Friday, March 14, 2014

Be Forewarned Ruffles here, there and everywhere...

Welcome RUFFLE lovers…
or soon to be ruffle lovers….
and if you cannot bear ruffles at all…
wellll this hop may not be one of your favourites ….

Before I get so ruffled by it all
A HUGE RUFFLED thank you to AMY
our cheerleader who kept us inspired, organized
and us smiling…she does that soooo naturally. 

Of course by now you will conclude that RUFFLES
are indeed part of my make up..possibly like solids or civil war
themes or scrap quilting …...

It is like coffee, I can't imagine my life without my brew or without RUFFLING something..
Many times I do ruffle feathers as well….but today, I just ruffled
a few projects...

I suppose you have seen all of these great RUFFLERS 
I shared my day with….ohhh how delightfully happy
YOU all have made me who participated….

So be sure to cheer them on..you have no idea 
how that one comment can change someones outlook on life…

March 14th

Sew We Quilt ( yes moi, the ruffled one) 

and be forewarned….I have ruffled a couple things….

I made this for a wee tot in my life who also loves ruffles..
it is sooo hard to find age appropriate clothes these days…
So it helps when you can accent something like a flared skirt
and make it personal…I know she will love it….
Turquoise is her fav colour too! 
( she doesn't know it yet..but she will love gingham too) wink..

Ohhh and I created a couple new TAMMY BAGS...
These are quite large, approx 14 inches wide 11inches high! 
This one I did not keep…it is rare that I create one for someone in mind...
but this LADY is really OOAK and does a lot for our industry
so I thought this one made especially for her in PINK, her fav colour
and with the heel clamp…wellll it is a perfect way to say "I CARE"
she loves it! And how I admire her…..

for those inquiring about the HEELS purse handle…
Lacis….has them…
it will take you to their site.

An irresistible 6" purse frame with rigid handle and high-heel shoe clasp. Concealed handle hinge can turn bag into a clutch, the handle dropping into the bag. Frame of "U" channel construction with sewing holes for attachment of bag. Available in Antique Gold (shown) and Antique Silver finish.
 Select the order button to see all available styles

And this one was created for Linda to match her "We Support YOU" Friendship Quilt..
I completely  forgot I did indeed do a photo shoot before our storm. It was filled with threads, 
needles for sewing and some  new platinum needles for her machine…. I believe she likes it too! 

Still with ME?
Now off to my powder room...

You would think I would run out of ideas to add ruffles too..
Not a chance…ruffles can be found in every room of our home..
Take my bath towel…a cartoon version of me with an organza ruffled
dress….it does make me smile when I enter my dressing and powder room. 

Oh and before you ask….do i use it….nahhhhh I just keep her draped over my bathtub….
it can be washed and has been….this was all done by hand and I stuffed
her face to make it 3D….pssst she is welllllll naked underneath wink…
so she needed some coverage…..

And of course somewhere I would be doing a RILEY BLAKE DESIGN GINGHAM
project…I love these chicken wire baskets, I have a few of them…
Choose a gingham of your choice, in this case I chose RBD Black, 
add some ruffled sweetness, SARABETH's preserves arrived via Michele….
big thanks there…these are 18 oz jars…surely they will keep me for awhile…
and when Sarabeth is not in them for photo shoot….
I will fill this basket with all of PRESENCIA threads from
COLONIAL NEEDLE…button on the side…you can purchase
them directly from them now…YEAH………
ohhhh how I love COLONIAL NEEDLE and PRESENCIA Finca Perle….#12

Finally was able to find some of these cups….someone
had shown one on her post and that began my search…
I located a few of them in the US….and thought
now I have to have a matching basket….
this too, is chicken wire….This one I will fill with some
patterns that I will be working on this summer….
( this one is double the size of the one above)

And something to place both my feet in…..
created this super sized slipper…
1 SIZE fits all….

I created this simply by looking at one of my slip on slippers
and made it 20 times larger….
This way, I can slip both my feet in it when I am sitting
on my lounger stitching away…
I trimmed it with their pure white cuddle fabric for a cute ruffle...

and for those who wanted to know the size..
very very large….it can fit any size feet even up to size 12..
someday I will create a pattern if you are interested

And to wrap this all up… some ruffles from decades ago
once upon a time…..

