Friday, February 28, 2014

Ohhh I am still in a JAM with this SARABETH Lol

I love simple things, crumpets or egg muffins with a dollop of preserves…
It is how I begin my day….ohhhh and cup of brew in one of my favourite
 china mugs ( that changes daily of course) and I am one happy lady.

With all the events that have taken place since before Christmas
you would think asking for a simple thing would be the one thing I could count on...
You would think a quick stop at  a local shop and purchase
my fav preserves…SARABETHS would be a no brainer...

But nooooooo it can only be purchased from the USA….
Sarabeth is a real person who lives in New York, has a few stores
I hear….

I was gifted with a set of preserves….shame on this person too…
because she knew I would never be happy with anything else…
They are that GOOD!

My very favourite is the orange apricot marmalade…I don't have
much of a sweet tooth…preferring sours over sweets…
so this one and Strawberry Rhubarb welllll let me just say,
if I die tomorrow, I best be served one of these two!

Update, found a jar hidden in my ice box…
it is a very small jar, but it did the trick for
a light snack this afternoon….
ok, that will do for at least a week…
I will savour it like a fine glass of wine…
I meant coffee wink

So I spooned out my last dollop the other day
and thought I would give this SARABETH a call…
wellllllllll her preserves are already high in price….but delivery
is out of this world to get over the border…almost triple the cost of the preserves…
( apparently handling fees cost more than the preserves) 

Soooo now I am asking, have you seen these in your
local specially shops…I have heard they can be seen in Walmart too..?

Can you be of some AID to me…
help me to get some over here….
on my plate preferably soon before I expire…lol

Ohhh I am working on ruffles…organza ruffles…
and minky ruffles…GET OUT OF HERE Lol

and one more thing…I was not sure if I am speaking for you..
"but I am tired of looking at a winter scene on our banner….."
so I changed her….and guess what?
Soooooon we will be announcing another new hop
about PICNICS….it is time…
and there is no doubt in my mind
YOUR summer will be filled with PICNICS and PICNIC baskets…

Peterboro Baskets…made in USA


it's really about me though lol

Ok, I broke down, this SARABETH is wearing me down..
$47.00 plus shipping for her cookbook… 
( I have never ever paid this much for any book ever)

YEP I did it to find some recipes for her preserves…
She has included a few, of course not the one I JUST LOVE
orange apricot marmalade, but I did end up with a somewhat
inside secret on how to make that from someone close to her..

YEP I can find out secrets about anybody, even famous PRESERVE MAKERS.
David keeps telling me
I missed my calling as a SLEUTH…lol

I do have some jars coming to me, so for the meantime
that will help to ease the pain of having my own SARABETH
shelf in my future pantry….
The crew is here by the way, rebuilding and restoring..
so I have decided to dedicate a complete shelf to just
SARABETH preserves...

And I am sooooo busy behind the scenes creating
"THINGS with RUFFLES" for our
soon to be hop with AMY cheering us on…

Will show some update photos later today..

At the moment, I have some coffee to pour in some URNS
for the crew and some muffins to toast and they are getting a dollop
of JAM…( not SARABETH's) lol

and a sneak peak of one of the projects I am working on….
for a very special lady in our community! 
I had this fabric tucked away and long and behold
found a perfect reason to use it up….
well not use it up as in use it all up..
I have over 15 yds of it found in my hope chest…

Apologies this week…so much to get done
behind the scenes….
Crew has been here most of the week, 
and I have had to order a bit of stash
and I have been designing some
Series of Quilts…soon I will be able to share with you…
and of course I am still in a  a JAM  with this SARABETH lol

and get this, it is the coldest day on record today..
will it ever stop? lol

To a delightful weekend…

Go and RUFFLE something or someone…
YOU will bring many smiles…
see you next week


  1. I for one appreciate the new banner. This cold weather is getting tiring. We changed 40 degrees in a couple of hours yesterday! Just when you thought spring was about to happen... Haven't heard of Sarabeth, but I will check it out for you! :-)

  2. I love your new banner, it sings spring. And we have spring here in Malmö now. After sewing from morning until lunch, I will take of my PJ and take some clothes on. I will take a walk in the sunshine to the grocery and enjoy the spring weather.
    I also enjoy the simple things in life and yes it is tasty with a not to sweet marmalade. The best marmalades you could get in Sweden come from our neighbor country Denmark. Have a good day lovely Samm

  3. They have a website so it can be ordered. www.sarabeth.com

    1. and yes I am well aware of that…but her handling fees are 2x as much as the preserves…
      if you drop back..you are a no reply blogger, so I had no way of connecting with you...

  4. Oh, oh, oh....they have bee-u-tee-full bicycle baskets. I'm almost afraid to ask about the shipping. Now wouldn't I just look so SUPER with one of these on my bicycle (same style as yours, but in black), lined using your awesome pattern??!! I believe I would LOL Happy banner change...those flowers must smell heavenly!

  5. None were to be found at Walmart but a little jar might just be arriving today from Amazon. I'll let you know if I like it! Lol Beautiful new banner!

  6. Love your new banner!! So ready for Spring and Sun and warmth. At least it is not snowing, just very cold. Have a super great day!

  7. Will keep my eye open for that delicious jam you speak so highly of. I bet my favorite would be orange/apricot and hubby's would be strawberry/rhubarb (actually just plain rhubarb would be his preference). You can't get rhubarb in central TX. And the banner IS so refreshing! You would look lovely in a field of bluebonnets. It's almost wildflower (bluebonnet) season here in TX.

