Saturday, March 22, 2014

chair rail moulding preparation..

I am blaming it on THIS….yesterday I had a day of some sewing…but that it not what I really wanted to do….soooo I designed this quilt for my day bed in my office downstairs…..( a very special lady thought this was my best pattern yet) so I have ordered all the fabric I need for that ….the embroidery I can begin now….annnnnnnd

And then it happened…..I I kept running down the stairs and looking how this new quilt in white, black, grey and a wee bit of red…..and how was this going to work in a taupe room….????

WELLLLL it won't, so as soon as the paint store is opened, I am going to get me some red paint…
yes I  know I was thinking the same butter cream that is in the hallway….but think of this…the walls
painted white where the wainscotting is….I will get a really nice couple of pieces of moulding…I will not  add any slats..the room is only 8 feet square….white on the bottom and RED on the top…divided by a decorative moulding... my day bed is pure white….with this day bed quilt and valence above my bed…. in gingham and window treatment the same…..wellllll I just know it will work….

I will be doing our water closet which is across from my office in the same decor….soooo this will work….pulling all of my fav colours together…

This is what it looked like….it has a pure white quilt on it with matching
pillows and co-ordinating sheets…all those bears are Godiva..
every year for over 20 years David would send one on our anniversary...

So I am back to painting today….yep….but first I have to remove the shelves and baskets from the walls and wipe them down….and at least start the base coat…..Yep I will need to prep first….the taupe is pretty dark….( it was perfect with what was in there before…but now….new walls and repainted…does not really match the quilt wink)

David just called …oh poop…he said I am not to take the shelves or valence down on my own…no ladders are to be used when I am home alone….. he will help when he gets home early today wink...

But I can paint the white ….ok….

Ohhh and I have a desk, that is a day bed that was cut made into a desk…wellll that I can do, I am painting that in black, the same paint as the deacon bench…

Ohhh the pillow suggestions….I came up with a solution….

I will make individual pillows…I like that suggestion…but here is where I will make it sooooo it will work…I will only add ruffles on the tops and on the H and E on the sides…this way they will alll
be lined up, no ruffles on the bottoms, and I had already thought of adding ribbons on the back of each pillow to tie to spindles….thanks for the great suggestions….

First breaky , toast and SARABETH ( strawberry rhubarb) this morning, a red delicious, glass of orange juice and a coffee….


Afternoon update.

Ok, paint is  all purchased….
and I took down the shelves that I was told 
too without getting on a ladder…I have cut the corners
with paint to prepare to roll the white part….

I came upstairs to have some lunch…
and look what I saw
Mr Buttons…
Almost the red I will be painted the top part of the walls...

Again he never comes in this close….but he did not stay long…look what swept in….

Literally hundreds of these blackbirds descended from all directions..
I don't like them much..they remind me of very bad people….
pushy, loud, and just plain mean, I bet they never went to finishing school…
they soooo lack social skills…bad bad bad…lol…..

By the time I got my camera out…I could not get all of them
that were in the trees…it was like  BIRDS Screening…..

This poor morning dove stayed so still, worried this black bird
would peck him…nasty looking aren't they…they scare me….

Ohhh back to what else I will be painting…

This is my desk in my office…It is a very sentimental piece for me…
so I asked David years ago to cut the foot of the sleigh bed, whereby
many jean jackets were thrown over it….
I wanted it as a desk…he cut it in half….and secured it to the wall
with L  brackets….with only one leg to hold it up..
I can stand on it ….it is not going anywhere…

I just gave it the first base coat…I will be painting it black 
like our deacons bench...

Day 2 of the OFFICE….

I am ready, I have my ROLLERS spinning….
my brush trembling…..it is time to paint…

First I will do a first coat of white to the bottom half of the walls 
in my office…then I will paint my desk black…
then a second coat to the bottom of the walls….wait for it to dry..
DAVID will be home then…..

the top half of the room will be painted red….
and then we will add a chair rail..

The fact this room is sooo small wainscotting would bring
it in too close….so I chose a lovely wide chair rail to accent 
the 2 colours…..

Will be doing the same thing in my water closet….
( more on that later) 
can only do one job at a time…

Again we have to have it all completed by Monday
as the carpet is on its way…..

Ohhhh and I even managed to embroider some
pillows last night…got the H done and started the
M….Likely have those done on the weekend…

ohhh listen….I think I hear some rollers and brushes
calling my name…..

Yep, now time for breaky, will have to wait a few hours to do a second coat….
will run some errands and put a fan in the room…

off to find a new foot stool to ruffle in gingham to match my new office….


UPDATE.....late afternoon.. ( hard to tell the red just yet as it only has one coat...but it is a lovely red...and the contrast with the gingham and white day bed and black desk ....

I had to go out and get some chair rail moulding for this room and 
the water closet....so while out I stopped by our local vintage antique shop..

LOOOOOK at this vanity boudoir...perfect addition to sit beside the day bed
and small/big enough for me....see my wee petit pot, it was white with
lots of ruffles that goes in my powder room upstairs...
WELLLLLL I told you I am fierce with a paint  brush so I painted it black...
it will have new ruffles of course in gingham....