Once RUFFLES find you, YOU are never the same!

I have few things that I have kept for decades…this is one of them…
My graduation dress from boarding school . My last 2 years were spent
in finishing school, so many of  us took our "Lady" titles seriously.
I had shared with both my Mumm and GrandMere, I wanted a dress
that would last forever an would scream LADY….I think they took me seriously...

 The designer was Irving Nadler,
 I managed to track his family down…his daughter 
Sheila said he lived till his 90's…He so loved 
ruffles and big sleeves… She worked with him for years
and remembers how much pride he took in designing these beautiful floral
ensembles…. we both agreed, garments today are not made as well!
She could not get over how the colour was still so vibrant! 

I remember my Mumm sending a photo of this dress, she had it made
from a specialty shop in Parisian Couture. 

She had sent a swatch with it…
I still recall sleepless nights dreaming of the day I would finally be able to wear it…
I still swoon over it today…It is all organza lined with pink silk, a side zipper making
it very fitted and to a lovely flair...
The skirt has 8 inch ruffles and the wee top was all shirred with elastic
with very puffy sleeves and ruffled at the cuffs…
I still remember my pink dyed 2 inch heels…( I don't think there
were many 3-4 inch heels in those days) 

I was the only one of all my boarding sisters that wore a pink floral...
Many chose solid colours, strapless, sleeveless and they all looked 
so pretty….but I still remember going on the stage and hearing the whispers..
I felt like a princess….

My DH laughs, cause I still am a very conservative dresser,
always covered, still wear white gloves in the summer and I have a parasol…
Our Nuns used to say "if you want to be treated like a lady you must look like one"
I guess I never forgot that ...

By the way...

I can still fit into to this day…I don't know where I would wear it 
maybe just around the house…wink…

I have it back into it's special box in my hope chest now….
I am sure my oldest will want it someday….

That is it for me….I do have a few more projects
I have been busy ruffling, however they are for some future

WOW in Ruffles

Even against the snow Mary created a piece of ART..
don't you just love those egg ruffles….think about those 2 words should never 
go together….but in this case they too…lovely apron, and WOWWWWW for ruffles..


and YES DORIS you WIN. I  have never made a ruffled tent…
but that is not saying I won't….lol
but today it is all about all of YOU who created a storm of ruffles
that inspired us all…..

LOVING THIS so much! '

We still have openings for a stitching hop…
you must reveal somewhere on your project 
what is your superpower?

Pauline is cheering this one ….

Post about Flags on a stick with Thearica cheering us on

This will be our next hop…Thearica will be cheering us all on…
as only she can do..

And meanwhile I will be trying to complete
"We support you " Friendship Quilt
pattern and new quilt…


  1. You never cease to amaze us with your wonderful projects. I love the little skirt. Pity there's only boys at my house!

  2. Love your projects! I especially love your wire baskets, black is my color. Everything goes better with black and I really love the black gingham.

  3. OK, you WOWed us again with the fantastic projects! Your graduation dress is divine, and you are making us jealous that it still fits, LOL! Thank you for the wonderful hop and Amy for being a super cheerleader.

  4. I of course love your projects, but your story made me smile. A cheerful fond memory that will make me go to sleep dreaming of dancing about in such a dress. I have missed a couple days so I can't wait to go back through what I missed to see all the delightful projects that were shared! Thanks so much for these grand ideas and hops!

  5. Lovely projects; the bath towel is just Wow!

  6. Lots of wonderful projects here. Especially love the baskets and this awesome slippers...perfect for this winter. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with your special dress...adorable! And thank you for yet another super duper hop!

  7. Wow! Mdm Samm you are the Queen of Ruffles for sure! And your dress - Ooh La La!! So pretty and perfect!

  8. Sew many wonderful ruffles in your post today. I am glad you answered my question about whether you use that towel, because I can't imagine using it. Your Tammy bags are lovely as always. I especially love that pretty pink flowery fabric. Where did you get that? Thanks for another amazing hop!

