Monday, April 21, 2014

Revealed superpowers on our last day with DMC

Welcome to our last day of revealing our superpowers...

by now you have visited all those I have shared
my Superpowers with... be sure to cheer them on...
it is always a treat to hear your cheers...

But first let me thank PAULINE who is first on our list
today...she has many superpowers....she is kind, sweet,
one heck of stitcher. She has powers behind the wildest of imaginations
for a quilter...She can do anything and has...can even cheer 
with all of her heart... Thank you Pauline, you are a cheerleader
that stands above the rest time and time again...

TO DMC who was our sponsor....threads were shared
with a few of our ladies... thank you for also stitching with us...
That was certainly a nice treats

QuiltnQueen ( our cheerleader for this hop)
pieces by polly ( must have forgotten about her day...) 

And now for my reveal....simply put.
you could say I am  CREATIF...( creative in English)

So with this superpower, I created and designed this QUILT DUVET..
your typical quilt does not provide the warmth I needed for my day
bed in my office. SOOOOO I designed a quilt, hand embroidered and
hand quilted it all ....added a final layer of ticking after it was all stitched..
machine stitched 3 sides and buttoned  the end piece that tucks into
the day bed....ohhhh of course  not before I added self covered buttons in gingham...
I slipped the bleached and processed goose down custom sized
duvet I made last weekend...

I topped it with silk ribbons, only one black...a dear sweet lady
shared it would stand out more this way...
I even stitched the same image on my pillow and added ruffles...

There was soooo much gingham in the room with the valence and curtains..
a plain white duvet seemed the perfect addition..

I hand embroidered a prayer around the 3 sides of my day bed...
Every quilt I have ever made has embroidery incorporated in each one...
although a very simple design, visually it is very inviting...

When I hand quilt, I pull my threads just a little so it has all these gathers...
something you just cannot achieve in machine quilting....
I just like the puffiness of it all...
Here is my berry girl, she is 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide...

I added velvet buttons to the bottom of her dress, compliments
of Shellys buttons and MORE....and yes a silk ribbon to her hair...
she is dated for May 2014....when I was grafting and  stitching her, I was not sure I would have the
whole quilt duvet completed this month...but I did ....so May stays...guess I will have
to add a little something to her in May to justify the date....I will think of something...wink..

The prayer is befitting of any prayer before your head touches the pillow..

this is what is between the layers of the quilt....
still your typical PELLON batting ...that is my topper..
but the inside is filled with bleached and processed 100% goose down..
I made it into a winter weight, so it is quite puffy verses a summer weight..

T-cup who seldom engages in my photo shoots was taken by this Quilt Duvet...she has found a new
spot to cuddle in during the day....I usually lay a wee red blanket on my day bed for her to cuddle on..

And here is the close up of my pillow case to match it all...CRE atif...yes I suppose you could say
that is my superpower....

Thanks to all who stitched along....it was such a treat to see your SUPERPOWER..

Wow for Superpower

Certainly not surprising 
at the beauty this lady can create..her stitching
is by far WOW....she created so many projects
wait till you see you be awed too

Superpower creativity

 and this lady knows how to wow us with her superpower
she is a reminder of what creativity can really do....

( we are still away, as I prepared this before we left...so I may be a bit tardy in getting to everyone today...but I will be there, so please be patient....you soooo matter)


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  1. Yes, Madame Samm, you are an amazing Creatif! Your duvet is beautiful, the stitchery divine! Your room has come together beautifully! :)

  2. Your duvet and pillows are beautiful! Thank you for the great hop.

  3. Beautiful stitchery on the duvet and pillow cover!

  4. Cre atif, you are, you are! I am still amazed this is hand quilted and hand embroidered, you WOW me ALL of the TIME! Pretty, Pretty, makes me want to make one for my bed.

  5. Creativity is an amazing superpower

  6. Wow! Sew creatif! Love your stitches and the room. Would love to know what the kitty was thinking? Great pictures too!

  7. You are indeed SUPER creative, and your duvet and room are stunning! Thanks for another wonderful, inspiring, blog hop.

  8. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. What a beautiful spot to take a rest Samm. Love your stitching girl.

  10. How deliciously tempting to crawl in and never emerge! Love the duvet cover and all of the soft details. Yes.... you are no doubt, creative! Thanks for the great hop!

