Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 2 of Hugs and Kisses Paper Piecing with Shellys Buttons and More and P& B Textiles..

to DAY 2
to  all those who are new to our hops
and those who just can't get enough of us
anymore than we can get of them…

If ever you were looking for 
a gathering of individuals who will
challenge you
inspire you
have you reaching for the Hugs and KISSES
welllll join us for future hops…

( Flags on a stick still has a couple spots) 


We have a lovely collection of
Ladies who have sooo much HEART
as well as amazing talent…
and all of them challenge me almost every day…
They really are my inspiration behind everything I CREATE!

This hop is about PAPER PIECING.
It is soooo addicting, once you master it
welllllll it is hard to stop…
Just wait and see..

Everyone had 3 patterns to work with
( Soma is one talented artist who can take any 
design and make it into the most beautiful and perfectly
accurate pattern. YOU just got to Cheer her for that…wink)
Ohhh I never ever take her for granted for one moment…
we are already talking about next years hop…xo

They could do one, two or  three ( of the above patterns)   and create, design
anything they like ….

I supplied a calendar for you to all follow along…

Let's see what our LADIES of Hearts
have to share with us today..

Feb 13th

Lady Beth

Lady Jenny

Lady Britt-Inger

Lady Carla

Lady Marian 

Lady Lyndsey

You know what is striking…
that some hugs and kisses can really bring us
all together in HEART…
Again, a great day, filled with
so many possibilities …..

  Overall Wow

From a sweet lady who's country does not
celebrate Valentines day…she certainly
represents the heart behind every creation she creates..

and Wow for Creativity

What ??? there are ruffles incorporated into this lovely apron.
Reading from the comments…many prefer the back LOL
wait till you see….

A special appreciation to 
2 companies that signify BIG HEART time
and time Again…

P and B Textiles has a lovely bundle called VERACRUZ
that would be ideal for our Ruffle hop that is around the corner!
just a thought….

YOU can get these  sweet valentine NEW buttons...
for a lucky cheerleader of this hop..
That CHEERLEADER could be YOU!

Hugs and kisses

if after YOU see  what can be designed with
these patterns…you may want to try your heart at them..
You can find them here..

( all proceeds will be going to 2 charities we are pretty passionate about)


  1. Such sweet projects today! Thought I better visit them while we still had power. It's been off and on during our North Georgia snow and ice storm.
    xo jan

  2. Yes, I think that apron won hands down for creativity! And the back? I'm blushing. Funs posts today!

  3. That apron is awesome!

    I enjoyed going to visit everyone today... some lovely additions to the hop!

    We woke up to no power... got up and turned on the gas logs so we would have some heat off of the box in the living room...First time we have used them the entire 11 years we have lived here. :)

    1. almost 2 hours later our electric came back on... :)

      But it has already flashed once so I better skeedaddle over to Facebook and let my kiddos know we are aok this morning. :)

  4. Wonderful projects! And that pin cushion is adorable!

  5. Lovely quilting today.... I love the apron front... :-), and the other chosen I have seen I r. l,, not bad at all... :-)
    Amazing that the same 3 blocks can turn into so many different things. Enjoy the hop, and have a wonderful valentines day.

  6. Wonderful picks!! I love the apron too. Thinking about you and hoping things are getting back in order for you and David.

  7. Wow,the projects today are fabulous! Ruffles, and hearts, and backing fabric... OH MY! I LOVE them! We are having so much fun!!!

  8. Great choices! Now off to see the rest of them!

  9. As usual, the ladies are coming up with some crazy cute ideas! And so are you! I just love the velvet buttons and the pinnie that they are in...Last week I went to Shelley's site and went a little nutso... sewingblogsarefun@yahoo.com

  10. Good job on your picks for today. Everyone shines in their creativity.

  11. Love seeing everything folks have made! I was unable to cheer on words and sticks because it asked me to create a WordPress account. I don't want to and shouldn't need to. Oh well. I liked it all the same!

  12. Such an honor to be among such talented people! Thanks again for all you do to bring us together! Beth @ Words & Stitches, pbstrand@msn.com

  13. great picks. I did see the back of the apron. too cute.

  14. Now how could you NOT love that apron, red, ruffles and hunks, LOL!

  15. Love the picks today. I love that apron and it has ruffles

  16. The apron is my favorite ... both the front and the reverse side. ; )

  17. I applied for Flags on a stick..I am crossing my fingers I got in..haven't heard yet :) biting nails

  18. Sweet projects...loved them all! Your fuzzy pincushion is adorable. :0)


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