  9. So much ruffly goodness, I couldn't possibly pick a favorite! This has been another fantastic hop!

  10. I am so sorry to see this hop reaching its end. I have found everyone's posts delightful, mind-provoking, sentimental, serious, hilarious, wry -- so many different adjectives for the many types of projects and bloggers. And a great big thank you for what you do to make these hops possible. Wish I were a blogger, I might get tempted into these hops. Just got back on line after a couple of years off due to health reasons. And am ready to get back into sewing, too. I've always been a needleworker of some sort, from embroidery, cross stitch, and needlepoint, to contemporary quilting, dollmaking, to sewing all of my own clothes in high school (before the days of jeans when I went off to college). Have mainly reduced all of that to quilting, a lot of it vicariously. Am so glad I discovered you and your blog and will be following you regularly. Already I'm feeling the itch to track down the Tammy bag pattern (about which everyone but me seems to know), and can't wait for you to reveal your "we support you" patterns.

    Enough rambling. I know my comments have gotten pretty long-winded at times, but I hope people prefer that to "your project was so cute. I really like it" over and over.

    P.S. Since I read somewhere on your blog that you wore ruffled everythings, down to your skivvies, was hoping this might be the great reveal [ggg]. Kept picturing those little girl panties with the rows of ruffles up the back side.

  11. Lots of lovely projects Samm! I love your dress too, how beautiful it is.

  12. Your dress has brought forward a memory I have not thought about in forever! I had an organza dress with a pink satin under dress for Easter one year! Although not made by a designer such as yours was, I do remember it was one of my favorite dresses! I will have to search through photos and see if I can find me in it!

    I love your Tammy Bags! I never tire of making them and almost made one to show with my pillow but someone had already done one so I opted out. Wish I had now!

    Your powder room towel is so cute! It is in my inspiration folder to use this idea on a crazy quilt block!

  13. Great ruffles!! Thanks for the fun filled rufflistic HOP!!

  14. I love all of your ruffle memories! Rufflemainia lives on with all of these lovely projects! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. I have just finished visiting all of the bloggers who share your day and you have your work cut out for you! Awesome contributions!

  16. Very creative use of ruffles , you are an inspiration :-)

  17. You always have wonderful ideas!! Wonderful projects today...good luck!!

  18. Wonderful as always! Love the skirt and the sassy towel...and that basket liner...and Linda's Tammy with the pop of orange...how perfect...oh, and the uber slipper looks warm and cozy and oh.so.soft...thanks for the story and picture of your beautiful dress. Have a great day!

  19. I love all of your projects that you made today! I love your dress, I have always liked anything feminine too.

  20. I am totally in love with the skirt.....and wish I were that size so I could wear it. :) Your Tammy bags are always darling but my favorite are your baskets. I have got to figure out how to do that! And Samm your organza dress is amazing....what a treasure of memories you have with that. blessings, marlene P.S. I think you need to do a pattern for that slipper!

  21. I loved reading the story of your dress and can only imagine how you anticipated what it would look like. It is a beautiful keepsake. Your ruffles are fabulous too. Those baskets are super! Thanks so much for another fun hop.

  22. This post looks like the "ruffles hall of fame." So many beautiful ruffles! I love the ruffled baskets. The ruffly pink organza you on your towel is my favorite ruffle in the hop. Thanks so much for inspiring and creating and organizing and hosting. It has been a wonderfully ruffly time ... :) Pat

  23. I knew your ruffles would wow us! And you didn't disappoint but the dress and your story were the best. Such great memories you have! I hate to see this ruffled madness end but I say that about every blog hop and the next one is waiting in the wings and will be just as inspiring.

  24. I love that ruffled skirt. I need to start adding ruffles to some of my projects after this blog hop is over. I have had a lot of fun following everyone. Thanks

  25. Wonderful projects. This has been a super fun hop, I have just a couple more blogs to visit. I just love the little Tammy bags.

  26. I bet you looked like and felt like a princess in your lovely dress. Ruffles everywhere in your post but we would expect nothing less than that from our Queen of Ruffles. The pink Tammy bag with the high heel clasp is exceptional. I love the chicken wire basket inserts too. I think I need to do something like that huge slipper for my feet under my office desk as my little discount store foot stool is disintegrating. ( I could recover it but I don't think that the legs can be repaired anymore.) Clever girl! THX for a fun hop! Flags should be blast too.

