Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 5 of Hugs and Kisses with Shellys buttons and MORE and P B Textiles

to DAY 5
to  all those who are new to our hops
and those who just can't get enough of us
anymore than we can get of them…

If ever you were looking for 
a gathering of individuals who will
challenge you
inspires you
have you reaching for the stars
welllll join us for future hops…

( Flags on a stick still has a couple spots) 


We have a lovely collection of
Ladies who have sooo much HEART
as well as amazing talent…
and all of them challenge me almost every day…
They really are my inspiration behind everything I CREATE!

This hop is about PAPER PIECING.
It is soooo addicting, once you master it
welllllll it is hard to stop…
Just wait and see..

Everyone had 3 patterns to work with
( Soma is one talented artist who can take any 
design and make it into the most beautiful and perfectly
accurate pattern. YOU just got to Cheer her for that…wink)
Ohhh I never ever take her for granted for one moment…
we are already talking about next years hop…xo

They could do one, two or  three ( of the above patterns)   and create, design
anything they like ….

I supplied a calendar for you to all follow along…

Let's see what our LADIES of Hearts
have to share with us today..

Feb 18th

Lady Lana

Lady Judy

Lady Shanna

Lady Amanda

Lady Kay

Overall Wow!

coupled with her newest collection, this paper piecing heart
was indeed heartfelt.

Wow for Creativity

The detail, lace, ribbon,  embroidery, makes this a wow for creativity-
this will no doubt will be a heritage piece for decades...

A special appreciation to 
2 companies that signify BIG HEART time
and time Again…

P and B Textiles has a lovely bundle called VERACRUZ
that would be ideal for our Ruffle hop that is around the corner!
just a thought….

this will my giveaway complete with velvet button pins
from Shellys Buttons and more..

YOU can get these  sweet valentine NEW buttons...
for a lucky cheerleader of this hop..
That CHEERLEADER could be YOU!

Hugs and kisses

if after YOU see  what can be designed with
these patterns…you may want to try your heart at them..
You can find them here..

( all proceeds will be going to 2 charities we are pretty passionate about)


  1. Hello Madame Samm....Blogger wouldn't let me load not one single photo...so I am sending people over to my Facebook page...I tried for over 6 hours tonight...and nothing...I tried everything including cutting and pasting my photos...but it just wouldn't save them or load them...or yesterday's post either.
    I apologize...I did email you my photos...so disappointing that I couldn't show mine on the hop really today. :( I at least wanted you to know I did all I could. Hugs to you!

  2. Another sweet day of hugs and kisses!

  3. Thanks Mdm Samm, and I love the project of Amanda, the fabrics are GREAT! Hope you are fine!

  4. Great day! There's a lot of love in the air!

  5. What lovely projects. All of them so full of HEART!

  6. All of these projects are really great. Amandas really caught my eye. Thanks for having this blog hop

  7. What a fun blog hop, I look forward to seeing all the beautiful projects

  8. Thanks so much for hosting this hop! It is so fun to see the projects!

  9. I have been enjoying all the creations, but especially the "non-traditional" colors and creations like today's.

  10. Lovely choices today and both can be used year round, perfect!

  11. Another day of beautiful projects. I really hate to see his hop end.

  12. Very pretty and unique choices today. At least I wasn't tempted to eat chocolate. ; )

  13. Very beautiful and unique Hearts, X's and O's today. I am sew inspired with all the participants who so generously Hopped. Thank you sew very much dear...

  14. Oh wonderful pieces each day; I am not getting here as often as I would like. But finished looking after our grandchildren today. Back on the ball again!!!!..

  15. Love your choises mdm Samm.
    It is some how a different hop this time...
    Can't wait to see what you've made ☺

  16. Such beautiful projects today! I loved ALL the different fabric choices. Sew much fun!
    xo jan

  17. I'm off to see the sweet treats of the day. Looks like it will be a wonderful journey from the top two of the day. Thanks for a great hop of love!

  18. This is so fun to see everyone's take on the same pattern! What fun this has been. Beth @ Words & Stiches, pbstrand@msn.com

  19. Thank you for another great hop! I loved all of these project that celebrate love!


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