  11. It is beautiful, as are you. I love how the duvet turned out. It is so you! Have a wonderful day and every day enjoying your wonderful new room.

  12. Love the duvet! I need to make new covers for ours, store bought ones are just terrible! and the duvets are from Denmark, and comfy, do you sleep with duvets with covers? I can't get it to stay inside it without being bunched up during the night...

  13. Lovely as always Madame!! You have a great eye.

  14. Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous duvet! No better place on earth to fall asleep in. Your going to have to start taking reservations now!!! :-)

  15. What fun it would be to curl up in such a girly, comfy, cozy place to read or nap ! I love the prayer around it, that is a wonderful idea !

  16. Such lovely stitching on your pretty ladies!. I love that kitty has her own red comforter to curl on.

  17. Your room turned out to be so beautiful and inviting! Who wouldn't love to cuddle up on that bed with those gorgeous embroidered covers! Everything came together perfectly!
    (Thank you for the pick today!!! )

  18. Madm Samm Sorry about my post, its up on my blog now. If people want to go visit.

  19. What a beautiful duvet, your room turned out wonderful, I am sure you are very happy with it. To have a flood was not fun but look what you ended up with! However, I am a little confused when you say that the picnic blog hop is the last of the season...when does a new season start and end? I guess I have not been vigilant about noticing there even was a season...:( I love the blog hops. I didn't start hopping until the Tammy Bag hop but boy I never miss one now!

  20. Is this my room? I'm ready to move in, just let me know when all the snow is gone there and I'll be there. hehe. WOW, you have blown be away. I love it when you see a picture and just want to crawl in and get cozy. Your stitches are over the top, as always. Please adopt me. :)

  21. It turned out absolutely beautiful. All the cute little details, ribbons, buttons,ruffles, absolutely LOVE it.

  22. Your duvet is lovely and the room so very charming. Congratulations on such a beautiful result to a big project!

  23. Update my blog on the big computer. links and new pics!!

  24. Your new white duvet with the embroidery is stunning. Kitty looks very comfortable. Your SuperPowers are truly amazing! Thank you sew very much for Hopping and for always Giving us Sew much...

  25. You have many superpowers (too many to mention here) but you certainly showed your creativity in this duvet. It is sweet and beautiful!

  26. I couldn't wait to see what you made. You have many Super Powers, not only your quilting but organizing the hops, your creative writing, etc. We all appreciate what you do for us all. That said, I love your duvet. It looks so inviting! Well, just look how T-cup, she looks happy like you made it just for her, lol. It is beautiful!

  27. That is the most beautiful duvet I have ever seen! I love your blogs.

  28. Sew beautiful. Love all of your detail. It just showcases one of your many Super Powers. Thanks

  29. What a beautiful new room - so inviting with that lovely duvet cover - so elegant! cre'atif, indeed! Just beautiful.

  30. Samm this ensemble is amazing - I'm in love with it! I love the newest pillow cover, so very cute. The wee bit of red gingham was a perfect touch. And of course, the prayer....grabbed my heart! blessings, marlene

  31. Your are very creative, all the hops yo dream up. Very pretty,comfy bed. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  32. Your duvet is prefect for your newly redone office space and that day bed. It has been fun watching the pictures of it coming together. THX for another enjoyable hop.

  33. WOW! That is amazing work with your valence and curtains..
    a plain white duvet.....Oh you can't sait its plain....its just full of AWESOMENESS. Either I can come in live in that room for one day ;) or hire you to give me too such a lovely sewing space. I am just SPEECHLESS with its beauty!

  34. Creative you are! Your duvet cover is just divine and I really love the prayer around the edges. If I had that daybed in my office, I don't think I'd ever get any work done, lol. Thanks for a great blog hop.

  35. OMG, absolutely stunning and oh so elegant. Your office definitely screams Madame Samm's office. Anyone would love to take a nap on your daybed. T-cup looks like she's inspecting your beautifully stitched lady.

  36. Madam Samm, it must be hard to leave that beautiful space, especially now that the final touch is in place!

  37. I am so impressed! What a big undertaking. Your berry girl with her ruffled skirt is adorable and your stitching is beautiful! The buttons and bows were the perfect addition and the prayer border made it extra special. I'm sure T-cup thinks it's perfect for a cat nap.
    p.s. Love those pictures behind the duvet.

