Sunday, March 23, 2014

If I were a carpenter …and a painter on day 5 wainscotting and pillow talk

Sumatra is so funny….she is walking down the hallway and I am
calculating all the materials needed…and she looks at me…
"this wall too" ….I swear she gets me wink…

I missed the memo that today is national quilters day…
I got one for CARPENTRY……
( well the day is not over yet lol) 

It has been over a month since our home was flooded…
it was clean water, builders error…
a plumbing issue…Insurance ( State Farm) has been
a gem to deal with along with Service Master who has
done all the clean up and restoring….

Meanwhile as everything is almost completed….
We chose carpet and padding this week…it is on order….
I thought, why not add some wainscotting to our walls..
We have a lot of walls….long hallways…

I approached this like a quilt….
I knew my passion for Math would pay off some day…

David and I planned our whole weekend for this project…
WE are almost 1/2 done already…just taking a break….
Our minds are fine…our bodies a bit sore….wink...

I ordered all the materials and picked them up yesterday….
and as I have tools for my kitchen and sewing room..
David has a lot of tools for building..
Compressor, Nail Gun, Miter Saw, hammers, levellers….
and glue…of course materials and paint too…

Together we make a very good team! 

just the bottoms white…top will remain buttercream

We added wider MDF materials for baseboard and chair rail….
although I wanted them much higher….
WE cut smaller MDF material 32 inches to be exact..
as the pieces come in 8 feet, we can 3 pieces from each…
12 inches apart…and voila…

While I paint the inside and dividers tomorrow…David will
complete the corners….and top it with silicone...

 WE have multiple rooms in our basement….
WE designed it together and had a great crew who made it happen..
We have 2 offices, a library, a gym, a theatre room, a walk in pantry,
a cedar room for fabric and a water closet ( powder room) ..

We sooo liked everything we had so except for a different colour
for carpet, we kept walls all the same colour….

I did order a lot of new artwork…
Sadly we lost many valuable pieces….
We have decided to go with black and white pieces
some decals with quotes i love on the walls.. ( very inexpensive)
and I designed a few wall shingles to add to each door frame
so we will know which room is which…
WElllllll we know that ….I just thought it would 
make for great accent pieces...

 We will not be wainscotting the theatre room or inside all the rooms….just the hallway…
cost of all materials including paint about $450.00….Cost to have someone do this for us…$5,000.
I had 3 quotes…. This was not because I was considering having it done….it was my bargaining
chip to share with David why we needed to do it …lol

And as it is much easier to do all this work before carpet is laid….we have to get it done within
the next 2 weeks….
It will be done by mid week if I have my say in it…
We are both doers, so I bet we will have it done by tomorrow wink...

Oh and meanwhile weather is still cold…the snow is still on the ground..
our birds seem to be enjoying the milder temperatures…At least we are 
above zero now and it is very sunny…

So this is what we do when it is cold outside and we cannot garden….

WE have heat now too in our home lol
( had insurance for that too)
I swear we have been blessed with a sense of humour….
We certainly have become great crisis managers…

Ohhhh if I was to begin my life over…
I would have forfeited a career in marketing and pharmaceutical and been
a contractor….I really love to build and paint…

What would you do if you had a do over?

Ok, David said it is time to return to our project…

no, he has changed his mind…enough for today..
darn it I knew we should not have taken a break…
welll we have been at it since 7:31 am this morning…
A full days work….

I am sitting here  chuckling…we looked at the materials we have left
and the long wall we will complete tomorrow…
we have the exact footage required….
yes If I WERE A CARPENTER instead of a lady….
would he marry me anyway….



DAY 2 progress

Thought best just to keep it all here…

I learned my lesson yesterday, sitting  on a very cold concrete floor…
I shivered for awhile after a long soak in a bubble bath…
today I removed my ruffles from my Petit Pot and sat
on this while measuring and using the nail gun
to add our wainscotting to this wall….

We both laughed a lot today…I tackled the measuring like
I would a new quilt…find the centre and work from there…
It worked on every wall…David finally resolved
to say-- I knew what I was doing..
( shhhhh I didn't really, but each end was exactly the same measurement…
and 12 inches for each block…I mean rails…..)

