Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't let the DOOR STOP YOU!

with an extra day added Jan 27th to Feb 7th

When I first announced DOOR STOPPERS
I mentioned that they really are PIN CUSHIONS on STEROIDS! 

YOU will see what I mean…..oh my this will be a delight!

A warm welcome  with all the warmth we can muster
to our newbies and  to those who cheer hop after hop
soooo nice to see you again…we relish you to bits..
Here we are day 6 of 
 Don't let the DOOR stop YOU…

If you have been searching for DOOR STOPPERS
TODAY will have you inspired.
Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks
 who has become known
as that other other other LADY
is cheering you on.
Ever since she stitched her way into our hearts
none of us have been the same. 
In fact many of us including all those other other ladies
have been fidgeting in their sewing rooms…
Soooo let's see who will be inspiring us TODAY.
Ohhhh I see some very lovely stitchers…
Door stops can be made with ANY collection from their STASH! 


February 3rd

Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Marjorie's Busy Corner
Shepody Mountain Crafter 
Lydsfire Sewing
Creatin' in the Sticks

These shoes and boots were made for walking
and that is what they will do..
one of these days…( today)
they will walk all over YOU ….wink
What WOWED us overall
What Wowed us in CREATIVITY

Both of these ladies have the honour of both being WOWED
Really one stomped into our hearts and the other slipped into it…

Both of these ladies are innovative, creative and downright
colourful…don't you agree?

Be a cheerleader, our world could use more cheers!


  1. What fun door stops today…especially love the shoes and the cowboy boot!!!

  2. OOOh yes, today is shoes day!! I love them, both, the sexy high heels and the howdy rodeo shoes, and of course, the pretty bull in the garden, would be a change, no, you taking pics of a lovely big bull ... LOL! Have a nice day, Lady Judy (hahaha)

  3. Oh yeah... I used to wear those sexy high heels! lol

    I'm too sexy for my shoes... too sexy for my shoes.. I am too sexy! ha! :)

    Great inspiring day all the way around!

  4. I love, love those shoes!! Especially the high heels, but I can't have them anymore, I am like Thearica too sexy for my shoes.
    A very inspiring day today with so many creative ladies.

  5. Door stops are such a kick. Thank you for inspiring us. Thanks to you, my doors are staying in place with a little style.
    These ladies Wowed me, today. I want one of each.

  6. How funny that two people would come up with shoe ideas! Just proves that great minds think alike!

  7. What a toe tapping, leaf dropping, penguin waddling,draft stopping,brick toting, boot stomping good time we had today! Loved them all!
    xo jan

  8. Oh great pick....those shoes are fantastic!!!!

  9. I think Jan put it perfectly. ;). A great door stopping day!

  10. This hop is really kickin' today!! The boots and shoes are stomping. I found creative inspiration in every stop today. Did a mention that I loved the kitties! ... :-) Pat

  11. The shoes and boots were pretty amazing today! So many great doorstop ideas today!

  12. It has been a dreary morning here, but this blog hop has been a great way to brighten it up. Hope your day is a great one!

  13. I love these two choices. Who knew door stops could be so clever and creative?!! Thank you sew very much for this fabulous HOP!!!

  14. Why, oh WHY didn't I think of shoes or boots? It is what we have ALWAYS used! So clever, so well done!

  15. Wonderful door stopper ideas again! Think I will have to add more doors to my house, lol!

  16. I think some ladies really like shoes. cute idea!

  17. Hi Samm, hope Feb. has found you well. I have been trying to find you on Pinterest, but can't. I know there must be thousands of wonderful pins, tuts, and info there with your name on it, but I can't find them! :( Anyway, wanted to say hi, and love the doorstops. We always had an old iron for a doorstop, not good on the toes for sure! xoxox Christel

  18. Wow, where do these ladies come up with these ideas? Simply amazing top picks today.

  19. So clever, glad they are doorstops. I could not e eR walk in a shoe with half the heel height.

  20. To be honest when the door stop hop was announced I thought, Oh, okay. But now I have to say I'm really liking these projects. Such wonderful creativity. I think I might need to make one, :-D

  21. More great doorstops!


  22. I love the choices you made and I am sure it was a hard decision.. Thanks for sharing


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