Friday, February 7, 2014

Yes we are done done done….the DOOR STOP ENDS TODAY ….lol

A warm welcome  with all the warmth we can muster
to our newbies and  to those who cheer hop after hop
soooo nice to see you again…we relish you to bits..
Here we are at the end…I didn't think we would make it this far 
to tell you the truth….
so many challenges however
all  manageable even though I AM NOT HERE! 
Such a huge appreciation for 
Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks
 who has become known
as that other other other LADY
is cheering you on.
Ever since she stitched her way into our hearts
none of us have been the same. 
In fact many of us including all those other other ladies
have been fidgeting in their sewing rooms…
These are the lovely ladies I share my day with….
Please cheer them on, you would be soooo surprised
what comes out of being a cheerleader….
and what GLEE that comes to those who need it most…
February 7th


Pickles Quilting

Made by Me in Red
A Passion for Applique

Living With Purpose

Sew We Quilt ( me) 

Am I ever glad I got these DOOR STOPPERS completed before
we had to leave…otherwise I would have had
nothing to show you, as I don't even have my 
"grown up camera" with me lol

Ok so what DOOR STOPPER did I come up with?
( please do not remove any photos without written permission by all 
of our project designers) 

I know not a conventional door stopper at all….
Although I have to say, without a doubt---YOU all WOWED me in this BLOG HOP!

Below this is what I used…I have had a few of these Wired Figurines..
for years….all of them on top shelves in my sewing studio..
I thought enough of this…let's do something with them…
Underneath all of her ruffles, I added some linen bags and filled
them with rice….and then sewed them in and bridged them..
Approx weight ….about 6 pounds…
It is not going anywhere….

I called her Emma after a very special young lady I know
who get this?--- happens to love ruffles too….
She is in my office! Not the young lady…
the door stopper!

I hand sewed all the ruffles using a variety of stash I had in my cupboards…

This PHOTO was taken outside...

This one before the ruffles  were added, was taken inside…note how the light 
is soooo yellowish…a good note to take your PROJECTS outside ( when you can) 
for the best light…it really does make a difference.

and my next door stopper….
I was surprised that no one had made a Spool of Thread 
Door Stopper…. 
NOTE a spool of SUPERIOR THREADS at my Lovely
SNOOPY Barbie's feet… for comparison…

( please do not remove any photos without written permission by all 
of our project designers) 

NOW this very large spool was made from a plastic container 
( that was once detergent for fine washables) 
I had my DH drill a hole into both ends and sink some screws
in some very old barn wood, that he cut into circles for me..
and I then took a ball of white yarn, ( I would have used SUPERIOR
THREADS, but I would have been still winding) wink…

DOOR STOPPER #2 weighs approx 3.5 pounds…great
for my sewing studio...

Thank you for dropping by and being such
great cheerleaders in our universal quilting bee..

So many of YOU make such a difference in so 
many peoples lives…if only you knew how much!

OUR WOW doorstopper

( please do not remove any photos without written permission by all 
of our project designers) 

HOW sweet it is… and look with a cherry on top ..
proving a point….
WE are all entitled to our ridiculous opinion ! 
This really hit me today… I think this is a scrumptious door stopper...

and our Wow for CREATIVITY…

( please do not remove any photos without written permission by all 
of our project designers) 

When you live in a state with lighthouses
it stands to reason why you would choose 
to light our lives this morning…
all done with an old bottle of ? 
well find her and see…

A fabulous end to DOOR STOPPING EVENT..
thanks to all who manage to rise to the occasion 
and make their mark ( in our hearts and soul)


Stay tuned ….MONDAY 
we will be announcing our next hop..

Now really, what is this one about?????

if you live in NEW YORK please connect with me….


  1. Just all ruffles! Are you preparing for a upcoming hop? ;) I absolutely love the spool of thread. I will be making one of those. Thanks again for two great hops! Hope you get to go home soon.

  2. Lovely as usual! Beth at Words & Stitches. Pbstrand@msn.com

  3. Marvelous Madame! as there was no doubt!! So glad you were able to get your work done on these so you had one less thing to worry about during this time!! Be will and thank you so much for all you do and share :)

  4. How fabulous is the ruffled skirt on your wired figurine! Now that GIANT spool of thread is a perfect door stopper for a sewing studio. Thank you for coming up with these great hop ideas.

  5. Ruffles...what a surprise! No, really, they are lovely. I am also surprised none of us thought of thread, but you did and it looks great. Clever!

