Monday, June 2, 2014

It's a PERFECT DAY for a PICNIC blog hop...begins on June 2nd...

Yes it begins today..
I am in the air at the moment flying home..
will be there by noon...will update post ...

Monday June 2

date changes June 2nd- 9th
are you ready? I will be...

With all of our time spent online and in our sewing rooms among many other things...when was the last time you actually PLANNED A PICNIC with your family, loved ones, or even an outing by yourself...NO really...when was the last time?

This BLOG HOP has been on  my mind ALLLLLLLL winter long....This summer I wanted to create some delightful memories with my wonderful beloved....I thought why not include YOU AND YOU AND YOU too...  and here is why...

Cori from Chitter Chatter Designs really is responsible for all of this....From the time I first laid eyes on her designs...I was  in AWE....I know this sounds ridiculous and soooo over used...BUT I AM....really --I am her BIGGEST FAN...
If ever you wanted to do applique like her...she is finally doing some pretty awesome TUTS here
I convinced her to design a NEW PICNIC quilt ....you can only imagine how magnificent it will be...
so she will be in our HOP...and for the  meantime...here is why I wanted to do this hop...
This is called Ant-titude...and you can still get this pattern....I did!


As a young lady in my pre-teens, I remember Sunday picnics after  mass. My Nanny and I would plan the sandwiches and salads, and of course there was a slice or two of our favourite fruit pie...We did this on Saturdays....We would gather all the necessary tools of a picnic, transistor radio( mine was black and it was a sanyo, no plug ins, just batteries) , books, dishes, blanket and picnic basket. We had our favourite spots we would go to but sometimes my Grand Pere would suggest a new spot he came across while on his frequent fishing trips. So we would get into his boat and he would surprise us with a quiet island off the large lakes we lived near.
Those moments are still as vivid in my memory as my quiet time in my quiet place this morning...

Now doesn't this sound like something you want to do this summer?

So here is what is expected of you....#1 YOU must create a PICNIC Quilt, some of us are using LAMINATES from RILEY BLAKE DESIGN for our backing...I thought this would make sense...keep our quilts nice and dry....Sooooo our dear friends at RILEY BLAKE Design, provided a few of our top 2 ladies with laminates ( optional for everyone else ) ....There are many rewards to putting your BEST forward...12 ladies will be showcasing their NEW DESIGNS on their day... Thank you RBD and for being our delightful, warm, dependable sponsor....


#1 create a picnic quilt
#2 obtain some kind of picnic basket ( I recommend taking a peak at Peterboro Baskets, also a sponsor of our hop...

#3 plan a detailed menu and share your basket contents.

#4 take photos of your outing and share how your day went....

#5 what books or games did you bring along

( no phones, no electronic gadgets...must be left in the car or better yet at home) 

OHHHHH if you do purchase a basket from Peterboro Baskets....The President is offering
20% discount for all of you...JUST add QUILT as your coupon and this will expire on September 30 2014....

Wouldn't this be nice to plan at least 1 day a month with your LOVED ones? weather permitted of course....David and I are planning a picnic every two weeks...first I will plan, and then he will plan, menu, location....this is our plans for the entire summer....we do not have that many summers to explore and relish...soooooo we are beginning a new tradition..

Mary -from Ipiece2Mary  also enjoys traditions and picnics, so she is just thrilled to be cheering you all on this one. And for her efforts, Mary is getting a basket to plan her outing...
Mary and I certainly share many passions but you can bet this one is by far our favourite...

Peterboro Baskets has been a delightful new sponsor and sent me a few things to add to our PICNIC blog hop.....Those who sign up and those who have been in our top 2 will be eligible for other BASKETS prior to our hop...

 Blog Hop Guidelines
1. Design any size PICNIC QUILT.
( laminate back is optional) 
( although you will be seeing at least a dozen in this hop)

2. take great photos  - a good thing if you are aiming for
our POST Of FAME each day!
 BEST in Wow and Creativity .
3. have your blog post ready at midnight EST 
so the world can pop in and cheer you on too.
4. turn off your word verification - you really do not want to 
miss that chance of hearing how GREAT YOU ARE!

5. place button ( on side bar, copy code ) 
 on your blog once you hear you are IN,
YOU want your Friends to cheer YOU !
6. most important on your day, 
Add the list of fellow hoppers on your day to your
 post so everyone can find them as easy as they found you
( and please leave your blog link on too) 

7. and most most important….
YOU will be surprised who is WATCHING!
- we can all use more CHEERS! 

I can GUARANTEE something..
this will be a summer you will never ever forget....

P.S. Corrie at Quilt Taffy has some red and white dot laminate if anyone is looking for some...
just link to see...

Besides my Picnic quilt we will be working on my Gingham Studio....all of my cabinets arrive this weekend....oh my ...lol


  1. Oh I love the Ant quilt, sew perfect for a picnic! This is sure to be a fun hop. I am curious as to how the laminate backing will hold up to being laundered.

