Saturday, April 12, 2014

5 feet by 6 feet square foot sewing room...MAKE a DUVET IN A DAY ( ok morning)

I am here to tell you, ok show you 

A Duvet in a DAY -ok, morning in a
5 x 6 foot square WATER CLOSET.

I grabbed my bag of bleached and processed goose down,  ( Ok David did, it is quite
heavy, about 40 pounds of goose down in this over  5 foot bag) my casing..
( I measured, cut and stitched while I was away) The casing is what you stuff
the goose down in...it is made of  duvet ticking...a luxurious cotton that has a thread count 
of 300 and it keeps the down from escaping through the ticking...

David brought down my sewing machine, a tv table, scissors, a box of kleenex
( you can sneeze a few times if you place your head in the bag lol) 
a special scale to measure the goose down
 white 28ct thread ( Aurifil )
for this project. A tall glass of water, you can get pretty sweaty with all this
down around you...I put on my uniform....a starched white MAN's shirt
and a headband....Yep, that is all I was wearing...As little as possible..
goose down is like the male velcro, it sticks to everything lol...

The word DUVET was adopted by the FRENCH which means down filled quilt.
I have been designing, creating and managing Duvet in a Day since the early 90's.

I seldom make duvets  for myself anymore  unless I need something custom made
which I really needed for my day bed in my office...I also planned to make
it a winter weight as this is when I will need it most....

Each pocket of the duvet has so many grams and to keep it all
balanced, you must measure...So you stuff the pockets
and then you sew a seam, stuff and sew....
Pretty simple... 

Here I was nearly done...this Day Bed Duvet has 24 pockets...
as you can see, I still had one more row to fill and stitch..
I like my duvets to have a border, much like a QUILT..
I pretty well stuff those border pockets, with quite a bit of goose down...
As you can see, it is very full and heavy, this way
when my Quitled Duvet Cover is completed
it will hug the sides of my day bed better.

 OHHHH and why I did this all in the water closet....( bathroom across from my office)
We used to take everything out of the gym, and place plastic to keep the goose down
in one area....but it proved to be quite a mess, even with being soooooo careful
to keep it contained...

I thought why not the water closet....I am little...and there will be less to clean up..
and it worked... 5 x6 foot room I made this duvet in a day in a couple hours
this morning.... Everything is cleaned up now...

The rest of the day will be working on the cover for this Day Bed....
I stitched a bed time prayer all around the borders...I completed that last night..
Today I am making some ruffles and still have to draw the centre piece
and stitch that too....I will have this completed for MY SUPERPOWER 
reveal on the last day....and I need that much time to get it done..

I am here to tell you I WILL GET IT DONE! 

Time for a sweet lunch with my beloved...

Stitch some memories this weekend...
YOU will be so filled with such a sense
of accomplishment...
WHY I really love deadlines and hops...

update stitching done on Saturday...

This image is around 3.5 feet tall and 2. 5 feet wide...
I have a bit more stitching to do...
and many buttons to make...but she is coming along..
She will be then quilted and used as my quilted duvet cover
for my day bed..


  1. That is beautiful. It makes your day bed look so comfy. I have goose down pillows but never thought of making my own comfort. You gave me lots of ideas today. Thanks!

  2. What a great idea! I have never thought to sew one myself. It looks great- thank you for the explanation on how to sew it.

  3. LOL, don't stick your head in the bag and maybe you won't sneeze. That was pretty funny. If you have to stick your head in the bag, hold your breath while doing so. LOL

  4. Awesome! Don't know what you would use to describe this, but I think that one little word says it all!

  5. Amazing!!! I would never have imagined it would be possible to make a duvet. In Australia, we call would call this a .

    1. ... left off the last word. We'd call this a doona.

  6. I never thought it could be made like that! You must have been sweating buckets with all that down around you! Here it would lead to people having to visit hospitals, since almost all my family members are highly allergic to a lot of things.....including down! I am, however, not impressed with you doing this in a 5 by 6 foot room..... That is exactly the size of my sewing room/office! And possibly the reason I am always looking for places to sandwich my ( HUGE) quilts. Enjoy your duvet. Hope you have loads of blessed naps under it.

  7. Well, I'm certainly impressed with the whole project and especially the fact you did it in a small space! I made a long trench style down coat back in the early 80's and wore that thing until I could wear it no longer. It was the warmest coat ever! And yes, feathers were everywhere. I still remember that part! I had no experience with such and no one told me I'd have feathers from one end of my sewing room to the other and it was quite large, the whole upstairs of our house! I even had them trailing down the steps! Waiting anxiously for the final reveal. I just know the stitching will be breath taking!

  8. Wow Samm, this is awesome. It puts a whole new meaning to "down duvet". I acquired one with my "points" years ago. It must have a whole 2 pounds of feathers in it. Gosh, my pillows are heavier! Can't wait to see the finished cover!

  9. What a pretty update...can't wait to see the full project!

  10. Wow! I am really love your duvet and the embroidery on your duvet cover is just to die for! Awesome!

  11. I am loving the duvet, the mebroidery, everything, but the vision of you in nothing but a shirt and headband steals the show for me!!! You are something else!! Hubbie asks about you all the time now, Says to tell you he finished restoring 1 tractor, sold it and the money is in the bank even after purchasing another one to restore!! He thinks everyone is so interested in his tractors but you must have displayed quite an interest over the phone...he was impressed. I just snickered under my breath and agredd, 'Yes, sweetheart, Samm appreciates creativity regardless of what form or subject that takes"
    You do have winning ways my friend!!
    Gmama Jane

    P.S. I have the perfect picnic quilt in mind. A year or so ago,I started making some Great Granny Blocks in some of my favorite fabrics with no real idea what to do with them. I now have a purpose and idea of how to finish.

  12. How did I miss this post? Oh, that is adorable. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for sharing the duvet process with us. Amazing as always.

  13. That duvet looks so warm and cozy what a job but as usual you approach it with such organization that it can't be anything but perfect. I love the picture in my mind of you sewing in your perfect shirt and headband.lol you are just so adorable I wish I had met you in nursing school. Hugs Sandra

  14. Wow. I'm so impressed. That isn't something I'd attempt to make. And I didn't know that you have the Babylock version of my machine. Isn't it Devine?


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