  6. Waouh, ruffles all over the way, LOL! I love Emma, but when I saw the thread spool and Barbie in a bomber jacket, I melted..... Waouh! So bad I did not keep my barbies (but to be honest, I cut them oncee the hair because I believed they were growing again.....) and now, with 3 boys at home, well, no barbies any more.... I love Nr. 2, it is just funny, full of souvenirs and beautiful!
    Happy Landing by the way, hopefully, tomorrow! Your cats and birds must be missing you ....

  7. Love that crafty spool! What a fun idea!

  8. You have some great door stops here! Very creative!

  9. You are so creative! Love what you did with the wire dress form and that spool of thread is genius! I have a couple of those dress forms - now I know how to dress them :-)

  10. Emma is charming, but I really love that spool! So clever!

  11. Awww Samm, Emma is just a doll! :) What a perfect door stop for you - just fits your personality with all those beautiful ruffles. And the spool, well who would have thought of that but you! I think that's got to be my very favorite of this hop! blessings, marlene

  12. Oh, Oh, Oh, Emma is sooo sweet! I love her and I know you do too with all those ruffles! The spool... well duh! Why didn't the rest of us think of that! It's perfect!!!! Which is why you're our leader. You're so smart, you think of everything! What a fabulous duo hop this has been!

  13. Ohhh, how I love Emma! That is the best remodel of a bust, I have seen yet! (tee hee) Do they have moose busts? LOL!! Great job and so inspirational!
    Flags huh... my thinking cap is on! :-)

  14. Hey! You and I can be known as the "Wrapper Sisters"! ha! Did your shoulder want to fall off once you were done wrapping the yarn around that spool! :)

    Great ideas for door stoppers!

  15. Great door stopper Madame.....Has been a fantastic double hop!

  16. OMG Why didn't we think of that !! I now have "spool love" ! Emma is full of ruffly girly goodness !

  17. Great recycled projects! The ruffled, wire figurine is spectacular. You are so lucky to have a DH who is willing and so talented to assist you. The spool of thread is perfect for any sewer's home. Nice work. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  18. Não sei qual eu gostei mais, mas na verdade gostei de todos. São bem diferentes.

  19. Emma is such a pretty doorstop with all those ruffles! The spool of thread is a work of art! Love it! That would even look great on a shelf as an art piece in a sewing room! (Or any room, for that matter!)
    What a fun hop!

  20. Emma is so beautiful with her ruffles and that spool of thread makes a great doorstop! It's been a wonderful hop even with so many bumps in the road...I've had a great time!

  21. You never use events in your life to excuse yourself from your responsibilities...a character trait that I admire immensely. I'm anxious to hear about your "stranded in _______" adventure.
    Gmama Jane

  22. What a clever way to dress up your wire dresses. Love the black and yellow combo! Superb!

  23. You and your ruffles, lol, I love the doorstops! Great spool of thread on "steroids", ha, ha. I enjoyed lurking during these hops. Computer has been slow and sporadic and so I wasn't able to wait and make many comments. This comment alone is taking my computer a while to get going. Just wanted your to know I have been peeking at all the creations. I hope this will post now...

  24. We just had to have a thread spool - so creative. I love all the projects. I know I already said thanks before, but, THANKS for a great due hop. Greetings from Oklahoma, USA crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  25. You definitely 'wowed' us with Emma and that 'Superior' spool!!! Love them both :)

  26. That is too sweet. I love your ruffels and using black and yellow fabric, well it would math my place to the tee, LOL. Thank you for another great hop. It was a lot of fun.

  27. Thank you for letting me play with the big girls. I had so much fun being in the group. Every place I hopped had something to enjoy, something to admire or something that inspired.

  28. What an amazing doorstop you've made. Cute, cute, cute. And the ruffles....good. Great colors. I'm beginning to like yellow more.

    Yet another fun and exciting hop. Such creative ideas and great minds. Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. Love your door stops. These hops were a lot of fun, thanks for doing them. vickise at gmail dot com

  30. Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine trying to wind thread on that spool! Thanks for this double hop, it's been fun :) Hmm, I may need to get in on this Flags on a Stick... the Seahawks would be very inspiring for such a thing, possibly!

  31. The little lady with the ruffles is cute as can be. I am not a ruffle connoisseur but I can admire them. The spool, though. That is inspired!

  32. Well isn't Emma just adorable! Thank you for putting together a great hop!


  33. What great doorstops! But I have to admit, the spool of thread just blew me away! :)

  34. Love the spool and the ruffled lady. Sew nice having two hops at one time.

  35. Madame Samm,I think your doorstops are wonderful, but I am really floored by your Spool Of Thread doorstop. It is simply fantastic. It looks so real. You did a great job.
    I am sorry to see these Blog Hops end. They have been lots of fun and I have found so many things that I would like to make. But I know the next one will be just as interesting. Have a great day!

