Saturday, February 15, 2014


And before you even think…." where does she come up with all these ideas"?
Let me share one of my biggest fears when I was working as Marketer in big PHARMA.
I thought every great campaign I launched was such a success, I questioned  how could I top another,
would I ever come up with something else…???

I have a wonderful MENTOR, I actually had 3 in my professional career, and now 
a new one surfaced about a year ago.
Recently he said…" By the time anyone copies you,  you are onto your next idea"
YOU know he IS absolutely correct. 

I am so busy looking forward, I don't have time to look behind me..
"YOU are only as good as your next success" he recently told me…

Did you know we are not born creative, nor are we overly intelligent individuals.
I am not saying I am stupid by any means…but I have learned that creativity
is a learned behaviour.

Creativity is not what YOU ARE- it is WHAT YOU DO!
 ok it is what I do :)

So to answer YOUR question above….
"I work a creative muscle every day, creative thoughts 
just seem to FLAG ME DOWN" ( yes that was on purpose) 

Soooo yes our next blog hop which will be announced tomorrow…
MONDAY….is all about FLAGS…now there is a surprise….

Now if that is all you want to read, by all means..
see you MONDAY…

BUT if you want to see how to be more creative 
and note how many CREATIVE  traits you possess….
WElllllll let me continue

HOW many CREATIVE TRAITS do you have?

1. Creative people have lot's of COURAGE, they never think a FAILURE is a failure…They curse a bit and say…." I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN"…See it is always a lesson learned…Failure, humbug… YOU have to have COURAGE to move forward….

2. INTUITIVE….Creative people are very INTUITIVE…regardless of how many people are shaking their ladder, they hang on and keep climbing, because they know it will bring great results. ( maybe not the results they expected, but they are still further ahead…they are still on the ladder)

3. Ohhhh I love this one, Creative People are EXPRESSIVE, they are not afraid to share a disappointment, frustration, fear or even a SECRET lol They tend to be REAL, they are HONEST and APPROACHABLE.

4. Oh and yes Creative People love to use HUMOR, FUN, they tend to look at everything…'OH well, there is always next time". Their motto is "deal with it, mourn it and get over it" All the while with a skip in their step…. note: when you just relax, creative FUN ideas come into your mind...

5. MOTIVATED, you bet, their rewards come from DOING, participating.  I note many times those who participate in our BLOG HOPS, just keep getting better. Their rewards, welllllll there are many, they are motivated so they motivate others…

6. OHHH yes, Creative people  LOVE ORDER, they may not be always neat, but they can't seem to be creative if their room or house is in a mess. Many years ago, I was at a seminar whereby the speaker said " if you are not creative, you have too much STUFF". She was sooooo right! Creative people need space and quiet times in order to allow the CREATIVE thoughts to find them….

7.  Creative People are great at CRISIS management….they are creative in how to manage it…
They think quickly, get people involved and when all is done…they find a corner and cry….!

8. One of my mentors said to me many times...his name was Paul, gosh I miss him…but I never forgot
how he used to describe me… "Mistress of Connections.." I thought him bold to say that…but I understood him….Creative people MAKE CONNECTIONS with tons of people. When I asked him to explain, he said " YOU are not afraid to call someone and make a connection". My CONNECTIONS are often lifetime ones… and they are global and I have such a deep respect for them all!

9. Creative people now how to PUSH gently. They like to guide, teach and cheer for those around them. They can push the envelope like no other….They will push you to a point of  being uncomfortable, cause they know CREATIVITY is a learned behaviour….

10. And last but not least….CREATIVE people ARE NOT AFRAID OF BEING WRONG, or coming in last place…they know the more they practice at being creative they will eventually WIN….

And there you have it….
WHERE do you STAND in your creative pursuit…?

Will you being waving a FLAG on MONDAY with us,
showing us your creativity?

WElllll I am willing to bet, YOU may -if your pursuit
to being creative is something you want to wave a flag for..

see you all on Monday when we continue with 

leave a note for Flags on a STick if you would
like Thearica, our cheerleader for this event to connect with you...


  1. I will be here and am so excited to learn I can be creative and learn to be even more creative. Waving the Flag! You are amazing Madamm Samm Dear...

  2. I appreciate your Pushes & willingness to share your experience. Those are all excellent traits to work on. I especially like this part -- "Creativity is not what YOU ARE- it is WHAT YOU DO!" Thank you!

  3. I believe that if you want to be creative, you do something that is uncomfortable. Something that you have never done before. Each and every hop that I have joined with you has done just that. Your creativity and the gentle push motivates so many to do better, be more creative which I would be included in that. Thank you my dear, Madame Samm. I look forward to the next challenge. ;)

  4. What a WONDERFUL post, and very thought provoking. I learned so much from it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experiences, creativity and most of all, your friendship with so many. I look forward to "raising my flag". :) xo

  5. I am creative! Hear me .... gently roar :) :) !! Love love love your post and will probably save it to re-read to remind myself that I'm not always a hot-mess, I'm just creative!!! Thank you so much Madame! Can't wait to wave my flag!!!