And this boudoir, I will redo in gingham too....

Although I love France and all....it does not suit this room...so I will add the quilted
upholstery and will be perfect to wash if it gets soiled...

This is the chair rail i will add to my office...it will be perfect to divide
the colours and it has a 1 inch edge..perfect to place some artwork...
( maybe) 

Ohhh and this wee ironing board I am going to paint black as well..
I think it will be perfect by my desk to hold a basket of goodies..

Ok, off to paint some more.....

David will be home soon and will help with holding the ladder
while I get at least one coat rolled on the walls..

We heard from the carpet peeps..they will be here on MONDAY! 



  1. I think your room will be beautiful with the red on your wall and I can't wait to see the quilt you're designing. You have lots to keep you busy!

  2. I love the of a red room! I used to have a red parlor", (it was a 100 yr. old house), and I loved it! The black and white gingham will set it off perfectly! You might need just a touch of yellow, too, to round it out!

  3. Your home is coming along so nicely! so much good work! and that bench and wall art is just lovely!!!!

  4. I am looking forward to see the room and most of all the quilt that you are designing. You are a busy lady!!! I am working on my balcony to get it ready for the sunshine and bright weather. The spring is certainly here to stay.

  5. Good choice going with red. My husband don't let me use ladders without him around either. As we get older we must look after each other, guess this is the start. I can anxious to see your room finished.

  6. I had to laugh about the ladder thing. After several trips to the ER which included stitches and broken bones each time, my husband is no longer allowed to use tools, electric or otherwise, unless an adult is home. And dogs don't count!

  7. Can't wait to see your finished room. As someone who has been painting way more than I want to, I wish you good painting! Love the bear!

  8. You're making me tired. ;) The tall pillows should work great on the bench. What a sweet husband and a sweet tradition. I saw Sarabeth on TV, and now I know who she is! Oh, the things and people you have introduced us to.

  9. Am sooo looking forward to seeing the final results! Love those Teddy Bears! I wonder why one gets that special seat all by himself? Was he the first one? I have a collection of over 300 bears. dusting those guys is hard work!

  10. I can't wait to see your quilt...the colours sound scrumptious. Your hubby is wise...no ladders when you are alone...but still lots to keep you busy. Have fun!

  11. Your hubby is wise to tell you not to use a ladder when you're home alone. Five years ago my hubby and I painted our family room. He went to use the bathroom. I climbed up the ladder. Minutes later I fell through a window. It all happened while he was in the bathroom. When he came back to the family room he saw me with my left arm raised above my heart and a piece of glass sticking out of my left arm and a long window in the corner was broken. He calmly called 911. Paramedics came and then we were off to the ER. He finished painting the family room himself. When we came home he told me to never use the ladder. Your bears look great, by the way. I can't wait to see the finished room.

  12. Glad you got your Sarabeths. I saw it in Shoprite in the produce department Funny as I had never heard of it two monthsago. Well, enjoy every mouthful!

  13. Busy, busy, busy aren't you. ;) Good thing you aren't in school.

  14. You're such a busy little bee painting everything in sight. Hoping you'll show us pictures when it's all completed. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  15. No one but you would think of cutting a bed in half to make a desk! I love it - but I'm going to love it more painted black. :) blessings, marlene

  16. Love all of your decorating ideas and your room will be lovely as the rest of your home is . You is one busy happy sweet lady. Blessings Sandra

  17. I admire all of your home-work. The walls are wonderful with the wood detailing. How fun to change it up and do something completely different. You are quite industrious dear...

  18. WOW, you have been very busy. I love seeing your befores, work in progress, and finished walls. You and DH have really transformed your space. Beautiful work and I do mean WORK. Have a happy weekend.

  19. Wow, lots of progress already, can't wait to see your new quilt :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Its going to be beautiful! I also love to paint. There are few things in life that give such instant gratification as slapping on a coat of paint to change the entire look of a room!

  21. It all sounds so exciting, you are inspiring me to get on with my decorating. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished room.

  22. wowee lady! I leave home and look at you!! I love your idea of the red and white on the walls! Can't wait to see your new quilt!

    "wishing I had the trip home behind me already". :)

  23. I like where you're going with this!! I'm a black/white girl...not so much the red, I prefer robins egg blue...but I understand your color scheme completely. Lovely job! I'm inspired to do something with my guest bedroom now!!!


  24. Do you have access to a special time warp that lets you do in one day what would take most people a week or more? That has to be your "superpower," I'm sure. I always said when work would be so busy that what I needed was a week out of space and time to get caught up. You seem to have found out how to do that. I love what you are doing with that room. Just don't get carried away and paint all of those wonderful teddy bears black, or red, or white, or butter cream. You are lucky to have such a caring spouse. And one who is willing to follow your directions! lol

    1. you make me chuckle. to answer your question...I just think my superpower is being very welll organized....and I am not sure which Brenda you are...leave your email so I can answer you directly...I have no email to reply to you by...

  25. I like your colour scheme. The red is very energizing ... not that you need energizing because you're like the Energizer bunny!


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