Thursday, March 13, 2014

Think Ruffles on Day 7

RUFFLES….an odd word when you break it down….RUF ( as in rough or Rolf as in what a dog does) and yet here we are TALKING- STITCHING-QUILTING Ruffles…Ruffles are soft, delicate, feminine…..I am MAD about RUFFLES !

 A Ruffled Christmas Tammy Bag…
made especially for Shelly'sbuttons and more
she loves green….

My obsession as shared with you in the past came from watching Flamenco dancers with their heavily ruffled trains….I was in Spain at the time and at boarding school and I was always thinking of ways to add ruffles to the hems of my slips, socks, under "T's"… Now spin forward decades later and I'm still obsessed with anything and everything RUFFLES.  Take where I am  this morning- sitting here with my Mac this morning in my temp office upstairs, glancing around and note that ruffles seem to appear at every glance…ON my Oven MITTs ( my oldest recently added gingham ruffles to a lovely pair of red mitts) I have a stool whereby my feet are perched…( being so short, I need to have them resting somewhere) I have a pillow behind my back, yes ruffled…
I note a few Tammy BAGS ready for a photo shoot…YEP ruffled….The tablecloth on this table…yep ruffled…. I am wearing a long skirt, yep ruffled, my under cloths all have ruffles on them…

So it does seem TIMELY that one of our HOPs would be about RUFFLES…
Amy our cheerleader for this hop was not realllllly a ruffled kind of person…
but that may have changed…She has been ruffling many of us
with her cheers and inspiring personality…

And she has gathered some RUFFLED Enthusiasts too…

Let's see WHO will have you RUFFLED TODAY?

Apologies for not posting this earlierturns
out  our terrible storm of  yesterday 
somehow left us without heat
yeppppp now we have no furnace,
we have a fireplace so this is helping
till the crew get here this morning
brrrr it is a tad cool here..and that white
stuff is everywherelol

Soooooooo moving forward to some ruffles this morning

Ruffled WOW!

and this lady was not sure she was going to ruffle anything….
this is one of a set of matching pillowcases…isn't it lovely…
yep we are wowed by those crispy white ruffles…


First wow, that this lady has green grass….you know something other than WHITE stuff…
her bountiful red ruffles brings out the best in her roosters….ruffles make everything beautiful lol

I thought I would add a ruffled tut for a reminder too~
just tap to enlarge...

And Michael Miller has some ruffles
for some of you ….

For those who don't ruffle but like them…

they even have a new collection of Fabric with ruffles..

Think RUFFLES along with us! 

we are still snowed in..

Here are some pics from yesterday.
David had to stay home, so we made a  make shift office for him…
he went to do some snow blowing and had his laptop on the weather channel..
Look who could not believe it either….

She kept watching the snow blow in on the weather channel….
she sat there for about 20 minutes….

 PEEPS have drive-ins such as A&W….here at our home we have
FLY-By-Fly-INs…..yesterday I emptied a bag of seed, 20 cups of food
for my feathered friends….each hour the snow would just cover up
everything….. Once you start feeding these wee things..you must
continue till spring….

 David will be getting a couple more bags…I guess spring won't be here
for a bit…I think we had over a foot of snow yesterday..
The winds had swept snow drifts over 3 feet tall in our driveway….
Mr Buttons who seldoms ventures in too close stuck around the whole day..
his whole family kept flying in for some seeds….


  1. Good morning! These are lovely photos. Happy birds who found your feeders. Are you taking these awesome pics from your window, or do you have a birdcam? I've hear they can take some amazing pictures. Was thinking of getting one to watch the antics between the birds and squirrels at my feeders. Seems I've now got two HUGE crows coming as well. They are larger than my feeders. LOL Had no idea they eat sunflower seeds too. Hmmm.

  2. BRRRR!!!!! It is COLD in your neck of the woods!

    Today's rufflers have outdone themselves!

