Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Think Ruffles on Day 5

RUFFLES….an odd word when you break it down….RUF ( as in rough or Rolf as in what a dog does) and yet here we are TALKING- STITCHING-QUILTING Ruffles…Ruffles are soft, delicate, feminine…..I am MAD about RUFFLES !

some ruffled t-towels from last summer's embroidery hop...

My obsession as shared with you in the past came from watching Flamenco dancers with their heavily ruffled trains….I was in Spain at the time and at boarding school and I was always thinking of ways to add ruffles to the hems of my slips, socks, under "T's"… Now spin forward decades later and I'm still obsessed with anything and everything RUFFLES.  Take where I am  this morning- sitting here with my Mac this morning in my temp office upstairs, glancing around and note that ruffles seem to appear at every glance…ON my Oven MITTs ( my oldest recently added gingham ruffles to a lovely pair of red mitts) I have a stool whereby my feet are perched…( being so short, I need to have them resting somewhere) I have a pillow behind my back, yes ruffled…
I note a few Tammy BAGS ready for a photo shoot…YEP ruffled….The tablecloth on this table…yep ruffled…. I am wearing a long skirt, yep ruffled, my under cloths all have ruffles on them…

So it does seem TIMELY that one of our HOPs would be about RUFFLES…
Amy our cheerleader for this hop was not realllllly a ruffled kind of person…
but that may have changed…She has been ruffling many of us
with her cheers and inspiring personality…

And she has gathered some RUFFLED Enthusiasts too…

Let's see WHO will have you RUFFLED TODAY?


Today seemed to be about ruffled skirts..
this wee tot certainly brought some smiles…
it's a lovely spring photo and how can you resist
a ruffled bottom…lol


And this lady certainly knows that she CAN CAN ruffle..
wait till you see the rest of her quilt….isn't it full of ruffle FUN….
perfection and colour….ohhhhh how LOVELY!

I thought I would add a ruffled tut for a reminder too~
just tap to enlarge...

And Michael Miller has some ruffles
for some of you ….

For those who don't ruffle but like them…

they even have a new collection of Fabric with ruffles..

Think RUFFLES along with us! 



  1. Each day of this hop just gets better and better with so many amazing projects (I can-can tell you which is my pick)!!!

  2. There's nothing cuter than a little ruffled hinney ! Carla blew me away with her quilt...it is the most creative thing I've ever seen.

  3. Great picks!! Carla had me in awe!! That little ruffled behind was too cute!!

  4. Love those can can girls!!! All the ruffled skirts were adorable too!

  5. I continue to be amazed at the projects. You are spot-on with the WOW projects.

  6. Great choices today. Those Can Can girls are amazing. Happy Day!

  7. I want to ruffle today! I'd love to see that Can Can quilt in person. Great projects.

  8. Oh la la , I love, love the Can Can girls. So many wonderful projects today.

  9. Today is another WOW day! Great ruffles by all.

  10. I LOVE beginning my day with Ruffles and sew much fabulous inspiration. Thank you Madamm Samm Dear...

  11. The Can-Can quilt is beyond amazing, and what could be cuter than a little ruffled hiney? :) So cute!

  12. So many amazing projects. Thank you for having this hop I am enjoying all the creativity.

  13. What another great day on the hop. Those beautiful Can Can girls are such a fun, colorful and ruffffly good idea. ~Shari

  14. Sew many cute projects today! I love all the little skirts, tea towels, pillows and Doll skirts to match too!

  15. I have loved every bit of this hop: the quilts, pillows, every little thing. If only, I could pull off wearing the skirt with the cutie ruffles on the bum. :) Can't wait to see the rest of the hop.


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