  8. I've never seen this Madame.....and I am more than ready for a picnic...ruffles are ready to go!!!!!

  9. I will check for Sarabeth. We have some wonderful market stores in Canton...I will check at Holiday Market. It is very close and it has sEw many different brands of everything...lots of imported brands...I can even ask John if he can order in if he doesn't carry it now. We just may have to take a road trip to Canada. I am out and about today, hope I can find some Sarabeth orange apricot marmalade and strawberry rhubarb. It does sound yummy. Sarabeth is one of Oprah's favorite things. Enjoy your day...xop

  10. I LOVE the new banner!
    I have not seen Sarabeth's here in south Texas. I'll have to look a little closer! But then, most people around here make their own jams and jellies and it could be that there is not enough of a market here. Orange Apricot Marmalade sounds delicious! Yum....on a southern biscuit! (which is different from a northern one! Not as cake-like and flakier. And probably much more fattening!)

  11. shipping in the US isn't much better - I'll do some checking with friends who have family in New York City and see what I can do.

  12. Love the new banner! Here is Newfoundland we are still buried under a mountain of snow, so anything floral is a welcome change.

  13. Sorry Samm. We were out of town for the weekend and then I've had a friend in the hospital ins Saturday. She is single with no family near so I'm helping as much as I can. Anyway I did find some of that locally right before I went out of town at Home Goods. I was able to get you 3 Orange Marmalade and 1 Strawberry Rhubarb and will be getting them boxed and on their way to you before the week is out. No luck at the local Walmarts at all.

  14. Thanks for changing the banner, I'm ready to picnic! - it's in the 60's today and Spring is teasing us. She is such a fickle woman, though... and we usually have some of our worst storms in March! Wish I could help you out of your "jam" jam! Sounds like Michele is on it! Ok, what??? Minky ruffles, oh this I've got to see!

  15. Rosemary B here: FOR REALLLLZ
    hey missie
    I buy these preserves at Wegmans! I only get the peach and strawberry -- none of the others. I just like those two flavors.
    The jars are adorable too and you can wash them and save them, put buttons in them and ..... yeah.
    I am still exhausted, and right now, I think I have a virus. I have a raging headache hahaha
    Today we had sun and snow at the same time.
    love, me

  16. Haven't found Sarabeth yet, but found something else you might enjoy, lol! Well it is a secret sew can't tell you yet------------------

  17. What a treat for the eyes to be met with such a gorgeous display of flowers!!! The foot or more of snow we've received since yesterday has started turning my eyes snow blind! :) :) I have not seen your delicious Sarabeth but will keep an eye out for them, and am glad to see others have found them for you ... bless you Madame!! You is Kind, you is Smart, and you is Important!!

  18. Love. the. header. Darling. Now, I better go to check the jam aisle. They sound wonderful. I'm still thinking what my Superpower is. :). Funny, I happen to be working on some Super Heroes!

  19. Wow, look at all those flowers! I would have loved to see the quilt opened up...and yes, even though I live in Arizona, I am still cold and looking forward to spring. People back east would probably think 'quit whining' since we haven't gotten any snow yet this winter...but I guess I am turning into a hot weather kind of gal...

  20. p.s. I love seeing all of your wonderful 'favorite' mugs!

  21. Your new header is a breath of fresh spring air. I want to picnic ... with Sarabeth ... in Peterboro ... with a basket ... and, of course, a quilt! ... :-) Pat

  22. There it is!! I love that banner! it may very well be one of my all time favorites! I love spring time!

    I am ready for the picnic hop! Bring it on! :)

  23. I love the new banner! I saw your picnic girl and instantly went looking for the picnic hop button. I just knew it was another one of you wonderfully great ideas! Sarabeth sound amazing. I will be looking this up for sure as I have the number one, ok maybe four, sweet tooth(s). ~Shari

  24. I love the new Banner!!! I agree! SNOW OUT...Spring IN! Looking forward to the new hop! My ruffles are done and waiting!!!

  25. I wonder if we can get them here. I'll have to look around.

  26. The new banner totally rocks!! I feel for ya on your preserves dilemna.. For me, it's doing without Costco. silly really, but whenever I go to the states, the first store I go to .. inevitably is Costco. I keep my membership fees paid each year, but it's bee over a year since I was last at a Costco. mm I am a sucker for the pumpkin pie, the pecan pie, the croissants, the cheeses, and other wonderful things you can not find elsewhere. Yep, I could buy SaraLee, but it's just not the same. :) 47.00 for any book .. WOW.. let alone a cookbook.. is a huge WOW!!

  27. Ok, I will look for Sarabeths because I am a Shopper, and you know I am a shipper too~

    Huggs, Nancy

  28. We are supposed to be getting more snow all weekend, however-i can handle the snow as long as the temp stays above zero! A picnic sounds heavenly, we were talking about them while I was taking the quilts down from the quilt show, I laid it out on the floor and my residents said"let's have a picnic!" So w started reminiscing about them.

    1. Thanks for talking about Jam! I had a jar of homemade strawberry jam given to me as a gift that I totally forgot about, just stuck It in the fridge and there it hid until today-it is yummy! Thanks:-)

  29. Here is a link that may be of help in your Sarabeth's preserves hunt. Hope it works out for you and, as many others have exclaimed, I too. love your new Banner.

    1. hi Syl, you are a no reply blogger, which means I cannot answer you as I don't know your email…there was n link added here..

  30. Love your new Banner it makes us think of spring and warmth and sunshine and wonderful picnics with the swans.lol
    Happy that things are progressing in your home. Will look forward to seeing what the ladies come up with in the Ruffles Blog Hop. Hugs Sandra


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