Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Don't let the Door STOP YOU

with an extra day added Jan 27th to Feb 7th

When I first announced DOOR STOPPERS
I mentioned that they really are PIN CUSHIONS on STEROIDS! 

YOU will see what I mean…..oh my this will be a delight!

A warm welcome  with all the warmth we can muster
to our newbies and  to those who cheer hop after hop
soooo nice to see you again…we relish you to bits..
Here we are day 8 of
 Don't let the DOOR stop YOU…

If you have been searching for DOOR STOPPERS
TODAY will have you inspired.
Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks
 who has become known
as that other other other LADY
is cheering you on.
Ever since she stitched her way into our hearts
none of us have been the same. 
In fact many of us including all those other other ladies
have been fidgeting in their sewing rooms…
Soooo let's see who will be inspiring us TODAY.
Ohhhh I see some very lovely stitchers…
Door stops can be made with ANY collection from their STASH! 


February 5th

More Stars in Comanche
Buzzing and Bumbling
Sew and Sow Farm
Purl Buttons Blog
Carretel E Agulha

The Quilting Queen

Pig Tales and Quilts
( EVERY ONE OF YOU could have been here today..
you all did such lovely door stoppers..
EACH ONE most certainly slowed our hearts down but 
not our smiles…)

What WOWED us overall

Yes a delightful morning it is, with the gorgeous
attire of our Mr. Penquin…you could not help
but be wowed by him..
HE could stop any DOOR!

What Wowed us in CREATIVITY

OK, you  have got to find this lady's post, sit down with a cup of tea or joe..
and be inspired, entertained and most certainly one of the most
creative EVERYTHING….

Be a cheerleader, our world could use more cheers!

( this was Linda's door stoppers last week) 

 A very special request…..

LINDA J as many of us  know her….
Said goodbye to her beloved  early Saturday morning.

She is a very valuable asset to our online community,
she always keeps us smiling...

She has shared so much of her heart, 
please let her know you share some of yours with her too! 


  1. Oh, my goodness. What a fun day of door stops, these ladies did an incredible job. I'm amazed at the creativity and over the top entertaining blog posts. Thank you, Madame Samm, for providing the platform for all of us to enjoy each other. I feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy and share friendships with all these wonderful people!

  2. Olá! Estou esperando a visita de todas que qpreciam a arte de costurar. É uma honra poder dividir o pouquinho que sei. Obrigada por tudo. Estou muito feliz. Bjs... Mari Bein

  3. I'm cheering everyone on. What incredible door stops! I must say, I need a house with many more doors now!! LOL!! You GO, all you stop makers, cause I am loving what I see! :-)

  4. Sending love and prayers to Linda and her family.

  5. What a day of fun reads and cute door stoppers ! I'm so sorry to hear of Linda's loss....I'm going to give my Ranchman a big hug and tell him how important he is to me.

  6. How funny that so many of us took a humorous approach! Maybe its the winter weather and hope of spring!

  7. From Texas sized tomatoes to Nosy gertie! What a fun day!
    xo jan

  8. I really liked Gerty, fun inspiration by everyone though.

  9. Such a wonderful variety of door stoppers today! Sent Linda J a big hug.

  10. Cute, cute projects for today as well as many many smiles. I really enjoyed seeing all the creations from so many talented ladies.

  11. Mr. Penguin is SO cute....he would make me smile every time I passed by.


  12. More creative, and fun, door stops by everyone today!!!

  13. LOVED the penguin and literally cracked up at the post about the farm doorstop. TOTALLY creative! :)

  14. you had a really hard time choosing today for sure!!! I loved them all! Gerty was my door stop fave today!!!
    I stopped over and left Linda a message...thank you for posting this for us to be able to do that.
    Hugs to you...

  15. This Door Stop Hop has truly had me in "stitches" with laughter. Such creative and clever participants indeed.
    My heart is heavy and I will pray for Linda and her family.

  16. so cute. love that penquin.
    so sorry to hear about Linda.

  17. I think this blog hop had more humor than I've seen so far in the blog hops. So much fun this is.

  18. I have had a lot of fun with both of these hops. so much inspiration! Thanks to all of you. vickise at gmail dot com

  19. I love this hop and have enjoyed it very much; Prayers sent for Linda and I have told her so on her site.

  20. Almost Over ;-( , Well it was wonderful and so are you two ladies...can't believe all the great ideas I now have for making my three door stops. Thank You Very Much for all you do. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com


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