Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flags on a stick day 8 ( last day of our hop)

Congrats to CAROLYN

 ( and a personal note to thank YOU all
for the most overwhelming flow of emails...
over 3,276. YOUR support
your laughter, your high fives 
all of them were deeply appreciated at this time)
YOU really are amazing...

Will be seeing you all realllll soon! 

I plan on biking a lot this summer...
This one would be a perfect addition to our front lawn...

where are the ruffles in her basket though? lol

OUR cheerleader for this hop is no other 
( link to schedule)

A deep appreciation to Thearica on this hop..
it was challenging to say the least but
she  handled us all with kindness and persistence...

Sooo "T" from my heart to yours...
I think we both need a sip...
( you will see) 

Now by now you have possibly seen all the other ladies 
who I share by day with...I can tell you they all won 
in my books...
Be sure to cheer them on will you?

Ok I am ready....

Even though I came up with this idea...
as you know lol
 I was deeply challenged..I must of changed my mind
at least a dozen times... Time restrictions, a few errands
around our home, had me in a panic...

YOU know how I got through it?
I whined...a lot....and I drank some too....
Each night I have poured myself a very tall

   CABERNET SAUVIGNONI have ordered a case or maybe 2 I cannot recall wink..
We are surrounded by wineries so we can drive 5 minutes
and choose some fine wines so lately ( ok since Christmas
I have been making a few trips and already I am known
on first name basis...wink...)
It certainly has helped in my coping skills lately..

So this is why I chose this...my neighbours are already
getting a chuckle.... 

As you can see our snow is still here and I was so
envious of many of your gardens...I just had
to add some flowers...albeit they are cartoonish lol...

So this is all I have .....
I know can you believe it..that other lady,
the other other lady, and the other other other lady

( pleased to let them know that) 

ohhh and look at this....

What do I have to do? Simply create an account at Flags On A Stick (https://www.flagsonastick.com/login.php?action=create_account). As you browse around the store, select the “Add To Wishlist” option on the product page to start compiling your selections and name your wish list "Flag Hop".

What do I win? The winner will get to choose their favorite flags from their wish list
 (a value up to $50). that is 4-5 flags depending on your choices!

Who will be picked as the winner?  Whoever wins the Flag On A Stick blog hop as picked by Sew We Quilt will be the winner. Please note that in order to win you must have an account and wish list created at flagsonastick.com. The prize cannot be transferred or received as a cash reward.

Good Luck to everyone who enters! We are excited to see your amazing creations!

FOR THOSE who will be needing FLAG POLES after this event....

 I have 2 choices for you…

Obviously Flagsonastick has some….
here is their link...

( they are both our sponsors for this event
and we thank them with many WAVES of our FLAGS) 

Flags on a Stick
( think flags. think this company)
She has amazing flags for every season, every occasion
they are bright, they are cheery, they will make you smile...


As we always provide some  choices..

HERE is another… I came across this POLE company
that has some very interesting unique finials on the poles
The GENTLEMAN I spoke to really GOT we are doing…
His role will become known during our HOP… 

of course they would have a HEART

I know of at least one lady who will be showing her HEART
and new FLAG.

nooo not a STAR

I know of at least one lady who will be showing a STAR
with her NEW FLAG

is that a LADY BUG ? 
( I know of at least one lady who will be showing her lady bug 
with a NEW FLAG On it) 

WINNER will be announced on MONDAY...
someone will will all of their wish list...

OHHHH ONE  more thing….

I would also like to convey, that it is a possibility
if any of YOU create and design an OUTSTANDING FLAG
the owner of Flagsonastick will share your idea with a company
that manufactures her FLAGS….
and you could someday have a REAL FLAG on the market!

So what are you waiting for?
( of course after YOU design one) 


There is no mistaken this lady who happened to cheer
us all and keep us together rose to the top in waving her flags....

HER HORSE is just magical and look a horse finial on the pole...
and her be happy one below....
a sweet gentle reminder....
to JUST BE.......

and yes we are not the only one waving flags this month...
such a great gathering too...
with unique projects...


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