Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Superpowers revealed on Day 3 with DMC

Welcome to our NEXT hop....SUPERPOWERS WILL BE revealed...get a pencil or pen out and begin a list....You may want to refer to these SUPERPOWERS again...reminding us all that everything is POSSIBLE...

Yes I am known to have SUPERPOWERS at times!!

Realllllly who has not put on a list at least a couple SUPERPOWERS they wish they had? I know when I was knee deep in my career, we had a session where our SUPERPOWERS were revealed....

Can you imagine, a team from all over the world....I prided myself in head hunting TALENT, always serious, as we were in Big PHARMA....but there were times when we PLAYED... The task was to be that SUPERPOWER you wish you had... for the whole session, which lasted 8 hours...

Ohhh Izzie. ( her name was Izabel)  her Superpower was to remember everything that was said during those 8 hours...She knew shorthand...( none of us knew that until then) Even in those days, shorthand was sooooo 50-60's. I knew no one who still did it...But Izzie did and she had many pads, and she wrote everything about our day...She was pretty remarkable...She was able to capture moments many had simply forgotten as there was so much going on...

And there was Randy, oh he was so together until this session, his Superpower was an  insatiable appetite...for 8 hours he never stopped snacking, sipping, munching and chewing.... He had a suitcase yes a suitcase of snacks..some healthy, many were not...He shared with us later, he had to fast for 2 days as he managed to consume thousands upon thousands more calories than he usually did...

Ohhhh how I wish had those SUPERPOWERS!

You can be sure I will be adding a NEW list of SUPERPOWERS once you
all reveal yours...

Mine hint....( something to do with TIME) 

( link above to the entire schedule) 
has many many SUPERPOWERS...I will reveal some of them
next week...wink....
I have known this lovely lady for years....YOU just know
she has to have some kind of SUPERPOWER to just keep up
all of us   .wink...

 Are you ready to see what SUPERPOWERS 
these ladies are about to reveal in anything or everything 
BE sure to cheer them on, you just have no idea
what that does for someone's whole well being....
WElllll I know you do as YOU all are pretty 


DMC sent off some goodies that have already been circulated...yep, many love those threads and they have been busy stitching....THANKS DMC...

Come along and meet EMMA! Emma Broidery is a lovely lady who shares her love with stitching with you….Be sure to say hi….I have heard she will be joining us as well….HI EMMA!

This is a delightful day..everyone could have been here as everyone revealed such super superpowers...


Wellllll you all know this would be a favourite today...
it is soooo delightfully perky...yep, WOW
for sure..she could have been selected for both spots
she is solo darn welll perky....lol


and who says our SPONSOR can be highlighted today...realllllly,
isn't this just soooo creative...the doily, buttons and stitches...
and the PATTERN Is available for FREEEEEEE
yep, already printed it out..may even get it done for my day too...adorable...

And meanwhile in the land of RBD....there is a union jack hop being featured...
some lovely ideas on what to create with this fabric...


Tuesday 4/1 – Paula at The Sassy Quilter

Thursday 4/3 – Jina at Jina Barney Designz

Tuesday 4/8 – Karin at Leigh Laurel Studios

Thursday 4/10 – Marni at Haberdashery Fun

Tuesday 4/15 – Julia at My Fabric Obession
 be sure to check on Julia today

Thursday 4/17 – Molly at Rose and Odin

Tuesday 4/22 – Amanda at Jedi Craft Girl

Thursday 4/24 – Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt

Tuesday 4/29 – Julia at Riley Blake Designs

Thursday 5/1 – Ginny at Darling Adventures
This is what we woke up to this morning
white stuff everywhere....
it is mid APRIL, EASTER this weekend..
where will we hide all our easter eggs?


  1. WOW! What a morning! Love the super powers revealed today!

  2. I'm feeling so inspired this morning and the day is going to be so busy! Ugh! I'm wanting to just sit and stitch after what we saw today!!

  3. Poor Samm...wait for the rain, it's coming. Should see the fog here due to rain melting snow in all the farmer's fields. It is like driving through big clouds...feels like....clear sky, wham can't see, clear sky, wham can't see ;) As for today's super powers...Spectacular showing!

  4. You've had quite the winter. It's springtime here...tulips & mowing the lawn. Great hop today. Makes me feel like stitching. Thanks for the links to the RBD tour. Cute pajama pants today & I like Jina's project bag!

  5. OOOOh, you still have snow??? Shall I send you some flowers, my apple trees are in full bloom! Or you prefer some snails, LOL?!
    Today's projects are fantastic, and as a huge coffee lover, I just love the project on the wall!!! Superbe!

  6. Oh! I soooo agree! those are grand choices for sure!

  7. I thought the java jolt one might get your attention, LOL. Red, polka dot, caffeine, java. How cute is Super Emma too. Okay, I am all caught up hopping till tomorrow. It just occurred to me that I have to post late tomorrow night and all I have is crappy pictures that I tried to take last week. It has been raining a ton and that yard is quite soggy underfoot and we are getting a cold blast again. Those might just have to do.

  8. Fantastic picks today! The Java really caught my attention.

  9. It snowed here today too! Great projects today!

  10. I hear you about summer never getting here. We had 1.5 inches of snow last night. Luckily the sun came out today and melted it all. Another fun day at the hop! There is one in particular that I definitely would like to make for myself and two other ladies I know that would love one.

  11. Fabulous SuperPower projects today once again. Love your Hops Madamm Samm Dear...

  12. Cute cute projects today from Java junkies to Weight Watchers. Sew creative!
    xo jan@ sewandsowfarm


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