WE had to putty end pieces and the nails after being sure they were all hammered
with an ALL… As much as I wanted to paint today…
that will have to wait till tomorrow….the putty needs 4-6 hours to dry…
and I still had supper to get ready…

As you can see, there is always a critic…Sumatra was thinking we missed a spot..
we didn't do the post ---because it is a POST….lol

So there we have it day 2…total hours so far
11.6 hours …..

See you tomorrow…all will be painted…
ok that is my goal….wink...

Day 3 update
and coffee break

Had a few funny emails if 1st coat was staying on the wall….
NO lol In fact this the decal… it is not up yet but this
is what it will look like…about that size too.
As we come downstairs, this will greet us…and I have a cute deacon's bench
for that corner….

My partner in decor is at work today, possibly glad to be away
from the lady with the brush…I LOVE TO PAINT….
So I was up before the birds and I had to sand all the filler first
and off I went…

This will most certainly evolve into another day as this is 
just one coat of paint and will most certainly need 2….
So far this is what I have accomplished this morning.

 ( where the 1st coat day 3 is….)
I have a laminate to put on the wall there…

BREATHe….you're home!

We used to have this mirror window ( a commission piece from 
a dear friend who is no longer with us)  there
but it is over our fireplace now….Upstairs…
I can't believe it took us 5 years to come up with something
that would suit a corner fireplace…this is perfect..
Next Christmas I will make some weeeeee wreaths and place
them in the window blocks… and put poinsettia instead of the ivy…

I know I am already thinking Christmas ….. enough already….
It is -20 degrees outside today, so I am glad I have something to do
to keep me warm...

So anyway, this is what created us when we came downstairs..
but this new laminate is fairly large and will go with 
the new theme of our basement...

Still have not settled what will go here.
but I have a few pieces that are being

My brush is calling me…..off I go….
what are you creating today…?

Ok, I am done for today….alll painted…
it will most certainly need a second coat…so I will
let it cure today..and tackle it again tomorrow…in the meantime, I just may
think of what I will add to the rest of the walls….

update….and deacon bench

All the painting is done on the wainscotting….
2 coats just finished it off..
ON the weekend we will add the silicone caulking…
and the carpet will be here next week….

Ohhh look I even had a pink bucket….they need not have RED ONES lol

Ohhh I had this Mennonite deacon bench that we purchased years ago…
and although I love it in the white stain…it just not do a thing for me…

Sooooo since I am in a painting mood….I got some of my
COAL BLACK paint…and repainted it after sanding it all down...

This is only one coat….I will do yet another tomorrow…
Now can you visualize some gingham ruffles pillows in black and white 
from RBD…oh I can…..

Ahhhhh now I can BREATHE…….wink…

NEED some HELP..

Painting is done did the second coat, late last night and silicone  the wainscotting
 on the weekend…will need DH to help with that..

I was chatting with my GF about pillows for this bench…
I chose the FONT…love this one..

So do I make individual pillows with gingham ruffles
or make it as one large pillow
and embroider in black all these letters?

I originally thought of applique….but I really enjoy
embroidery, so I will use my autograph light box
and outline each letter and embroidery a double line…

I was also thinking if it is one pillow having gingham buttons
in between each letter?

OK, need your help….

1. individual pillows?
2. one large pillow?


  1. great, now I have that song in my head by johnny and june carter cash....if I were a carpenter and you were a lady.........lol

  2. Sounds like you have had a very productive day!! I don't know the answer to that question, but you have me thinking...

  3. Oh joy! Progress :) ... no matter your career ... builder, baker, candlestick maker ... you certainly have excelled in any and all of them just as you did/do in marketing Dear Madame!! Thank you for sharing your progress and letting us know things are going along as they should for you. Be well!

  4. you two DO make a good team----in life and in home improvement. I love the soft butter cream color and the white. Lovely! Feathering your nest while the birds attempt to do the same outside. Spring probably can't come soon enough for all.

  5. Looks like you two are professionals. And that's one of my favorite songs. Good luck.

  6. I love what you are doing on the walls, Mdm Samm.

  7. It's going to be great. We'd love to see an 'after' picture & your shingles.

  8. Between the two of you, there is nothing you can't do! Lots of progress today, and I'm sure tomorrow will be just as productive! Well done!

