Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Birthday GIRL! and no I don't have a BIRTHDAY!

I LOVE RBD!. No seriously they soooo understand FUN and JOY and CELEBRATIONS. Take this new design block of the month quilt design by no other than our JINA BARNEY…she just makes me smile…

3 blocks are already up for us allllll

I am a bit behind in a few things but a birthday quilt just seems like something I JUST have to make time for….

Can you imagine all of this in GINGHAM….I know…I am sooooo in love with RBD gingham, I just cannot help myself.

Take a peak at their page here .. they also have done some video tuts too..

Soooooooo I think we need to at least  think of doing this one…I need a birthday quilt…I was thinking of this….I could send it to each member of my family when a birthday is coming up and they would have to send it to the next person, so as a family we would ALLLLL enjoy it…

Sooooo to all of you who do certainly celebrate birthdays, isn't this just fullllll of excitement.

I am excited.. I will bring some balloons…

oh p.s…JINA just love ya girl….


  1. Well, I wanted to make a small "quilt pause ", but this birthday quilt is sooo full of energy and party! You got me (again....), I already printed out the 3 first blocks and I am now going to look into my fabric stash..... .... grrrrr, I am soooo weak......

  2. This is a fun quilt. Wow! this year just seems to be jam packed.

  3. Any birthday boy or girl would be happy to snuggle with this! Cute design & fun block of the month. It would be cute to wake up & find this on your bed on your special day.

  4. I keep pretending I didn't see this one. All I need is another BOM to start... but it's just so darn cute, that you twisted my arm! LOL!

  5. I'm off too check this out. Too cute!

  6. What a cheerful quilt! I love the idea of a round robin quilt, too!

  7. I love the idea of sending it to the next birthday person. It will be fun to see if you get it back for your birthday! I want to make it!

  8. Cute cute quilt! Your idea of a family birthday quilt sounds awesome!


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