  6. A beautiful post and I can't wait to see all the details on Monday.

  7. Very encouraging post! Thanks so much for sharing.Point 6 is so true for me. I often feel, that I would need more room in my daily life and an orderly space to really be able to jump more into creativity. Will think about this!
    Hugs Martina

  8. sounds good! I am creative!!!! If I can take care of 3 of my grandsons this week, and still remember to be here on Monday.....I am in!!!!
    thanks Madame

  9. Such a creative post. All those traits are sew true of a creative mind. Thanks!

  10. I have never really thought of myself as being creative but after reading your traits list above, I now know that I definitely AM! Thanks Madame Samm! You always find a way to allow us to look at ourselves differently.

  11. I started writing down the ones I thought I was, then, when I really thought about it, I am all of them, some more than others however. Uh, There you go again Madame Samm, making me think ! OR as my Daddy used to say , "Now your using your noggin". Are you going to make the green flag above that you did for the blog hop announcement, it's pretty darn cute !

  12. I love being creative and what a wonderful post!

  13. I have known for a long time that "challenges" bring about creativity. I think the human mind has always been a problem solver, since the first cave man used a stick and saved it to reuse and the first cavewoman figured out how to bank a fire so she would not have to restart it the next day. Multitudes of time-saving problems solved and years later, people had time to make art on cave walls, add design to items of utility, and bring the beauty of creating into their lives. Challenges really DO exercise our creative muscles! I am looking forward to the next post as well as future challenges. Thanks, Madam Samm.

  14. Did you know that Walt Disney was rejected 302 times? I have found that I learn more from my mistakes when sewing than when things go smoothly. Doing something out of our comfort zone is one of the best ways to be inspired to be more creative,as the reward is always more/increased creativity. I am creative,so will be waiving my flag,albeit after work.

  15. I'm so glad I'm creative!!! I wouldn't want to be anything else in the whole wide world...well, maybe skinny again lol :) Hope I get to join this one!

  16. Samm, a wonderful great post which will just let us forget the bad experiences of last days, smile..... YES, I am proud to be CREATIVE, we create, we give our best for our CREATIONS, we are proud of it, I am sooo glad I am like this, even if other people sometimes just look at me quite puzzled, smile...
    You know, when I started sewing, some of my family members were laughing, hahaha, and now??? Now, they ask if they can BUY a quilt, yes, give out money for the things I am doing, and who is smiling now^??? hihihi LOL
    Let's be creative, all together, and love and live what we are doing. And that is the reason why I LOVE your hops, CREATIVITY never ever ends!

  17. Samm, great post on being creative. All my life I've felt the need to create something with my hands, hence my many hobbies. I've done counted cross stitch, stamped embroidery (taught by my wonderful grandmother), woodworking, garment sewing, and quilting. Long ago, I came to the conclusion that I'm great at following directions but to think of something original not so great. Now, I can tweak a pattern and I'm fine with that aspect of my abilities. What really brings me a boost is your blog hops, so filled with creative people!! Thanks for all you do!!

  18. This is a great post about creativity! Being involved with this sweet blogging community just encourages me to think more and try harder with everything I make. Thank you for all those big and little things you do to keep my creative juices flowing!

  19. ~~~~~~~~ waving my flag of creativity here ~~~~~~~~ :) Pat

  20. a brilliant post... so much to think about there!

  21. Ooooh! Exciting - exciting to read, exciting to be, exciting to do.....Yipee for the creatives!!!

  22. Excellent, thought-provoking post!

  23. I will be hanging onto this post to reread when I need a pick me up! My biggest fear is committing and then something get in the way of me finishing on time. I enjoy everyone associated with this sweet blogging community so much so, that I do not want to let anyone down. That said, I am so happy to have a platform on which to share our creative endeavors and for that I Thank YOU! Simply put... YOU ROCK :)
    xo jan

  24. Curiosa já estou.
    Mari Bein

  25. Sometimes I question myself about being creative. I don't always see it like others see it in me. However, I fit a lot of those traits above; in fact, probably all of them! You are spot on; which is why you are such an awesome leader! When I grow up I want to be half as good as you are. :) And you know I'm in for "waving" up some creativity! See you there! I can't say thanks enough for all you are and all you do!

  26. That was a great post...thanks so much for it!

  27. Wouldn't miss it! See you tomorrow!

  28. Great information!
    As for the flags on a stick, I have an idea already!

  29. Well, this sounds like fun and challenging.

  30. I am going to post this on the wall in my workspace. We have many creative souls at our library but I want those who always say they don't have a creative bone in their body to read this! Thanks!

  31. Amy, said it so well. Madam Samm every blog hop is a challenge that takes us out of our comfort zone and gently supports us as we take chances that sometime work and sometime do not. All of this happens in a supportive place you have created for us. With that said, I have not idea how to work small and tell a story, this is my biggest challenge!

  32. I think you pull out the creativity in me. I'd love to do this hop!!

  33. Great post! Can't wait to be here tomorrow to see the next ideas! Hugs from Brazil

  34. I would love to get creative with Flags on a stick ..... this would be the first blog hop of the year for me.
    in stitches


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