  27. who knew ruffles could be so fun! everyone has been so creative. that tent is awesome. i want one!
    love all your ruffly goodness too especially the dress!

  28. You are definitely the queen of ruffles..you win this time! Lol The skirt, bags, and that towel are beautiful!

  29. Quite a collection! I don't want you to feel that I do not appreciate your handiwork, but that graduation dress really steals the show. I just have to go back and look at it and look again.

  30. Your picks today are so special, as all of today's were!
    Your ruffly projects are just perfect! No surprise there! I' know I'm loving MY Tammy bag! Your embellished towel is just adorable! And the two feet slipper looks so warm and comfy!
    The basket liner is wonderful! I'm so glad you were sent some of that jam!
    I LOVE your dress from finishing school! That's just the type of dress I loved when I was that age! I would not fit in mine any more. :(

  31. I love to hear your stories and this one about your pink floral ruffled dress was a joy. Love your projects and right now I wish I had that big ole slipper to put my feet in. You knew I would absolutely hands down go over the moon for that towel. With your artwork and ruffles that could never be wrong. Thanks for another great hop. I bet you've changed a lot of Ruffle haters into Ruffle lovers.

  32. Thank you again for this inspiring hop. I knew you liked ruffles, WOW! You put a whole new meaning to the word. I love everything you created for today and every day. Your prom dress is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. Sunshine and warmth are coming your way.

  33. I waited patiently to see your ruffles and it WAS worth the wait ! Your towel is just the cutest thing I've ever seen ! Tammy bags are popping up everywhere, wouldn't a Tammy contest be interesting ! I wonder who has made the most ?

  34. Hi there, nice pictures and nice works!
    Saludos y feliz fin de semana.
    Costa Rica

  35. Oh my, you have so many beautiful ruffles. I like your new Tammy bag. I think it is the fabric you chose foe it. Adorable! Oh, and I too am a conservative dresser. It will always be in us...but to me that is a good thing.

  36. OK, I have to ask, for the larger Tammy Bags, did you have to buy a larger purse handle? Or did you make the opening the same size and just expand the body of the bag? You wowed us all AGAIN!!!

  37. Only YOU, Samm, would think of a 2 Footed Slipper!! I'm in love with all your ruffled projects...really like the skirt with the turquoise ruffle. Your speciall little girl will love it!
    You do make me smile!
    Gmama Jane

  38. Of course, you are the ruffle queen and you didn't disappoint! Love them all! Where did you get the high heeled frame frame? I know someone who would adore it! ;)

  39. Wow!! So many creative projects….love your bath towel and pretty basket liners; of course, the 2 footed slipper is so creative!! Thanks to you and all the ladies that inspired with their fun ruffled projects!!!

  40. Oh, my goodness, I started giggling at your naked lady bath towel, but that two-footed slipper beats all! The ruffled baskets are terrific, and isn't that a sweet little skirt for little E. Beautiful Tammy Bags - how sweet of you to give them away! And I can just picture you in your sweet pink dress. It's a treasure.

    1. p.s. love the little "measuring" cup!

  41. You have a marvelous collection of ruffles! Love your Tammy bags. What a fun basket dressed to match your mug. Your personalized towel says it all...it's you all the way thru. The pink dress looks like a Barbie dress, but why does that surprise me ;-) Your our favorite Barbie!!!!

  42. OMG! I am on ruffle overload and lovin' it. Your Tammy bags are wonderful. Just bought another frame to do another. The wee tot skirt is adorable. Neat colors for it.

    And, yet another great, great hop!

  43. Such sweet ruffles! I love them all, love the bags -- and adore the bath towel! :)

  44. Another amazing hop! You make it difficult to have a favorite project of just yours! They are awesome. The Tammy bags are wonderful. Last month at quilt guild, we had a lady speak about Her Foot Fetish. She purposed to learn to use all the feet she has for her sewing machine. Over the years, she has asked for feet for presents, so she has lots. She only got to cover three or four. The first was the ruffler. So, that presentation combined with this hop (even though there not difficult by hand) has me on the hunt for one for my machine. This has been another great hop filled with amazing projects and creativity. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  45. Fun, fun, as always. So many fabulous ruffles and yours were the same. Loved the old-fashioned dress and was on pins and needles waiting to see it after reading all about it. I love ruffles!!!