  38. I think by now you know how fantastic I think everything you do is! But I'm worried.... how will you ever get any work done now? That lovely bed will be hard to leave.

    I really love all that you have done with the room. It is polished, sophisticated, sweet and cozy at the same time. XOXO

  39. Oh my goodness, your duvet cover is beautiful! Love the bows! The perfect spot for enjoying a good book. Love it!

  40. What a gorgeous finishing touch to such a beautiful room. You are the very definition of cre-atif ! There must be an energy bunny inside you that helps those busy hands keep up with that amazing mind. Another awesome hop.

  41. Love the top picks for today! As usual, your projects were absolutely stunning and the very definition of creative!!!

  42. Inviting? Oh my! I think it's calling my name; saying to come snuggle in with a cup of coffee, a good book or some hand work. Oh dear, I'll just close my eyes for a minute...zzzzzz. Really wonderful, MS. The embroidery is fabulous and I agree that the one black bow is perfect. Love that you added the prayer. You are an amazingly creative person. Thanks for another fun and inspiring hop.

  43. How beautiful just like you my sweet friend. Your creativity is only one of your super powers you have so many more and I am so happy to have you in my life. Blessings for all that you do for all of us. Hugs Sandra

  44. You never cease to amaze me my dear Madame Samm. I want to live at your house because it is just sew cute! Enjoy your little bit of strawberry heaven! Janita

  45. Gorgeous! I mean absolutely GORGEOUS! Such a beautiful little space!!!! I can just see you curled up there with a sketchpad just creating and creating!!! PERFECTION!

  46. Oh me, oh my...you are sEw creatif indeed, just one of your many superpowers!! I love your quilted duvet...the berry girl is beautiful...love her facial expressions!! Every detail sEw beautifully stitched and with the perfect embellishments...and the pillow case...adorable..the red gingham ribbon is perfect. I can see why T-Cup loves it. It is just gorgeous and inviting!!!! Thank you for your kind words...you make me blush!!! hugs, Pauline

  47. I can think of lots of other superpowers that you possess, but creativity is definitely at the top. Your room looks so inviting, warm and sweet. The pillowcase is darling. Hmmm, you'll have to unpick a bow and sew it back on in May.

  48. I have watched this room evolve with each of the creations you've added for it and it just becomes better and better. I will note that I'm not so sure you couldn't have done the effect by machine tho, except that you'd have to do it with a wide width zigzag and perhaps a piece of cording to slide under it, then gathering as you go.. .Leave it to me to find a way by machine... hehehe :) Not that you might want to do that on a quilt, but at the same time.. who knows.. :) Either or, I really really love this room, it's obvious your a lady with a wonderful and inspirational Super Power. Creativity is a very cool thing to have and you definitely have that.

  49. Wow, your little space is all gussied up. Just beautiful! This is one of those times where my words fail me. This is where at home, I would sit in the middle of it and just grin like a cheshire cat...ooh, and of course purr just a bit. Sometimes, cats say it best!

  50. Inviting is an understatement! I could live in that room! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your Creatif!
    xo jan

  51. That duvet is gorgeous and looks so comfy! Love the "puffy" quilting technique... it's all so cre-atif! and I love today's top "Superpower" contributors... oh, so inspiring!

  52. The duvet is absolutely lovely as I knew it would be! So very pretty! And the stitchin... a SUPERPOWER indeed!

  53. Waouh, your duvet and all the lovely work you put in and on it is just beautiful. If I imagine having all the feathers in a huge bag and taking them out to fill the duvet..... my god, that would be a mess in my house, really. The kiddies (and my cats definitively) would have loved to help you, LOL!
    You are the lady in, on, with RED, you sure are!
    Beautiful Sumatra likes your duvet as well, or is she playing with buttons and ruffles...? grin

  54. A beautiful and inviting place to snuggle up in and have sweet dreams!
    This was my favorite blog hop yet... so much diversity and creativity and fun!
    Thanks to all!

  55. Your duvet and beautiful cover are wonderful Madame Samm!! I can see why Sumatra loves it.....so feminine!

  56. Love the Tammy bag and the beads for your scissor fob. I am certainly in aw of your talents :)


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