Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hugs and Kisses Schedule….it all begins on FEB 12th ( wed)

Let's OPEN OUR HEARTS to Paper Piecing..
As soon as I saw my first pattern, I was hooked…
It took me forever to master it, and I used that term loosely..
Many tried to show me, but it wasn't until
that I finally got it…so thanks to her wee for her corn candy
pattern, I never looked back….

Using  freezer paper was the key…at least for me…
and to think Freezer Paper is not something easily found around
here so I purchased a roll…a big roll a 40 pound roll
24 inch wide… That should keep me for awhile! 

YOu also need a 1/4 inch ruler…tools are essential
when one wants to be better at anything..

So now you are ready…
during this hop you will see what we all made
using a pattern that Soma and I created ….
it was a combined effort
but really SOMA is the expert in patten making
soooo to her, much appreciation….

( she is all HEART, I am telling you..
how refreshing )

I supplied a calendar for you to all follow along...

Now what did everyone create using these 3 patterns?
wellllll let's see...

Feb 12th

Lady Carol

Lady Sandy

Lady Cynthia

Lady Pat

Lady Jolie

Lady Susan

Feb 13th

Lady Beth

Lady Jenny

Lady Britt-Inger

Lady Carla

Lady Marian 

Lady Lyndsey

Feb 14th

Lady Soma

Lady Laura Ann

Lady Doris

Lady Rexie

Lady Shari

Feb 17th

Lady Mary

Lady Vickie

Lady Anne

Lady Selina

Lady Theresa

Lady Jane

Feb 18th

Lady Lana

Lady Judy

Lady Shanna

Lady Amanda

Lady Kay

Feb 19th

 Lady Bente

Lady Kristen

Lady Linda

Lady Marcy

Lady Susie

Mdm Samm

Hugs and kisses


And if you were not in our hop 
but wish to get the patterns…
HERE they are ..

You can have  a X ( kiss) or a O ( hug) 
or a HEART, if you need a bigger one..wink.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has made.

  2. Hooray I need to follow this hop and learn about paper piecing. I have only tried it once and it was not a success. I'll be following...

  3. My favorite way to sew! Think it is because I have a line to follow, not 1/4" or scant 1/4" that they say you need to use. LOL! Looking forward to everyone's projects.

  4. I still need to try paper piecing and I know that this hope will give me lots of great inspiration.


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