  9. Good work. A funny. Just as the picture of your Sumatra came up on my computer, my Blue made his way upstairs and meowed quietly to alert me that he was ready for something. He'd been sleeping like the dead all day. So down I went. Nope, wasn't food, although he looked at the bowl to tell me that he could see a tiny spot of bowl bottom through the cat food. I think it makes him fear starvation. Outside it was, although the wind has really come up, so he had to think about it. Warm out still, but quite a change from very still when I got the mail a couple of hours ago. Off the siding, back on track. Your carpentry work is lovely. You and your husband must have a great relationship to tackle a project like that and expect to still be speaking to each other when it's done. Happy Carpentry Day to you both.

  10. I would have totally joined you in that other career. It is in my blood, my grandfather built the house we live in and then we added on to it and did the work ourselves. There is nothing more gratifying than saying "I Built That." Have fun. Wish I was there using the nail gun and a paint brush. It will look just beautiful once completed.

  11. I missed the quilt day too. Actually my husband worked on finishing our tile in our entry and put up pine tongue and groove bead board in the entry as well. Tomorrow I'll need to fill in the pine knots with painters putty, then prime and paint. I absolutely love home improvement, maybe just a tiny bit more than sewing. Shhh....don't tell anyone. lol If I had it to do over I would have went to school for Interior Decorating.

  12. I only sewed a couple of bee blocks and then had to go to work. But I love seeing your space getting remade. I too love to paint and build. I think any creative types like us do multiple things like this. I want to do that to our wall down the hall too. I first saw it on another blog and I think it looks so stunning and fairly easy to do. I know it does take time. Your basement looks as big as my whole house. lol we have a small ranch style house that is barely 1100 sq. ft. Just right for the two of us though, since all the kids moved out.

  13. I believe it is called nesting, as we all seem to be doing that every Spring. I have been tweaking the cottage and still working on getting it just right for us. Battling the Shingles for the past two weeks, so not much accomplished except for internet ordering of items for the cottage. Some really good buys right now. Your hallway looks wonderful and so "Sammy" lol, can't wait for the finished product. In my other life I would have included more education and have taken the opportunity to see what I wanted to be, probably it would have been in the arts I am sure. I love creativity and inspiration. Love from me to you my sweet friend. Judy C in NC.

  14. I love painting and carpentry too...I was the "son" my Dad never had...so he taught me lots. We have major projects to do in our home too (also a result of flooding).....meanwhile, give Sumatra a little extra lovin' today in memory of our Tippy girl...she took her last breath in my arms just at midnight...she was 16+ yrs...the last two months have been hard on us all...just circle of life....she was a trooper til the end.

    1. {{{{{{Lynn}}}}}}} ... so sorry to hear about your Tippy. Above my computer I have a photo of our Gennie Kitty smiling down on me. The gentlest, sweetest kitty I have ever known, she left us too soon at 18+ years. The love of a kitty is forever ... <3 Pat

  15. My big quilting closet is one I built myself many years ago. My hubby does do most of the home carpentry and painting now, but I still like to get my hands in once in awhile. It is good to see you turning your unexpected home calamity is a beautiful home improvement project ... :) Pat

  16. I really enjoyed this post. If I could do things over, I would have worked toward a career in the creative industry. Thank heavens for my hobbies which allow me a creative outlet!

  17. You do make a great team together!! I am thinking about putting wainscotting at our new place too. I love yours! I had a good laugh about the bargaining chip because that is exactly what I do with my hubby :)

    -Soma x

  18. What a joy to read your post today. :) I'm not sure I would have made a good carpenter but then again...I always put my heart into the things I choose to do. I did wonder what you started at 7:21 a.m. and what was the second thing at 7:44 a.m.!!! lol Your project looks awesome. Years ago, when I was just a little girl (!), I remember my folks working so hard at taking off all the wainscoating in our kitchen and how pleased we all were when the nice smooth walls were done! Oh, the cycles of love and life. Hope you're not too sore after 2 longs days of carpentry.