  36. Oh my I love that spool door stop. I'm trying to visualize how you put that together, I would really love to make one. What a great idea!

  37. Inspiring as always. Love the ruffles and the giant spool. Love ya, MS.

  38. Terrific doorstoppers! The spool of thread is definitely my favorite.

  39. such a cute door stop you made.
    and the picks for today definitely deserve it.

  40. Not surprised that you used RUFFLES on your Emma doorstopper. It's truly beautiful. And the spool? You're right - why didn't anyone else think of that? Barbie looks comfortable with that giant spool; maybe she thinks it's a version of her Barbie car!

  41. Your Emma looks so pretty in her ruffles! The spool of thread is a great idea for a sewing room door stopper. Thanks for another fun and inspiring blog hop. Thanks, also, to our wonderful cheerleader, Carla ... :) Pat

  42. Emma is great but the spool really is just too much. Barbie never looked so good.Superior thread on steroids. Hhaha, ROGL

  43. Hi, ya, my dear. For some reason, I get an error message when I try to find your posting on the last day of the She Who Sews posting. I do love that tabouret. I love propping my feet when I'm doing some hand-sewing. Yours would be just so fun with it's sweet ruffle. Hope things are settling down for you; keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  44. I am smitten with all of your beautiful and fun ruffles and now to see your door stop is such fun. I love your spool of thread!!! How perfect for a sewing studio door stop. I have enjoyed this double hop of "She Who Sews" and very clever Door Stops! Thank You...You are the best my dear...

  45. You never cease to amaze me with your imagination and creativity!! I love Emma, and the spool of thread is just wonderful! Very clever, it will be perfect in your studio! Thanks so much for all that you do, even when life gets in the way, you keep calm and carry on, bless your heart.
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart. And thanks to all of the wonderful ladies that helped to make this a fun blog hop.
    Big hugs,

    maggiemine 42@gmail.com

  46. I love all the ruffles on your Emma doorstop! I wish I could find some wire figures like that. I think the spool of thread doorstop is a great idea. I don't need a doorstop for my sewing room but you have me thinking about a little spool of thread side table.

  47. Well once again we are at the end of two wonderfully fun hops with scads of ideas for us cheerleaders to do in our homes. Your ladies are all so creative and you always finish the hops with such wonderfully creative fun ideas. Thanks to you and all your partners in fun. Blessings Sandra

  48. Really love your Spool of Thread Door Stopper, very clever! So much talent from everyone.

  49. Oh these are funny. Love that figurine. Wow, that is so pretty & cool at the same time. Okay, I've got to go hop. So fun as usual.

  50. I LOVE the spool of thread door stopper. Amazing! Nice work.

  51. Ok I really have to make me a spool of thread door stop now! I love it! Wonderful idea. And Emma is certainly the belle of the ball in her ruffles. So glad you were able to share with us! Thank you for such inspiring double hops!
    xo jan

  52. I meant to say too that Everyone did such an incredible job. I always wonder what on earth will everyone come up with and they always astound me with their talent. So much fun on this double hop. Carla did such a great job of keeping us all in line and hopping along.!.

  53. Love Emma - and the spool - too cool! oh, we love these blogs whether we take part or not - such fun to see such talent displayed by everyone - as Baa would say COOLIO!

  54. Done, done , done what more to say. It has been a very fun bloghops or two in one. I have loved every day hopping.
    Your Emma is wonderful and your spool of thread is awesome. Thanks for leading this adventure together with our wonderful cheer leader Carla.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs all the way from Sweden to you

  55. Of course, door stops with style!! :). Love that spool of thread..perfect for a sewing room!!! :)

  56. Marvelous Madame! as there was no doubt!! So glad you were able to get your work done on these so you had one less thing to worry about during this time!! Be will and thank you so much for all you do and share .Top Ten Web Hosting Reviews

  57. Your door stoppers are just fabulous and everyone has made such fun projects. Your spool idea was over the top.

  58. There have been so many inspirational projects to see.
    So much humor shared.
    So many beautiful stitches.
    So many kind words.
    And then there is you, beautiful you. Thank you for believing in me.
    You rock the door stops. Emma is so pretty in all her ruffles and that spool, well it's perfect for our hop. You manage so many things so perfectly even with life's upsets. Hope you have made it home safely and can enjoy the weekend.


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