Sunday, March 23, 2014

Padded RBD Gingham Valence and WATER Closet completed RED BlACK AND WHITE DECOR

SATURDAY Update.....
wellll we are done for today....it was a long day....

We had to give everything a second coat...we are doing a water closet the same ... may show pics
of that when it is completely done....( still need to paint the white in the morning)

This is what we did today...the top red, had to be completely dry before we began
painting the pearl white ( otherwise you have pink) ...unlike the wainscotting....
we paint the bottom first, and then the top....
everything has 2 coats...
 David chuckled when I got all the tools needed to add the chair moulding...he just smiled at me...
and said " we are adding moulding my love, not doing surgery"

Many ask how we get so much done...we are both very organized, and we always have a list of tools required before we even begin, therefore we can  complete all our jobs done in a timely manner...

This room is completed now....all painted, all moulding glued and nail gunned...
nails all filled...and tomorrow we will add the valence and the shelves
back on the wall..

CARPET is coming on Monday and Tuesday....so we only have one
more day to get all the small jobs done....
Water closet will be completed tomorrow and all that is not needed
downstairs will be placed in the garage...
 When we designed our home, I did not want a large office...I work better in small quarters...
and I always loved the idea of having a day bed in my office so if I got tired working on my mac,
I could cuddle on my day bed and do some drawing....this room is so different from the soft colours
previously..and I could not be happier with the result.....even David loves it....
I will make a gingham curtain that will come down to  the the chair rail....I have some
interesting art pieces for the wall and some shelves for some necessary
text books...

Ok, we are both done for today..
tomorrow....shelves, complete the water closet 
add the valence....and get ready for MONDAY.

this energy bunny needs recharging..wink.

Ohhhh I think she would look good on my walls....xx

Sunday update

Normally our Sundays we rest....no really we do...
( ok David does...I am usually sewing something)
and if the carpet people were not coming
first thing in the morning, we would have done just that...

BUT LOOK, what we accomplished today....

I love having a Valence above my day bed....it really keeps it warm and cozy...

And see this ruffle that is on the RBD ( Riley Blake Designs) Gingham Valence with fabric
covered buttons to match the walls?

The story behind these....MY Nanny had this gorgeous cotton crochet ruffle
on her bed skirt ( she did all the crochet) ....she gave it to me years ago and I saved it for NOW....
I took it all apart and made a casing for it so it could take an 8 foot make shift
rod and we hung it on the inside of this VALENCE....OHHHH I am sure
she is smiling at me....it looks sooooo inviting, and so feminine...
I can hardly wait to make the quilt for my day bed to bring it all together....

I have to admit, I teared a bit..we work so well together....
we did not make even one mistake.... No red on the white walls, no black on 
the red.....we stopped for lunch and just kept working till 20 minutes ago...

We are both bushed....but to see what we have accomplished..
welllll it is really amazing...I am amazed, he is amazed lol

We call this French Country....
The French love gingham, ruffles and black, white and red..
and that is soooo good for me...as I am FRENCH! 

David drilled holes in the back so I could thread the buttons through and then we stapled
them to the back to secure them....This valence is padded with extra thick PELLON
fleece and it took less than 2 yards of large gingham from Riley Blake...
I cut it in half, seamed up the middle and stretched and stapled it using a staple
gun for upholstery...

Now this water closet is right across from my office....
Seeee the FOREVER sign....welllll I guess nothing lasts forever lol

David agreed it needed a touch up too...I began painting it
in white for the bottom yesterday so I knew I could not leave it like
that, we had to complete it today...and that we did...


Alll we did is use the same moulding as the hallway, and did not do
any wainscotting because we thought it would be too much...
We love this room...I added a berry piece of art work we recently
purchased and voila....it is just berry perfect...lol

WE had enough paint for this room... measuring 16.4 feet...
and we had again enough moulding ( I purchased 2 more
pieces on Friday) and we had 5 inches left over from 
my first measurements...)
Again David laughed..

All the paint that I purchased was exactly what we needed...
Here is what is left over for touch ups...

We learned from the past that keeping paint in cans, takes up way too much room,
often goes rancid, so the best way to keep it fresh and great for touch ups..
mason jars or any jar for that matter and peel off the labels, as it has
all the information needed if you ever need more paint....

We still had enough paint for a lovely ledge for the water closet 
but it is still wet...will show that later...will have to go out and get
new towels to match this room wink...
I have a gorgeous white chenille carpet for here too..
but since the workmen will be using this water closet
tomorrow...I think I will leave it out for now wink....

Just to compare....this is my master dressing room/powder
room upstairs....it has bead board...it is a very large master bath...
David has his own master bath...( I think that is why we love each
other so much, we have never ever, shared a bathrooms)

I know I seem to have this thing for gingham...have 
for decades..thank goodness RBD has the best collection
to keep me interested...the tammy bag there is robin egg
to match the walls and lined with laminate...

Ok, I am pooped...
I need to soak in my powder room....
CARPET is coming tomorrow and Tuesday...

WE will have our home back....



  1. It's all looking great! You are both very organised. I'm looking forward to seeing your office with the curtains and daybed and art work up :)

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  16. It's looking beautiful! I know you will really enjoy being in your office!

  17. Nothing to get you feeling satisfied than a new remade room. Only thing better is a remade SEWING room! Just one note: years ago we had new carpeting done and had installed wallpaper before they came and those guys made little tears in the wallpaper bringing in the rolls of carpet. Yikes! Hope you don't have the same experience from marks on the wall, etc.

  18. Love the valance and ...squeal...the RED is fantastic!!! Got my computer "fixed" when mu genius computer geek of a son came down and worked his magic....are you ready for this???...he Plugged it back up!!!! Yep, one of the plugs was deceiving me into thinking it was plugged in when in fact it was NOT!!! We have all had a big laugh at my expense!!
    Gmama Jane

  19. Wow! This is stunning. I love the red. It is energizing. I think red, white, and black are always winning combinations. It is wonderful when the teams gels together very, very well. It makes for Peace and harmony as well as a well oiled machine and much more accomplished in a shorter period of time. I adore that you used your nanny's ruffle. That makes that valance even more special. You have the best ideas and you are special to share with all of us.

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  24. Rosemary B here:
    :-) it all looks beautiful. I know you will be happy to have everything back to normal again.

  25. Every THING is just so gorgeous ! Now I'm going to have to paint a room red....RED is my color too you know ! Love it all Samm !

  26. It all looks fantastic. Love the shade of red you chose. It's amazing. Hope carpet is going well! Thanks for the tip using the mason jars for paint.

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  29. It looks sooo wonderful, I really like the red and black it is really you with the gingham and all the little touches that you do so well. I am glad that things are getting back to normal for you and now you and David can relax and enjoy blessings to both of you.Sandra

  30. Love the valance! Its all so pretty. a tip for your powder room mirror if you haven't already done something. www.mirrormate.com. You can order a frame to attach to your mirror. Easy as pie.


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