  19. Woo Hoo the renovation is almost complete and you'll be back to your regular scheduled programming. ; ) Love the bright cheery color you used on the walls. Great job on the wainscotting! You could always add a ruffle along the top of all of the wainscotting to jazz it up a bit. LOL

  20. Now, I cannot get that song out of my head - I love If I were a carpenter. My brother is a woodworker. He makes pens/pencils/boxes and even seam rippers/stilletos (no not shoes!!). One day I went to my mailbox and I had a seam ripper in my mailbox. It was made from wood from his wife's dad's home property. That property was just across a US highway from a one-room school that he (and our older brother) attended. It is the sharpest seam ripper that I have ever had. When you turn the seam ripper around, the other end, is the "closed" end. I hated to tell him that I had lost the cap for my seam ripper. Finally, I did. He told me to turn it around and there was my cap. He uses that as a selling point for them now. He made me a pen/pencil set from wood from the high that he, our brother, both our sisters-in-law, and our father graduated. Our mother spent most of her teaching years at that school, too. Our maternal grandfather was a carpenter. Two of my most prized possessions are cradles that Pa Jack and my dad made for dolls. Our other grandfather did quite a bit of building on the farm. My brother redid most of his living space in house a couple of years ago, including all the kitchen cabinets. When his wife was ordained as a United Methodist minister about three years ago, I made her a queen size quilt and he made a bed for the manse. He made a bed and dresser for their home. They live about 175 miles apart and one travels to visit the other each week. It works for them. All that from your post of your marvelous workmanship. I am absolutely blown away by all your skills. If I hadn't been a computer programmer, I would have been a medical researcher. I had no idea that was a possibility and didn't mention it to anyone until I was working on a PhD in gifted ed. No, I didn't get to finish it. Breast cancer and fibromyalgia just got too much. My advisor told me with that degree I could go work with a team and do their technical writing. I would have had to move to a huge city and I knew with my health and my (now deceased) husband's health that was an impossibility. I'm sorry you have had so much misfortune. I, like you, know attitude is very important. It helps to get through everything. We are so blessed to have much more than lots of the people in the world. Some people tend to look at the bad and never see the good. Helping others helps us, too! You are a blessing to many, many folks!

  21. You two are doing a beautiful job!

  22. Your wainscoting is beautiful! I love your buttercream color too! I love doing simple carpentry, so I'm right with you there! I would have liked to have been an architect though!
    We have been in the hill country pulling nails out of the subfloor and sweeping up mortar and cement dust left behind by the flooring guy. We are both pretty sore this morning!

  23. Wonderful! I love how your hallway is coming together. I love the butter yellow, too. Our downstairs entry and up two flights to my third-floor sewing room is a similar color called "Dijon" but without the grey undertone I think of as truly "Dijon." Today, I'm cleaning and trying to come up with a fun St. Patrick's Day snack for my daycare kids and working on a quilt for a wedding gift in blues and whites. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your progress...it's like vicarious redecorating! Beth @ Words & Stitches

  24. Oh... it is looking so beautiful and I love seeing the progression of things....You're right the window looks like it was made for the fireplace !

    1. That was me..Vickie...I was forgot to log out of the guild blog....

  25. Samm, this looks so good!! Your hard work is paying off. And Sumatra is a good foreman.

  26. And here I thought you did nothing but cheer on quilters and sew ruffles! lol It's looking great and can't wait to see the finished product (is this a product?). The finished fruits of your labors is better!

  27. I'm totally in love with your buttercream - it's very close to the color I have in my bedroom. But I'm really, really loving your wall graphic "Breathe, You're Home". What a wonderful reminder! Since you love painting I could sure use you at my house. The trim in my bedroom really needs repainting. :) blessings, marlene

  28. Oh, you are such a crafty carpenter! It's beautiful!

  29. I love the warm feeling of the butter cream paint. You are so industrious!

  30. Sorry to hear about the flooding. Glad to see that you and your hubby are in great spirit and putting everything together.

    If I had to start all over, I would be an artist(painting probably) and a quilter ;).
    Happy building your basement back!

  31. Love, love, love that bench! Blessings, Marlene

  32. Looking magnifique--did I spell it right? LOL

  33. Looking good! The bench will be perfect there. Love the white on the wainscoat. Ok, so I sewed. It felt good. You are one busy lady. Hope tomorrow goes well!