  3. Beautiful ruffle creations today. Your pics are wonderful...especially Mr. Bottoms!

  4. Sumatra is georgous, It's surprising how many sewers seem to be cat lovers and the cats seem to love what we are working on. We aught to invest in the lint roller industry.
    My favorite of these projects are the roosters.
    If it were not for watching the birds and their antics this snow would be totally useless to adults, with possibly the exception of being on the inside warm and sewing and watching the birds.
    Thanks again Sam for all your efforts of getting these hops together, may I do you proud.

  5. Sorry Sam, I have a OLD CAT(JUST TURNED 20) who kept me up quite a bit last night, and I over slept. I did not publish untill about 7 am this morning. Again, I apologize.

  6. Wonderful picks!! I wish we got to watch the red cardinals here...but no such luck; I'm afraid. They are beautiful...I will just have to look at the ones on my quilt.

  7. We had horrendous wind but all trees seem to be standing. No snow for us, but I enjoyed seeing Sumatra's interest in weather events! WOW, indeed, once again. Your ladies have not let you down.

  8. These feathered friends are so lucky to have you for a friend to feed them. This stuff has got to stop. Winter Winter, go away!
    It is so nice to have these pretty ruffles to enjoy. Hope your have your eat back soon. Stay warm and stay safe .... <3 Pat

  9. That darn old man winter and his snow! That's enough!!! Hope you stay warm and have heat very soon. Your feathered friends are lucky to have a mom like you to feed them. They are fun to watch too. Lots of neat RUFFLED projects again today. My list of things to RUFFLE is growing!

  10. Good morning, I enjoyed your lovely, snowy photos this morning. Sumatra the weather kitty...LOL ! Thank you for the honor this morning, I'm still a rooster rangler I guess.....Yes, there is green grass trying to pop out, but it is so dry here. So dry, that when a jack rabbit toots it starts a dust storm ! I can't wait till tomorrow to see what you've ruffled up for us to feast our eyes on !

  11. Sweet green Tammy bag and more amazing ruffles today...I'm loving them all! I hope you get warm today!

  12. Samm those snow pictures are incredible - and I'm so glad the snow is there and not here. :) But Sumatra watching the Weather Channel is priceless - that needs to be in a magazine somewhere! blessings, marlene

  13. Great ruffles today, but your snow pictures are fantastic! I

  14. Some many great ruffly projects. Love the lamp shade and that baby burp cloth! Too cute! All the projects were gussied up today! So sorry about the snow. Hopefully it will all go away soon. Sumatra should be watching your sunny blog banner and dreaming about picnics!
    xo jan

  15. Oh Samm, with all that is going on, you sure didn't need the furnace problems too. When I checked last night, 9pm here 12 there and didn't see you, figured it was lights out from your storm. Sew glad you have a fireplace. Love today's picks.

  16. Wow, fantastic bird pictures. Love the picture of Sumatra. Now the furnace? You have had more than your share of "challenges" over the past several months. Hopefully this will be the last of them for a long time to come. We got a fresh coating of 4 inches of heavy, wet snow Tuesday night. Not nearly as much as you got, but even one flake of snow is too much at this point. This winter has be horrible for so many people. Can't wait for warmer weather and to start seeing green once again.

  17. What beautiful Ruffles I have been seeing. I can see lots more Ruffles in my future. I must say that I think Sumatra is so sweet! I bet she is also watching those birds. You would not believe where I live, we had gotten 2 inches last Monday. Everything came to a stop. No schools (all week) no mail for 2 days, nothing open. My husband was a highway foreman in PA. He was on duty 24/7. He was out there the start of a storm till the streets were clear. He was going crazy. They have the best trucks, plows, etc. just don't know how to use them. I think he truly misses the snow. Keep safe and warm. Spring is just around the corner.

  18. I am so sorry you are still having such extreme snow. Thankfully the birdies are being fed with your generosity. I am sew enjoying the vast array of Ruffles being shared. Warm Blessings Dear...

  19. Lovely top picks for today. Mr Buttons is very cute. We don't have Cardinals here in Australia.

  20. Winter just will NOT let you go, will it? The girls did well today. Some cool ideas shared.

  21. Some very creative projects today.

  22. We had a beautiful spring like day today. I will try and send a bit your way. Loving all those ruffles!!

  23. Fun and creative projects! Sorry you're having so much snow :(


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