Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wake up to Kona on day 8 with Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil ...

Ohhh good morning to you too…..lol
He is my feisty junco…they are very small birds…only see them in the colder months..
they have the sweetest chirps….this one stuck around awhile…I think he likes you…


January 7th-21st

Yes here we are Day 8 of our Wake up to KONA…. A lovely way to begin our year with loads of colour and coffee…Ok, that is just me….

 Amanda Murphy knows a lot about colour and coffee drinking.  She  sipped  - wrote and designed quilts for  Color Essentials that is filled with patterns that she created using Sunrise and Sunset bundles from Robert Kaufman…ohhhh and let's not forget Aurifil which is the thread that matches perfectly too….Yes it will be a year of colour… If you have been searching for inspiration on what to do with KONA SOLIDs…then you will be thrilled at what all of our ladies have been busy stitching...

And we love that you will be joining us…In fact today, we have quite a line up of COLOURFUL ladies who have quilted and sewed using only KONA SOLIDs….I know I am certainly ready to shed the greys of 2013 and burst through 2014 with COLOUR…..

Who is on our list to show and tell today?…. We limited our hops to a much more manageable list, so you will be able spend some time with them and cheer them on…. So please do, let them know how excited you are to see what they created…..

Big thanks to Carol just let me quilt.who has managed this hop and sent out gentle reminders to keep this hop in particular running smoothly….ON the top right of this blog you will note the whole schedule on her blog… She is a lovely cheerleader who never disappoints, she fills our hops with humour, spirit and yes she cheers a lot….Isn't that what a great cheerleader does…..

                 Let's check to see what these very creative ladies have in store for us today….

January 16

Sew Me Something Good ( she had some technical problems the other day)

another amazing day of KONA WOWNESS…
deep appreciation to all those who made this day extra special…


This looks like a sunrisebursting
with colour and delight at each piece
that was stitched. This lady created this 
WOW piece in a very happy place…wink..


This lady has never made anything solid…welllll there is no doubt
her future will have many striking, creative pieces…
YOU would never think a SUNSET could looks soooo appealing! 

Each day all the participants on our hops 

Ohhhh and look we have some delightful and very generous giveaways...
From Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil Thread...

A delightful box of Aurifil thread…I chose threads that were in both
sunrise and sunset..thanks to Aurifil for always being there to stitch us all together…

And if ever you wanted a quilt designed by no other than Amanda Murphy
here is City Lights that was featured in her book..
The beginning bid starts at $150.00
YOU can bid on this quilt from  January 15-21st
Winner will be announced the 22nd!
Along with all the winners from our hop too! 
( link will be here on the 15th) 

All proceeds going to CCFC( crohns and colitis foundation)

YOU Matter!
To me, to our cheerleaders, to our sponsors
to all who stitch from their hearts…. 


  1. Great picture of the little junco. We get small flocks of these sometimes, too, in the colder months. I think of them as snowbirds and am always happy to see them. They do have sweet little chirps.

    I have been enjoying all the wonderful eye candy blog hopping with a late night cuppa.. Mmmmmmm ... it is a very yummy day of Kona color! Thanks to all ... :) Pat

  2. Today is an exceptional day - so many amazing projects out there :)

  3. Another great projects today, Samm. Beautiful colors and designs.

  4. I've already been through this morning's posts and I agree with your choices whole heartedly. It took my whole cup of coffee, but what a delightful way to begin my day and get some inspiration!

  5. Wowzers...lots of good stuff this morning! You better watch out for that bird. He's looking like he'd rather have your coffee than those bird seeds. :O)

  6. I'm sitting here shivering after seeing all the snow in the hop this morning! Such beautiful projects!

  7. I Love the colors in that quilt!

  8. Just a fantastic Blog hop!! Wish I had "hopped on board" for this one!! Soooon baaaaby.....I say sooooon baaaaby..... that was a song, if you didn't know :)....anyways! you are just top notch for hosting these!!......No lack of inspiration!!.....Quilted Hugs!!

  9. I am so impressed by everyone's projects !

  10. Love all the projects. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Another day of lovely projects! I wish it was time for our juncos to head north! LOL Another snowy day in central IL, and I think I am ready for spring!

  12. Love both of the Wow quilts today. Enjoyed seeing so many Kona projects with photos in the snow. We haven't had any snow yet so it's nice to see it rather than rain or fog!

  13. I love beginning my day with Kona bright solids project hopping. Thank you participants. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  14. Great Hop, thanks for showing how wonderful solid colrs can look in a quilt. Love the house in your banner. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  15. Todays participants did an outstanding job. Love your choices today.

  16. Hi Madam Samm,
    I am having such a wonderful time on the hop! Never considered solids being so much fun but am now convinced.
    Having a problem leaving a comment for the Cosmic Quilter. For some reason Goggle want me to add more information and I'm not comfortable with it. Can you let her know.
    My hubby can't figure out why I look forward to the hop every day but it's a joy with my cup of coffee and I thank you!

  17. amazing how black seems to make colors just jump out at you - beautiful quilt

  18. Wow is correct. Such beautiful quilts all week. Now I think I may want to make my own attempt at a quilt using only solids.
    dragonfly9716 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  19. Great projects today but I have to say that Amy's is my favourite!!
    I went back to cosmic quilter today but I still can't leave a comment without signing up to something!!

  20. These projects are fantastic, I need to plan out my solids quilt right now!

  21. Wonderful quilts! Great hop!!!

  22. Just about all of them could have been the picks of the day today. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  23. I want to make every one of these projects! The bird photograph is beautiful!

  24. I love the picture of the cute bird. And the projects today are wonderful. So much inspiration!!!

  25. Oh my. That HST quilt definitely deserves the WoW award today!

  26. Talk about wow factor couldn't agree more with todays top picks! Congratulations ladies.

  27. Love how solids can produce such stunning projects! Your choices are again spot on.

  28. Another great day and I can hardly wait to show my quilt for tomorrow! pbstrand@msn.com aka Beth @ Words & Stitches.

  29. Kona colors just plain make me happy.

  30. There were so many wonderful projects on today's list! I am so impressed with a lot of them, and so inspired.

  31. So beautiful!!

  32. Again what a good and inspiring day. I love them all.

  33. The projects today did not disappoint. Stairways is awesome. I am having a great time each and every day of this blog hop. Thanks.

  34. I am loving this hop. All the projects and quilts are great. Happy New Year from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  35. I've been enjoying this hopbsonmich. Thank you for putting this all together.

  36. Wowzers! Such beautiful inspiration! Gorgeous birdie too. xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  37. Lovely hop. Never thought I would end up liking solids so much.

  38. Wonderful quilts and pictures!
    Your birds too, thaks for sharing ☺

  39. Playing with solids is like a new box of Crayons…… You get them home, spread them out and let them dazzle in the eyes! Before you know, you are left with nubs and scraps and have a room filled with brilliant saturated splendor! I am loving the quilts you feature.

    1. you possibly are a google plus member as you come as a no reply blogger…if you should pass by again…please leave your email addy so we can enter you into the draws otherwise we just say to you…thanks for dropping by lol

  40. Really, really love the picks for today. Both projects are amazing!!


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