  34. Love it!! You'll have to remind me what paint you used for the bench. It looks so nice and shiny.

  35. Ruffles for the bench ... oh, yes ... :) Pat

  36. just lovely!! Lots of working going on; and will be wonderful!

  37. Wow - that was a lot of work done superfast and it's looking great! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm replying here because you are detailed as a noreply blogger :)

  38. Oooo, pretty black bench with paper pillows! :O) Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  39. I cast my vote for one large pillow on the bench! That way the letters can't be rearranged, and you can cover the whole seat in one go. You and David have made fabulous progress in bringing your basement back, I'll have to share the pictures with my parents in case their basement is ever NOT full of my things and my sister's things... :D

  40. Oh wow - everything looks great and I love the sunny bright colors. And that wainscoting! Beautiful!

  41. I love what you are doing to the walls - so pretty! We had our entire house flood about 2 years ago now when an upstairs water pipe burst and gushed water while we were at work all day. It was a horrific thing to come to and we had to live in a hotel for almost 3 months while our entire house was gutted down to the stud and rebuilt. We packed up the cats, the dog, and our kiddo and had an adventure that we will always remember!

  42. Beautiful! I love the bench all painted in black. I don't think you'll go wrong either way you go. I love the idea of the individual pillows, but I think one large one would be pretty too. With individual ones, you could sometimes remove the H and the O and just have a spot for "ME"!

  43. I hope I understand your question... Four pillows with letters or one pillow with the word? If so, I think four individual pillows will looks better. It would be funny.

  44. I can imagine both a single pillow and 4 pillows. So I am no help. Either way it will be lovely. You are doing a fine job.

  45. If you are doing ruffles, I vote for one pillow. Can you weigh it down somehow? I imagine it slipping off that slick beautiful black bench. The hallway looks fabulous.

  46. I had to laugh at comment one because I too am singing If I were a carpenter.......
    Love the bench painted black

  47. I vote for four pillows. It allows for some other possibities, as well, such as "M + E," "O + H." Make a couple of more letters: Y = "OH MY and HOMEY," I = HIM, HI, add an N and now you have MINE, and another M makes MME, and I could go crazy. I can picture a variety of coordinated fabrics, all with ginghams tying them together. Speaking of which, if you are worried about individual pillows slipping around, you could add unobstrusive ribbons, loops and buttons, whatever, on the back to fasten them together. One pillow would work, but if you go that way, I'd stitch between the letters or something to make it eversoslightly curve around the back of the bench. I really like this vicarious home decorating!

  48. Wow, you have been a very busy lady! Like anything there is new! LOL!! Love what your doing in your basement. I am leaning towards Wainscotting myself in mine, but I'm no where near where you are yet! As for your pillows. It's all about what your comfortable with, but I think I would make one long one. You don't want your ruffles to compete with the letters for space on the bench! ;-)

  49. Hi Samm, I think one long pillow would be the ticket ! Joan is right about the ruffles.

  50. I think two pillows one on each side! It all looks great!

  51. I think I would vote for one long pillow too... I think ruffling 4 pillows would get a bit overcrowded on the bench.. But I am no expert.

  52. Phew! That was one long post but it was fun to read along. And It held my interest because that is exactly what I've wanted to do in our dining room and I'm still waiting on hubby to handle the carpenter job part of it. We've been in this new house almost 3 years and that room (and 2 others unfortunately) are still builders flat white paint. Ugg! Hopefully this spring it will get done. I'm determined. If he doesn't get to it I'll convince him with a quote or 2 from someone else. That should get results. It all looks wonderful and I'm so glad you are at the end of your ordeal.

  53. I enjoyed the above post and pictures of your remodel. Are you done yet and do you have the rest of the story/pictures. Would really enjoy seeing the rest of the story.

    1. I would send you a sneak peak if I knew your email addy...you are a no reply blogger so there is no way of connecting..

    2. jan7201947@att.net. Thank you so much. I was so interested in your pictures that I was disappointed it didn't continue when the rug was installed. Looks like a stunning place!

    3. jan7201947@att.net. I so enjoyed your pictures and story, I was hoping it would continue. It is a stunning area you have. Thanks so much.


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