Friday, March 7, 2014

Think Ruffles on Day 3!

 RUFFLES….an odd word when you break it down….RUF ( as in rough or Rolf as in what a dog does) and yet here we are TALKING- STITCHING-QUILTING Ruffles…Ruffles are soft, delicate, feminine…..I am MAD about RUFFLES !

outdoor cafe ruffled curtains using burlap and RBD
gingham fabric

My obsession as shared with you in the past came from watching Flamenco dancers with their heavily ruffled trains….I was in Spain at the time and at boarding school and I was always thinking of ways to add ruffles to the hems of my slips, socks, under "T's"… Now spin forward decades later and I'm still obsessed with anything and everything RUFFLES.  Take where I am  this morning- sitting here with my Mac this morning in my temp office upstairs, glancing around and note that ruffles seem to appear at every glance…ON my Oven MITTs ( my oldest recently added gingham ruffles to a lovely pair of red mitts) I have a stool whereby my feet are perched…( being so short, I need to have them resting somewhere) I have a pillow behind my back, yes ruffled…
I note a few Tammy BAGS ready for a photo shoot…YEP ruffled….The tablecloth on this table…yep ruffled…. I am wearing a long skirt, yep ruffled, my under cloths all have ruffles on them…

So it does seem TIMELY that one of our HOPs would be about RUFFLES…
Amy our cheerleader for this hop was not realllllly a ruffled kind of person…
but that may have changed…She has been ruffling many of us
with her cheers and inspiring personality…

And she has gathered some RUFFLED Enthusiasts too…

Let's see WHO will have you RUFFLED TODAY?


I just stopped still right here….this is gorgeous…and sooo my colours
but the ruffled undergarments wellllll simply elegant …..
don't you just love the egg basket…? 


And this lady wellll this lady all she needs is a theme, and she can squeeze 
out laughter and even ruffles in this case to have us allllll smiling…

I thought I would add a ruffled tut for a reminder too~
just tap to enlarge...

And Michael Miller has some ruffles
for some of you ….

For those who don't ruffle but like them…

they even have a new collection of Fabric with ruffles..

Think RUFFLES along with us! 



  1. First of all, goooood morning Mdm Samm :-))
    The sun is shining brightly in Switzerland, and the frost will be away this afternoon, how wonderful.
    Today's ruffled hop shows again great projects, but I have definitively some favourites.... let's see if they will be on the wall later, wink.
    Enjoy your coffee, I already had 3 cups of a superbe Sumatra coffee, tasty, spicy, just perfect !

  2. Oh wow, amazing! I was not very much into ruffles until now, although I love to look at them, but it seems I have to change my opinion about it seeing all this cute projects these last 3 days! Great hop again and I absolutely loooove your new header!
    Hugs Martina

  3. Great projects again. Woo hoo, looking forward to more on Monday! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Another day with wonderful ruffles and I think I will be into ruffles from now!!!! Have a great weekend with ruffles lovely Samm.

  5. We have some real rufflers out there!! Love your choices!

  6. WOW. So much ruffled inspiration today. That other lady blew it out of the park. That moose just makes me so happy and is a great way to inspire my weekend...
    So much happy today.

  7. Love today's choices!!! Adorable! I have coffee in hand and am ready to hop around! :) Such a wonderful hop so far! :)

  8. Thanks for loving my lady as much as I do...you are so sweet to show it here. :O) So many gorgeous ruffles to look at today!

  9. Oh, my! What sweet projects today!

  10. What a great day for ruffling along! Thanks to all who shared today. Sew looking forward to the rest of the hop ... :) Pat

  11. Genial!
    feliz fin de semana!
    Costa Rica

  12. Well this week was just Rufflicious. I can't wait to see what we are in store for next week.

  13. What fantastic picks today! Both were on my favorite's list. Such creative minds out there.

  14. Such amazing work! I'm always so inspired by these hops! Beth @ Words & Stitches, pbstrand@msn.com

  15. This has been 3 days of inspiration !

  16. Oh my! Today's posts are just spectacular. Amazing creativity! ~Shari

  17. Great pics for today's hop…love your choices and others as well :)

  18. All of these ruffles are like potato chips...I must have more than one! These participants are sew clever. Great Ruffles Dear...

  19. You never know what you're going to see ruffled in this hop. I NEVER expected to see ruffles on a moose. LOL now that really cracked me up. So many clever ways to use ruffles.

  20. What a fun day with ruffles. Great picks again but I bet you have a hard time choosing

  21. I love the gingham and the burlap together! Great ruffled projects again today!

  22. I have had company since Thursday and now that they have gone, I am catching up on Ruffles! :)

  23. Yep, she got us again with the giggles! I am still laughing at the bikini from last year, LOL. That other lady did a great job on her piece too. Wow! I had two days of quilt show responsibilities so just now got caught up for Day 4's featured group.

  24. Wowee - really love these projects today!


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