  46. Another inspiring hop with oh so many wonderful ruffled treasure. I have always loved ruffles (and gingham as you know) so your apron is just perfect, not to mention the purses and the footie. Oh my.
    Wow! Loved it all, so much fun. Thanks to you and Amy and to all the talented participants.
    Oh I nearly forgot to say how much that I love that dress. It is so "romantic" looking. How I would have loved to have had a dress like that when I was a girl. It must have had made you look like a princess. Thanks for sharing it with us and thanks for all that you do. You make my heart happy.


  47. Oh my!! I"ve never seen such lovely ruffles! I love them all, but I totally am in love with your dress. Just gorgeous!! Thank you for organizing this hop. It's been so much fun to see what everybody has come up with. :) xo

  48. Your ruffled ideas are so inspiring. And the dress really is gorgeous. Thank you for the hop. I am happy I participated. It really was fun and your statement about how a little cheering on of someone can change their outlook on life. It has been so nice for me to receive a short little response to the comments I made to the bloggers.

  49. I hate to see this fabulous Ruffle Hop end. Every ruffled project is amazing. Yours are over the top clever. That bath towel is uber cute. I adore your giant cozy slipper. Love the Tammy bags in every shape size and color you create. Wishing I was tiny enough to wear that precious little ruffled skirt. Thank you ever sew very much for this inspiring Hop of Ruffles Dear...

  50. That skirt is sure to make a little girl feel very pretty! I always love your Tammy bags and I especially like the grey and orange colour combo. The basket liners are pretty and now I'll be on the lookout for wire baskets! Your towel makes me smile too. Your graduation dress is very lovely. Thanks for a fun blog hop.

  51. Oh my goodness, you did it again! They are ALL amazing. Lucky little girl to get such a a beautiful skirt. Love your bath towel and your two footed foot warmer. Very creative indeed. Also love your graduation dress and the story behind it. It still fits you? Now that is really amazing!

  52. WOWIE!! Love ALL of your projects.....but have to say the story about your pink floral dress...and the picture of the famous dress too...AWESOME for sure!!! Gorgeous dress & KNOW your were Beautiful in it!

  53. You really are the ruffle queen! My goodness all your projects are divine! Love the double foot warmer thingy, love the wee tot skirt, adore the tammy's, the towel had me crackin up and of course I love the egg basket! Amazing inspiration!
    Keeping my fingers crossed all your snow goes away very soon!

  54. AND thank you Amy for another wonderful hop!

  55. Oh my WORD, those ruffles are awesome! Can't pick a favorite!!! They're all so cute! Thanks for the inspiration... I have got to make some ruffles!

  56. That was the sweetest story of your dress. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's such a divine pink. And all the rest is amazing, amazing. You do ruffles justice, that is for sure.

  57. Oh my goodness...once again you did not disappoint! My goodness are these beautiful and that dress...who wouldn't love to wear that! :)

  58. Amazing projects, thank yous to you and Amy for a great hop. I think I'm going to have to break down and make a Tammy bag. I am wanting to do "girlie" projects for my nieces for christmas this year. I thought that owl bag was gonna be cool, but I'm thinking now that's not so girlie girl.. ya know. I'm out of touch, but that Tammy bag with the shoes on the top, too cool!! So I'm off to find the tammy bag pattern, and the accessories to go with it. Looking forward to the flags next week.. :)

  59. Yes, you have made it. Your ruffled projects are so cute and awesome. I must tell you that my ruffled purse made big success on the sewing show during the weekend. There were several ladies that admired it in our booth. So yes, you have made me into ruffles too.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog hop.

  60. Oh I just love all of your ruffled project as usual and your pink dress is just divine. It reminds me of my lavender prom dress made by a seamstress friend of my mom, in fact she made both of my prom dresses and yes they had big ruffles on them.


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