Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wake up to kona on day 7 with Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil.

   Good DAY everyone..

The morning doves have flown the coop…. I was sitting here very early this morning
when this woodpecker came by…they seldom come this close to the house…
He did not stick around too long but long enough for me to capture his profile….
This breed is much smaller than the morning doves…


January 7th-21st

Yes here we are Day 7 of our Wake up to KONA…. A lovely way to begin our year with loads of colour and coffee…Ok, that is just me….

 Amanda Murphy knows a lot about colour and coffee drinking.  She  sipped  - wrote and designed quilts for  Color Essentials that is filled with patterns that she created using Sunrise and Sunset bundles from Robert Kaufman…ohhhh and let's not forget Aurifil which is the thread that matches perfectly too….Yes it will be a year of colour… If you have been searching for inspiration on what to do with KONA SOLIDs…then you will be thrilled at what all of our ladies have been busy stitching...

And we love that you will be joining us…In fact today, we have quite a line up of COLOURFUL ladies who have quilted and sewed using only KONA SOLIDs….I know I am certainly ready to shed the greys of 2013 and burst through 2014 with COLOUR…..

Who is on our list to show and tell today?…. We limited our hops to a much more manageable list, so you will be able spend some time with them and cheer them on…. So please do, let them know how excited you are to see what they created…..

Big thanks to Carol from just let me quilt. who has managed this hop and sent out gentle reminders to keep this hop in particular running smoothly….ON the top right of this blog you will note the whole schedule on her blog… She is a lovely cheerleader who never disappoints, she fills our hops with humour, spirit and yes she cheers a lot….Isn't that what a great cheerleader does…..So let's check what Carol ( 1st one on the list) and the other ladies have created today….

Day 7 and everyone is still rolling out quilts, bags
and lots of solid colour
Way to go creators….

What Wowed us today 

This lady is a circus in her own right….wink…she created Circus
from Amanda's book and will you look at all that purple
and allllll that cutting that made this quilt possible…
She tried a few blocks from Amanda's book…
there is no stopping this lady when you are looking for smiles...

Wow for Creativity…

There is no doubt this lady is an engineer by day and quilter at night…
look at the precision of those stitches and her points are perfection..
great use of colour too….so yes creative, you bet...

Each day all the participants on our hops 

Ohhhh and look we have some delightful and very generous giveaways...
From Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil Thread...

A delightful box of Aurifil thread…I chose threads that were in both
sunrise and sunset..thanks to Aurifil for always being there to stitch us all together…

And if ever you wanted a quilt designed by no other than Amanda Murphy
here is City Lights that was featured in her book..
The beginning bid starts at $150.00
link above…

If ever you wanted a designers quilt and have proceeds go to 
such a worthy cause….gooooo and bid...

Winner will be announced the 22nd!
Along with all the winners from our hop too! 
( link will be here on the 15th) 

All proceeds going to CCFC( crohns and colitis foundation)

 Our next hop that we are still accepting

Last chance to get in..
schedule will be prepared tomorrow!  

YOU Matter!
To me, to our cheerleaders, to our sponsors
to all who stitch from their hearts…. 


  1. Oh I vote for Lynne at thimble mouse and spouse!

  2. A very good morning to you Mdm! What a beauty woodpecker. A few years back we had a piliated woodpecker land on a stump in the middle of my yard. I stood not 10 feet from it with no camera in hand. He was huge and oh so beautiful! Love your bird pics. they go great with my morning java. Now I'm off to visit today's wonderful list of creators. Have a great day!

  3. Morning from the coast of Maine... What a beautiful way to wake up, the Kona solids are amazing....and the piliated woodpecker brings back memories of my childhood. I have taken a quick hop through the wonderful projects and find myself coming back to the piece created by Meadow Mist, the vibrant colors combined with the skilled design and quilting are striking, my vote would be for Meadow Mist...Thank you for sharing all of these creations with us... Make it a great day!!!

  4. Maybe the woodpecker was seeing if you were using any Kona in your projects that matched the color of his head. He's beautiful! Another fabulous day of Kona! :O)

  5. Great picks!! It amazes me how many different pieces we are seeing with this beautiful fabric

  6. What great projects this morning!
    Love your woodpecker photo!

  7. Great choice, as always. Have a good day My Dear!!!

  8. Am enjoying the hop!! I love how you begin each day's post with pictures of birds.

  9. Can't believe we are on day 7 already. My how time flies. There have been some amazing projects submitted and I am looking forward to making several of them. Thanks again for the Blog Hop.

  10. Another wow day! That quarter-inch quilting was so effective! Too late to make any more changes to my plan...I'm quilting away to my finish today for Friday! Beth @ Words & Stitches, pbstrand@msn.com

  11. I love the picture of your little woodpecker and the beautiful red feathers on his head. Perhaps we need a woodland/wild birds/feathered friends blog hop? The projects today are beautiful - love both the picks!

  12. Loving the bird pictures! All the beautiful projects are nice too!

  13. Another wonderful day on the hop. I have been enjoying your bird pictures each day.

  14. Each day brings more and more of the lovely Kona fabric!

  15. love the work by meadow mist - her piecing is perfect and the straight line quilting just enhances an already beautiful piece of art made from beautiful fabrics

  16. Great work by all…especially love Meadow Mist's quilt!

  17. Each and everyday of your hops are like the best holiday with presents. I am sew happy to visit everyone and see their projects. Each one beautiful. Thank you sew very much dear...

  18. Love the quilting by Meadow Mist. Lynn really wowed me with all of her creations. They are all stunning.

  19. wow, the meadow mist quilt/photo looks like it came right out of a magazine!

  20. This hop is so fun, I love seeing what everyone creates!

  21. That's it. All this inspiration has me wanting to sew with nothing but Konas. ;o)
    Thanks for such a wonderful hop!

  22. Oh, I love that cute little woodpecker. One more wonderful day of solid fabric. And the Circus quilt is a must to make for me.
    As always these blog hops get my creativity to flood and inspire me so much.

  23. Love the buttons in the middle of the yo-yos and the straight line quilting on those quarter square triangles. What a great job everyone did!

  24. Thanks for another great hop Madam Samm! I was never excited about solids before, but this hop has made me a convert! Kona offers so many yummy colors, and the combinations all these talented people have put together are awesome.

  25. Thanks for the blog hop, I hear a woodpecker in my neighbors yard but have yet to see where he's pecking.

  26. So nice of the woodpecker to pay you a visit,Love the stark contrast of his feathers against the snow! Those beautiful stitches just look like rain coming down,when you just glance at them.

  27. I love the circus quilt too. Such cute little pompoms.

  28. I didn't think I was a fan of solid color quilts until this hop. The creations are so beautiful. Each day, I have seen new designs that I would love to try. Beautiful work from so many wonderful quilters!

  29. Just catching up on all the unbelievable projects in this hop. So much eye candy! Love the woodpecker too.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  30. Another great day of outstanding creations. It's so much fun visiting each blog and seeing all the creativity.

  31. Another great day. I enjoyed each and every blog. Thanks

  32. There is always something to look forward to from one day to the next!

  33. Everyone is sew creative with their projects. lovely day again

  34. absoutely gorgeous kona projects, wow wow wow!

  35. Another creative day of projects! Love your picks for today.


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