Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wake up to kona on day 6 with Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil

Yes it is true, you may think Morning Doves are very sweet and kind……
that is a myth..they are quite--- well should we say, MEAN at times…
Kicking seed is a new low…wink...


January 7th-21st

Yes here we are Day 6 of our Wake up to KONA…. A lovely way to begin our year with loads of colour and coffee…Ok, that is just me….

 Amanda Murphy knows a lot about colour and coffee drinking.  She  sipped  - wrote and designed quilts for  Color Essentials that is filled with patterns that she created using Sunrise and Sunset bundles from Robert Kaufman…ohhhh and let's not forget Aurifil which is the thread that matches perfectly too….Yes it will be a year of colour… If you have been searching for inspiration on what to do with KONA SOLIDs…then you will be thrilled at what all of our ladies have been busy stitching...

And we love that you will be joining us…In fact today, we have quite a line up of COLOURFUL ladies who have quilted and sewed using only KONA SOLIDs….I know I am certainly ready to shed the greys of 2013 and burst through 2014 with COLOUR…..

Who is on our list to show and tell today?…. We limited our hops to a much more manageable list, so you will be able spend some time with them and cheer them on…. So please do, let them know how excited you are to see what they created…..

Big thanks to Carol from just let me quilt who has managed this hop and sent out gentle reminders to keep this hop in particular running smoothly….ON the top right of this blog you will note the whole schedule on her blog… She is a lovely cheerleader who never disappoints, she fills our hops with humour, spirit and yes she cheers a lot….Isn't that what a great cheerleader does…..So let's check what Carol ( 1st one on the list) and the other ladies have created today….

January 14

Sew Me Something Good ( technical difficulties)
Quilting Prolifically ( will move her to tomorrow) 

Welllllll sadly today, one of our ladies could not post
any photos of her project, ( if she sends them to us
we will do that for her) and the other lady who is sadly
missing today, we did connect, she will post tomorrow…
she had her dates wrong) 

Our top Quilt today

Being I pretty well start my day the same as I do every day with
a delightful cup of coffee, this not only woke me to my senses but
made me smile….Good Morning Sunshine!

and our Tops for Creativity

This so reminded me of argyle soxs and all created with KONA
Sunrise….her points are just perfect, everything is lined
up welllll perfectly lol

Check  back to see who are top 2 of the day are..
Tops for creativity
Tops for Wow FACTOR! 

Each day all the participants on our hops 

Ohhhh and look we have some delightful and very generous giveaways...
From Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil Thread...

A delightful box of Aurifil thread…I chose threads that were in both
sunrise and sunset..thanks to Aurifil for always being there to stitch us all together…

And if ever you wanted a quilt designed by no other than Amanda Murphy
here is City Lights that was featured in her book..
The beginning bid starts at $150.00
YOU can bid on this quilt from  January 15-21st
Winner will be announced the 22nd!
Along with all the winners from our hop too! 
( link will be here on the 15th) 

All proceeds going to CCFC ( crohns and colitis foundation)

 Our next hop that we are still accepting
YOU Matter!
To me, to our cheerleaders, to our sponsors
to all who stitch from their hearts…. 


  1. Your morning doves are so adorable. I had one as a pet when I was little. Such great personality he had.

    Looking forward to see the top projects for today.

  2. Ha! Never thought about argyle socks till you mentioned it! Thanks for the giggle!

  3. Beautiful projects today!
    My apologies to Cosmic Quilter. She had a lovely project, but for some reason I was unable to make a comment on her post.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I've been told it was Google + since I have since disabled. I appreciate you taking the time to comment here!

  4. I have been fighting with Google myself lately. I had to download FireFox to get photos to load the other day. Explorer won't work, neither with AOL??? I feel for those fighting it too!

  5. I can't leave comments on the Cosmic Quilter either. Seems that it's Google +. I switched back because I had so many issues with it. I do love the colors that Cosmic Quilter used. My fav's!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment here. I have kicked Google + to the curb, thanks to all issues it's caused folks!

  6. These solid projects are so much fun. Those argyles remind me of socks too.

  7. Hello Cosmic Quilter….hopefully you will see this….google plus plays havoc for those trying to leave comments…you become a no reply blogger if you sign up…which is why many opt out….so although we wanted to comment on your lovely kona, we could not…sooooo bravo for a fine showing…hope to see you again…you are a wonderful asset to our gathering

    1. Thanks for the head's up, I deleted Google plus, so there should be no problems any longer.

  8. Each day I think, "Wow, it can't get much better than THAT!" and each day I'm inspired and amazed by all the wonderful, creative talent out there. I love how inspiring these blog hops are! pbstrand@msn.com, Beth @ Words & Stitches

  9. Another lovely bright day of color to brighten this New England gray. Thanks to all who shared today ... :) Pat

  10. Love the sunshiny rays of that mug rug. I think everyone is ready for spring!

  11. I love the 'argylle socks' too!
    Still unable to comment on cosmic quilters blog!

  12. wow, love that "argyle" like quit. Very unique. And the doves cracked me up - we have some outside work and they are MEAN!

    1. Thanks, Becky! I hadn't thought of the argyle sock connection, LOL

  13. To the Cosmic Quilter: Your comment area is still set up as Google +. Your follow by email isn't working either. When I tried it I get the message that it's disabled.

  14. Wonderful showings again today!

  15. I love the precision of this quilt - and the mug rug taken from the mug is great - are the sun points fabric or stitched? It looks like it may be stitched.

    1. Yes Lynda, the run's rays are machine stitched.

  16. I love this mug rug, it makes me smile. I have always loved argyle what a great way to display the colors, this would be beautiful in any fabric that might be a favorite to display larger prints, how fun!


  17. How glorious these Kona Solids are. With each project I feel Spring is not far away. Wonderful hop...thank you sew very much.

  18. These colors just make me so happy. I am loving this blog hop!

  19. Love the contrast of warm and cool in these projects!

  20. In spite of google not playing nicely today,I still thoroughly enjoyed hopping! My list of "to make" is growing ever longer...

  21. Great picks today…love the mug rug and argyle also reminds me of socks and sweater vests ;)

  22. Love the sunshine mug rug. Perfect companion for the mug.

  23. Naughty little birds. Great photo!
    Love all these gorgeous projects.

  24. another bright and cheery day with such great projects. Love the picks today

  25. Wow. Each day has been so amazing. So many wonderful projects and such yummy colours! I think we should have an annual Kona hop. ;o)

  26. Hi,
    I saw the valentine paper piecing hop.... is there any openings? I would like to play.... Hugs and Peace

  27. Playing catch up and loving all the projects. The beautiful colors being used are a great pick me up since recovering from a bad head cold! Love the mug rug.


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