Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Think Ruffles on day 6

RUFFLES….an odd word when you break it down….RUF ( as in rough or Rolf as in what a dog does) and yet here we are TALKING- STITCHING-QUILTING Ruffles…Ruffles are soft, delicate, feminine…..I am MAD about RUFFLES !

A ruffled thread catcher with a Tammy Bag from the
collection of Fashionista from Camelot Cottons

My obsession as shared with you in the past came from watching Flamenco dancers with their heavily ruffled trains….I was in Spain at the time and at boarding school and I was always thinking of ways to add ruffles to the hems of my slips, socks, under "T's"… Now spin forward decades later and I'm still obsessed with anything and everything RUFFLES.  Take where I am  this morning- sitting here with my Mac this morning in my temp office upstairs, glancing around and note that ruffles seem to appear at every glance…ON my Oven MITTs ( my oldest recently added gingham ruffles to a lovely pair of red mitts) I have a stool whereby my feet are perched…( being so short, I need to have them resting somewhere) I have a pillow behind my back, yes ruffled…
I note a few Tammy BAGS ready for a photo shoot…YEP ruffled….The tablecloth on this table…yep ruffled…. I am wearing a long skirt, yep ruffled, my under cloths all have ruffles on them…

So it does seem TIMELY that one of our HOPs would be about RUFFLES…
Amy our cheerleader for this hop was not realllllly a ruffled kind of person…
but that may have changed…She has been ruffling many of us
with her cheers and inspiring personality…

And she has gathered some RUFFLED Enthusiasts too…

Let's see WHO will have you RUFFLED TODAY?

I know I know I am late this morning,
we are being hit by a wicked wicked storm and white stuff is
 falling from the sky like sheets….eeeek…lol
Our power just went out for a few minutes, our carpet guy cancelled
….he could not see the roads…
and our birds are saying " what happened to spring?"
My DH is home….you cannot see your hand before you…
Yesterday I had all the windows and doors open…it was 42 F…
for us that was a heat wave after -20 - 30 this winter….

We need something to laugh about today…

So our WOW and WOW For CREATIVITY…..

Yes my thoughts exactly…..thanks to this lady who just knows
when a smile is needed….

I thought I would add a ruffled tut for a reminder too~
just tap to enlarge...

And Michael Miller has some ruffles
for some of you ….

For those who don't ruffle but like them…

they even have a new collection of Fabric with ruffles..

Think RUFFLES along with us! 



  1. Where is everyone... I slept late and figured the house would be stirring by now. get up everybody! Spring is here. The birds were singing away down here! :)

  2. I am here, of course, but I had to laugh sooo much when I saw.... well, Mdm Samm, you have to watch the pics, ...... Cocoricoooo :-))

  3. And the day goes to the most beautiful chicken. She is a real doll in her ruffly scarf!

  4. Oh my! That chicken will keep me smiling all day! (And I've got a rather unpleasant dental appt. today so I will carry that image in my imagination and giggle!) Beth @ Words & Stitches, pbstrand@msn.com

  5. I'm sorry you're having more snow! This has been a season of crazy weather, hasn't it? We had temperatures in the high 80's yesterday! The high the day before was about 55! I know you're with me in wishing spring would come and stay!
    I love the hen with the ruffles! She certainly gave me a smile. (Her little dog friend was pretty funny, too!)

  6. Spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming----
    Every time I see someone in a ruffled scarf-I will remember THAT chicken and smile.

  7. Spring is here, yes spring is here. I have seen several ruffled scarves during the year, but not ever a lady looking so cut like that hen. I ´m still smiling.

  8. Perfect choice for today's WOW...lol...which also reminds me I made the same ruffled scarf for Mom...I wonder how she would feel following a "chick pic" - tho fairly certain she is looking down upon us all with a HUGE SMILE....hope your bad weather passes quickly.

  9. Love today's choice. Too funny. Jan does come up with some fun ideas!

  10. Adorable! I bet a baby calf will be the next one to wear the scarf. Too funny. ~Shari

  11. That hen is one snappy dresser, perfect model! I would appreciate any and all of the snow, we are parched in California.

  12. That girl and her farm animals ! LOL I can guarantee you I would NEVER be able to get Fonzie or his hens to put something on, let alone ruffles ! She's too funny !

  13. Fabulous fabric ruffles my dear. Sew enjoying this Hop.

  14. Perfect pick for today…got to love that stylin' chick!!!!

  15. Am wondering where you are with your weather. Here in Lincoln, NE we had a record high of 79 degrees on Monday. Yesterday we had cold and 40 mph winds, and when I stepped outside in the early evening, there were snowflakes falling. Not many, but they were there -- those big fluffly quiet kind. Nothing near like what you are having.

    I too enjoyed a chuckle when I saw Jan's hen, Lily, with the scarf wrapped around her neck!

  16. I am still laughing at that cute chick in her scarf! Only two more days of ruffles - what are we to do?

  17. Not only was it dressed in that ruffled pink scarf but she and the rooster were signing their own adaptation of the Green Acres theme--cracked me up and this was a day when I really needed the smiles and belly laughs.

  18. what a good ruffled day. Love that chick

  19. Finally caught up with the blogs today. We got more snow last night. Can't wait until it's all gone. Might be July before that happens. LOL The chicken all decked out in ruffles is hilarious.


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