Monday, January 13, 2014

Wake up to kona on day 5 with Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil

Morning Doves have this habit of puffing up their wings when
they want to fight or flight…this morning they wanted to fight lol
the one on the left arrived first ...


January 7th-21st

Welcome Back to more KONA!

Yes here we are Day 5 of our Wake up to KONA…. A lovely way to begin our year with loads of colour and coffee…Ok, that is just me….

 Amanda Murphy knows a lot about colour and coffee drinking.  She  sipped  - wrote and designed quilts for  Color Essentials that is filled with patterns that she created using Sunrise and Sunset bundles from Robert Kaufman…ohhhh and let's not forget Aurifil which is the thread that matches perfectly too….Yes it will be a year of colour… If you have been searching for inspiration on what to do with KONA SOLIDs…then you will be thrilled at what all of our ladies have been busy stitching...

And we love that you will be joining us…In fact today, we have quite a line up of COLOURFUL ladies who have quilted and sewed using only KONA SOLIDs….I know I am certainly ready to shed the greys of 2013 and burst through 2014 with COLOUR…..

Who is on our list to show and tell today?…. We limited our hops to a much more manageable list, so you will be able spend some time with them and cheer them on…. So please do, let them know how excited you are to see what they created…..

Big thanks to Carol from just let me quilt who has managed this hop and sent out gentle reminders to keep this hop in particular running smoothly….ON the top right of this blog you will note the whole schedule on her blog… She is a lovely cheerleader who never disappoints, she fills our hops with humour, spirit and yes she cheers a lot….Isn't that what a great cheerleader does…..So let's check what Carol ( 1st one on the list) and the other ladies have created today….

January 13

It is MONDAY and what a beautiful MONDAY it is..
EVERY ONE OF YOU were like shining STARS
Hard to choose the brightest….


I do believe that other lady and that other other lady
may be looking over their shoulders for this
other other other lady OHHHH yes, this is only 1 of the 
quilts she created…her other two were pretty amazing too.
but this one….WOW! I swear and I just don't do that
but let me say " holy smoke" lady you are smoking!


There were 2 bundles ( Kona's sunrise and sunset)
 as inspiration for our ladies to choose from.
 This lady used both with finesse, precision and creativity…
CREATIVE you bet….you ladies make me cry lol

Each day all the participants on our hops 

Ohhhh and look we have some delightful and very generous giveaways...
From Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil Thread...

A delightful box of Aurifil thread…I chose threads that were in both
sunrise and sunset..thanks to Aurifil for always being there to stitch us all together…

And if ever you wanted a quilt designed by no other than Amanda Murphy
here is City Lights that was featured in her book..
The beginning bid starts at $150.00
YOU can bid on this quilt from  January 15-21st
Winner will be announced the 22nd!
Along with all the winners from our hop too! 
( link will be here on the 15th) 

All proceeds going to CCFC( crohns and colitis foundation)

Our next hop that we are still accepting
check it out here

YOU Matter!
To me, to our cheerleaders, to our sponsors
to all who stitch from their hearts….


  1. I know I say this a lot, but this really IS the best hop. I am struck each day with how wonderful a quilt looks with solids. Everything is so crisp edged. I didn't know how much I loved it until now. This group gets more talented every hop.

  2. Those are some beautiful WOWs this morning, I'm off to see what everyone else has done!

  3. I always thought doves were birds of peace. But that seems to be the hype they put out. Othe ones who come to my feeders are mean to the squirrels and the other birds. Who knew!!!!

  4. What a wonderful start of the week. Stunning projects and I must say that I love those foxes. So awesome. No wonder that you picked them!!

  5. It's good that I'm not competitive (really...I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!) or I'd be puffing my chest out at all these amazing quilters today. Gorgeous stuff! There's becoming quite a few "others" out there. :O)

  6. Nice start for the week! I loved them all!

  7. When I look at the talent out there, creating these mind blowing quilts, I am definitely in awe of them. I love the blog hops, because they provide a format for all of us to be privy to it.

  8. A fabulous Monday indeed! Wake up world! There is lots of color to behold!

  9. What a great way to start this week's hop. Beautiful work with those luscious fabrics.

  10. I bet it was hard to pick out the best of the best today. All were so great

  11. Another beautifully inspiring colorful day of blog hopping! I want to make one of everything ... :) Pat

  12. When I say I was blown away today...I am not kidding ! WOW !

  13. Such cuteness in the hop today - that little fox, so sweet!

  14. Today was a WOW day... I was amazed by all the greatness at the different sites.. truly awesome and inspiring.

  15. love the foxes, would never have thought to make them myself! Such creative minds...!

  16. Great start to a hopping good week.

  17. highlighting some great works of art - what fun

  18. A great start to this weeks hop. So many creative uses of Kona. I just love the little foxes.

  19. Such fun I am having with this hop. I was always afraid to use just plain colors for a quilt....but no more!

  20. This hop has been fabulous! Love the solids everyone is using and the projects they have come out with...wow! Another stellar hop! Thank you :)

  21. Lots of unique Kona designs today!

  22. These projects just make my day! Wow!

  23. What a great way to start the week….so much 'wow' factor today!!!

  24. Sew many lovely projects, just make my heart sing after many days of snow, then rain.

  25. I have to say Samm, the quilts created for this blog hop have been stunning!! I have been quite impressed with the skill used to create with precision piecing and color usage!! Kona fabric is in a class all of it's own. I keep Kona white on hand at all times because it simply can't be matched when choosing white. I also love their colors but their WHITES are second to none....have you felt the fabric??? Oh My, I could be a walking talking commercial for Kona fabrics!!! Bury me in Kona white so my Angel wings can shine like no other!!
    Gmama Jane

  26. What a fun display of quilts, each day seems to get better. I certainly agree with your top choices today. Thanks for having us Kathy

  27. what great projects today. Thanks for hosting this hop

  28. Kona solid fabrics are truly awakening cheerful Springlike feelings in me with such fabulous projects being shared. I am loving each participant and their beautiful creations. Blissful Hop Dear...

  29. Wow, is right! These ladies did an awesome job!

  30. Perfect choices. The foxes are so cute.

  31. This has been the most colorific Monday ever! Love those foxes.

  32. Great colorful Monday! The heart is lovely but the foxes are adorable. Having fun with the blog, thank you.

  33. Oh that fox! What a great day today has been all round. Great quilts and great inspiration! Thanks again. pbstrand@msn.com aka Beth @ Words & Stitches (who still wants to grow up to be a blog hop cheerleader...hint, hint!)

  34. I don't know how you can pick, they're all so wonderful.

  35. Wow! Wow! Wow! Simply amazing! This has been a fabulous hop. That fox quilt is the bomb!

  36. Wowzer. I agree with your picks again today, but I am glad I don't have the job of picking them. LOL

  37. How cute are those foxes! More gorgeous projects.

  38. These are great quilts. I love the foxes, my 10-year-old daughters favorite animal! Love the heart for Valentines Day. Love this blog!


  39. So many gorgeous creations. I wouldn't know how to pick!

  40. lovely projects. really like the heart quilt.

  41. What a great way to recover from a nasty head cold! Love seeing the beautiful projects, now to catch up with the rest of the week.


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