  2. OMG, I just don't know if I hate or love you, Mdm Samm. I just decided to start my Hoffman Challenge Quilt for 2014, deadline in July but lots of work and then you come with this hop, bad, very bad for me and my lack of sleeping..... BUT.... you got me another time!
    And you know what, if I managed to finish this picnic project as well as my Hoffman project, then I am quite SURE I have superpowers hidden somewhere, but not underneath my cushion, I won't see it very much..... pfffff, I need some more sumatra coffee, VERy strong.....

  3. Okay, you got me too. So many details to this one, but I skipped the last couple of hops and I have been missing the bit of crazy that goes with a deadline. So I am in. Emailed Mary already. Guess I better get planning here and gotta get a basket. Thanks, Samm. Looking forward to this one.

  4. I LOVE that Ant-titude quilt! I might just have to make that one and the picnic quilt I already have on my mind! My mom had a picnic basket for the times we went to the park on Sundays. I don't know what happened to that basket??? I must call my sisters today and enquire.

    Off to email Mary!

  5. Love, love, love your new avatars. Now those shout summer for sure! Sun streaming in the window this morning, Spring is here and bringing much cheer...and creativity. Such a lovely hop button, that quilt is sew cute!

  6. I will be following you guys with this....it is a cute quilt with the ants. But I am just too busy here right now for the detail in this one. Sounds like we will see lots of wonderful creations though!!!!

  7. I will be watching the ants gather for the festivities!

  8. You had me from hello, or was that Plan A Picnic? Of course I'm planning a picnic already! I can't wait! It will be a much needed retreat after Graduation!

  9. I haven't been on a picnic in years so this will be fun!

  10. Love, love your ants quilt. Sorry, I can't participate. Too many other commitments at this time.

    1. hello Jacqueline..next time U pop in leave an email you are a no reply blogger...
      toodle loo

  11. Sounds like fun! And perfect to get ready for summertime outings.

  12. This is going to be fabulous! I just sent in my email, and am going to jump right into that quilt today! Oh, and apparently I need to plan a meal as well...

  13. Oh Samm, you are such a sweetheart! I am so honored to have inspired you with my quilt....and I agree. We just don't make time to enjoy life, and picnic-ing. That is going to change this year. I am so excited to finish this quilt so that we can go on a few fun picnic's this summer too! Can't wait......

  14. I love this. Great challenge! I'm laying on the lawn daydreaming and watching the birds and clouds float by... Oh, yes, let it be so.

  15. Oh, it's picnic part time!! I do love a picnic. Thanks for hosting and thanks to Riley Blake and Peterboro Baskets for sponsoring!! .. :) Pat

  16. Not so worried about making the blanket. It would be planning the meal and grabbing me a pretty little basket with the perfect location.

  17. I love this idea...count me in. I am getting ideas already as to what I can make.

  18. Hope there are enough spaces left for one more! Off to sign up!

  19. Here we were driving back from the Odyssey of the Mind state tournament in Orlando, Florida and I start telling my DH about the perfect picnic blog hop. I wasn't really sure what he would think or how he would react. He's a pretty funny guy, so I thought the conversation would, at the least, be fun and funny... Now we are home, with four picnics planned with the menus included! I love this guy :)
    Now I am super excited!

  20. Replies
    1. next time you pop in ..please leave an email you are a no reply blogger...toodle loo

  21. Really looking forward to this fun hop! It snowed here this morning... really looking forward to weather that will allow a picnic! Of course, there's nothing wrong with a picnic in the middle of the living room...

  22. Ah Spring is here, so looking forward to take out the picnic blanket and have yummy food outdoor. I like your rule ( no phones, no electronic gadgets...must be left in the car or better yet at home), that's the way to go!

  23. Just bought my picnic basket from Peterboro. If you buy before April 17, you can actually get a 25% discount with no code needed. I found a lovely cherry wood basket. So excited!!

  24. I sent my email to join. I hope there is room for me. I love i good picnic and the right basket with the right quilt will make it perfect !

  25. (An't) this gonna be a fun hop ! I'm sew happy I get to be in it with you and all the wonderfully talented women I so admire.

  26. I'm in! I have a bunch of farmer's market prints to use up. This should be fun!!

  27. My basket and quilt are ready, but I still have to have the picnic! The sun is out now after flooding rains, so that will be next! (I know, I'm cutting it close to the wire!)

  28. Oh I Love Your Quilt!! How Picnic Perfect with the Gingham and Ants! I will be one of your Strong Cheerleaders here and I can't wait to see everyone's Beautiful pieces of Picnic Art!!

    I hope you have a wonderful week end!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  29. It's me again! Great first Day of the Picnic Hop, as you will see when you return. I hope it was a enjoyable trip! I am off to buy some Laminate and check out the Petersboro Baskets, they are Lovely on the Blogs!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  30. Now a picnic in the air would be interesting! I wonder what the airline would do?
    You're in for treat when you get back!

  31. Great picnic day. And I say as Linda, a picnic in the air could be very interesting. Have a good trip home.


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