Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 1 of HUGS and KISSES….Shellys buttons and More and P& B Textiles…

to all those who are new to our hops
and those who just can't get enough of us
anymore than we can get of them…

If ever you were looking for 
a gathering of individuals who will
challenge you
inspires you
have you reaching for the stars
welllll join us for future hops…

( Flags on a stick still has a couple spots) 


We have a lovely collection of
Ladies who have sooo much HEART
as well as amazing talent…
and all of them challenge me almost every day…
They really are my inspiration behind everything I CREATE!

This hop is about PAPER PIECING.
It is soooo addicting, once you master it
welllllll it is hard to stop…
Just wait and see..

Everyone had 3 patterns to work with
( Soma is one talented artist who can take any 
design and make it into the most beautiful and perfectly
accurate pattern. YOU just got to Cheer her for that…wink)
Ohhh I never ever take her for granted for one moment…
we are already talking about next years hop…xo

So here is what the patterns look like...
They could do one, two or  three ( of the above patterns)   and create, design
anything they like ….

I supplied a calendar for you to all follow along…

Let's see what our LADIES of Hearts
have to share with us today..

Feb 12th

Lady Carol

Lady Cynthia
Dream quilt create

Lady Sandy

Lady Pat

Lady Jolie

Lady Susan

OHHH and by the way…
it is I, Mdm Samm who is your cheerleader lol


( but first…really are you kidding?
did you see what all of our ladies with hearts
created? makes me want to weep with pure joy)

In French we call this LE MORPION…some call it noughts and crosses and others
tic-tac-toe…but whatever you call it you will be soooo impressed with
this lady's heartfelt project…and all of it can be tucked into that wee tote…
YEP, wowed us in X O's

( for my french ladies…we all know many french words have double
meanings..le morpion is also crabs…we are all chuckling here)


I know ahhhhhhh. If ever you were gifted with a tin heart filled with chocolates
YOU will enjoy this lady's tut on how to make a lovely tin cover…
She also created a beautiful feminine quilt with a lovely XO on the back
that cries simplicity and yes fills your heart with ruffles…yes ruffles wink...

A special appreciation to 
2 companies that signify BIG HEART time
and time Again…

Check this collection that would be befitting for our Ruffle HOP
 ( a couple samplings of this bright collection)

P and BTextiles has a lovely bundle called VERACRUZ
that would be ideal for our Ruffle hop that is around the corner!

( photo will be up in the morning)

for a lucky cheerleader of this hop..
That CHEERLEADER could be YOU!

Check our PINTEREST board
to see many HUGS AND KISSES

with all of hugs and kisses

Hugs and kisses

if after YOU see  what can be designed with
these patterns…you may want to try your heart at them..
You can find them here..

( all proceeds will be going to 2 charities we are pretty passionate about)


  1. XOXOXOXO for this heart happy blog hop! All the creations today are so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing every happy heart in the hop!
    ... XOs from me to you ... <3 Pat

  2. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in this blog hop, it was a lot of fun! My lure right about paper piecing, it is scary at first but quickly becomes addicting!

  3. Hi Mdm Samm, a great and lovely start today! Lots of superbe projects and fantastic choice of fabrics, the ladies made my day :-))

  4. Ooohh! Today was fun! So glad I decided to take the plunge into the wonderful world of paper piecing! And a big thank you to Shelly...your buttons are fantastic! The valentines buttons I purchased (and some others LOL) are just beautiful! Mdm Samm, I miss your bird pictures...don't happen to have any "love birds" around your place do you?? LOL

  5. We're off to a great start with today's projects! I admire everyone who can paper piece...I am challenged on that front lol.

  6. Great first day!! I am babysitting for this week; and things are going very well!! Will be checking in daily though....

  7. Love your pillow and I love hearts.

  8. What a lovely first day of the Hugs and Kisses hop! LOVE that Valentine box cover! Everyones projects were adorable!

  9. Lots of beautiful projects posted today. Can't wait to see what is in store for the rest of the hop!

  10. A wonderful start on a heartily week. So many lovely projects and top two were so awesome.

  11. I'm sew ready to see all the projects! We're off to a fabulous start. These ladies have a lot of heart and soul and it shines through in their projects. Of course at the heart of all of this is a fabulous cheerLEADER! xxoo

  12. The entries today are awesome!!! I love this pattern...paper piecing is a little hard for me...so I REALLY appreciate everyone's hard work!!!! Great job on the pattern!!!!

  13. Love following all of you around!

  14. I love the paper piecing projects. Made me wish that I would have joined the hop but for right now I am enjoying everyone else s creativity. Thanks for having these hops.

  15. Ruffles? Why, yes I can ruffle! Did a little birdie say something about the ruffles? Maybe a snowbird? I have been looking for more birdie pictures, too.
    Thank you, Mdm, Samm ... <3 Pat

  16. Such fun projects for Valentines Day!

  17. Oh my, this Hugs and Kisses hop has started off with a bang! Fantastic creations by everyone.

  18. Oh, love is in the air. What a beautiful start. There are sooooo many ways to use these paper pieced patterns. XOXO

  19. Beautiful projects. I LOVE the ruffled pillow. So so pretty!

  20. great projects from the patterns. love that pillow.

  21. Such a fun day hopping around to see all the beautiful and creative projects. Great picks today!

  22. Simple patterns, but not simple projects. Your picks were my favorite for the day as well.

  23. All the hugs and kisses are just beautiful today! Oooo that purple and flower fabric look just yummy for ruffles!

  24. What a great start before Valentine's weekend! I feel hugged and kissed!

  25. Paper piecing is far too advanced for me however I am seeing wonderful projects. Lots of X's and O's in perfect time for Love. Happy Hearts Valentines...

  26. Gorgeous Hugs and Kisses today! And hearts! I just love pink and red! :)

  27. I'm catching up as I'm working my "other, other job" at a candy shop during the Valentine's rush but today's projects were wonderful! Beth @ Words & Stitches, pbstrand@msn.com

  28. Lovely projects, I am hopping to catch up!

  29. Cute cute projects for day 1 (and 2)! Paper piecing masters.

  30. Very pretty top picks. I'm off to check out the rest.


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