that can hide/fit nicely in your purse so no tell tale signs of shopping. Just think how many beads will fit into your fabulous Tammy bags! Creative Beading Bliss Dear...

  12. First of all, I did not know what you were writing about.. "fob"? I only knew one "fob", which is "free on board" in the bank credit language, LOL. Yes, I had to proof these letters some decades ago for some months in a bank, grin.... And then I saw the scissors and I KNEW by then you were not talking about export and credit letters, hahaha.
    Wonderful, they are all wonderful. Actually, I don't have a single one, but I will have to do some with my kiddies, that would be fun (and the cleaning afterwards as well.....).
    And your tammy bags are as always just beautiful, no more words!
    Hugs from Switzerland

  13. They are so cute. I would love to have one for each of my pair of my scissors, most having a special purpose. I have a curved pair for clipping machine embroidery, duck-billed for applique trimming, short ones, long ones, scalloped and regular pinking, tailoring, and everything in between. I have a thing about scissors! I need fobs.

  14. Oh how I love sewing notions and how I even more love beading!! I know I haven't shown it much on my blog posts but between buttons and beads I'm building a stash. :)

  15. Oh how lovely...such a perfect little bag! So glad to see you! I have to go and try to find those cute little scissors!

  16. I have lots of very cool beads that need a home. Perhaps I should make fobs for all my scissors. What a lovely idea, thank you very much! By the way, what is OOAK? Never heard that one before.

  17. I think the most thoughtful, best gifts for a quilter/sewist are handmade by the giver. It's made with love and friendship, and will be cherished by the lucky recipient for years to come. They will think of the kind, thoughtful and generous lady that made them every time they use the gift. That being said, your Tammy bag is fabulous as are your key fobs.

  18. Well Samm I love my pin cushion so I know whoever the lucky person is to receive this beautiful bag will treasure it for always. Gifts that we make for our friends are the ones they treasure the most. Thanks for your friendship and all of your sweet words. blessings Sandra

  19. I have to say....that is the prettiest Tammy bag that I have seen. It is definitely "Newsworthy". Love your little scissor fobs. Such an adorable little idea. ;).

  20. That linen you used is beautiful and I love your fobs!

  21. You always inspire us with the heart you put into your projects :) You know I love that texty one!! Great details on them both.

  22. Rosemary B here:
    Welllll Good morning Missie Samm.
    You know what? That bag is adorbs. making these bags is so fun, and the result is always perfect with your cool pattern

    Scissors, those are nifty scissors.
    I have and use Sklar stainless scissors. I have a zillion pair. I sew a little bit of ribbon on each so I can keep track of which ones need cleaning and sharpening (so far none as my surgeries are rather mild)
    These little attachments you made are perfect for when you are out with your friends and every one's scissors are flying around and into things
    Have a marvelous day dear friend.
    I am shopping this morning in the pouring rain, then this afternoon I will take my parents shopping in the pouring rain, or maybe I will just shop and bring to them what they need.
    I am working on HST blocks for quilt clubbb and that is about it.
    The next three months will be all about moving the house (thank God we do not have to vacate and sell in a hurry as dad is loaded) and ----- dun dun dun... getting mom bottom dentures. Oh my.
    I love you Missie Samm "and all of your friends too" 💗💚💜💙❤️🎶🐔🐔☀️🐱

    1. ugh, those images were supposed to be 5 hearts, music notes two chickens a sun and a kitty

  23. Oh Madame I Love your Bag! Check out the pattern I will do. Are you selling the Scissors some where? I would Love to buy a pair for my Daughter. Her Birthday is coming up, last year I bought her a GC to a Quilt Store in town as she wanted to take a class. She has been beautifully quilting ever since and is now working on a Quilt for there Bed. She is precise and takes her time, and her work shows the Love! I have Ribbons tied at the handle of my scissors and if I don't, hubby thinks they're Ok for Paper. Thanks for sharing your Beautiful work my sweet friend!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  24. Samm I'm totally in love with this Tammy bag - is the fabric line called Newsworthy? Love it! And your scissors fobs are wonderful. You chose some beautiful beads for sure - Love and Be Loved is especially wonderful. blessings, marlene

  25. YOU are so full of love and inspiration. Newsworthy in a Tammy Bag....Pure love. Scissor Fobs just perfect in all those lovely beads. OOh-la-la.

  26. Great inspiration-where do you buy your scissors? I have a million beads and no fobs-what is up with that? Gotta get my fob on:) I have made the turkey truss stilettos which are really quite nice. Thanks for the inspiration to make my Christmas list and get working on it!

  27. Love, love, love your little bag. Ruffles are so wonderful on so many things. Your bead fobs are great...purple is my color. Thanks for sharing some wonderful fun on an allergy icky morning!

    1. hello Lyn. hopefully if you see this you can drop your email....I could not reply...and thank you...it is raining here too

  28. What a terrific idea!!! Those little fobs are a great way to keep your scissors from hiding! (Mine do too!)

  29. I have a couple of fobs for scissors. I try to keep a pair near with each machine (too many machines to count). Red is my favorite color, but, most fobs don't come in red for some reason. Cute bag and fob. Great colors, too.

  30. I have a couple of FOB's on scissors and both are crowns. Who would of thought?! Very cute FOB's and lucky recipients! How can you go wrong with Tammy bags though? I've yet to make one and am holding off as I know they will be addictive and I won't want to stop with just one.

  31. What a thoughtful handmade gift. So so sweet. I learned the hard way to have some kind of fob/tie on my scissors. Great post & idea! The new Tammy is definitely newsworthy.

  32. I had to come back and look at that gorgeous Tammy Bag again. It is just too sassy! :)

    You are gonna make some people really happy when they get those red mailers. Love the scissor fobs! :)

  33. Oh what a dear Lady you are!! Always something going on :-) .. I've experimented with beads myself and now that I see your fobs I totally know what I want to do with aome charms I recently received ... yay! Thank you for sharing...as always you are an inspiration!!

  34. You are special, you is kind and you are certainly important to all of us. Always thinking and coming up with such kindness for others - I really do believe it is just built in you DNA. Love, love the Tammy purse and the scissors and Fobs. Who wouldn't be delighted to receive a gift from you because they would all know of the thought that went into the gift. That says a lot about a person. Have a "delightful" day and hugs from me. Judy C in NC

  35. You are such a dear sweet creative lady. Your joy in creating for others shines through and brightens my gray day ... {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} <3 Pat

  36. Aha something *I* can make with all those gorgeous beads with out getting into jewelry making (except as scissor jewels of course) love the newsworthy bag!

  37. Oh your fobs are simply fabulous. But then again I would be so surprised if they weren't. I hope you've been enjoying all your yummy Sarabeths!


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