Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wake up to KONA for the last time this year !

Wait….we have one more………. ME
( and this morning dove) 

Thanks for flying with us this week! 

Yes here we are on our last day of a pretty colourful Wake up to KONA-
Because of YOU, it was a lovely start to 2014.

To Carol ( our cheerleader extraordinaire) , Amanda, Robert Kaufman, Aurifil, CT Publishing….You expand my heart, really you do, thank you for your cheers beyond imagination. 

Ohhhhh look who I am sharing my day with ….
a pretty impressive list I do believe...

January 21


What a way to end our hop
with this as a lasting visual…I am always inspired by 
this lady's talent….combine it with Amanda's pattern
and you have one unique friendship of talent! 

Each day all the participants on our hops 

Okkkkk by now you have checked out and cheered all those
before me….I bet you were pretty impressed….I certainly was…
I kept thinking throughout this hop…there is just no way
I will be dropping your jaw like mine was from day one…
YOU all have stitched KONA with such wonderful finesse! 

HERE we go…..

 The end of 2013 had me pre-occupied so to speak, I spent a lot of time
with my DH, watching and caring for him…And while doing that
I stitched a lot of ruffles, I also created this very large bag…and I mean large…

I required a bag for my LIGHT PAD,  from ARTOGRAPH
( some of you call it a light box)
I lined it in flannel so it would never scratch my LIGHT PAD glass. 
I do so much tracing I cannot imagine doing it the way I used to on a window
panel in my kitchen….


While at boarding school I spent some time in  Costa Del Sol - Spain as an exchange student.
I went to many Flamenco events. The family I boarded with had 2 daughters that 
were Flamenco dancers.  I have always loved this genre of dance…

I do believe my obsession for ruffles evolved then. 
The Flamenco dancers often wear very fitting
dresses with trains of ruffles. 
I took a few classes and had to laugh at the memory
of them trying to lift  and stitch my gown so I would not trip over the ruffles…
I am only 5 foot tall…These ladies were often 5.6- 5.9 inches tall. 

So early in December I found myself drawing, I created this almost
2 foot tall dancer, and with the SUNRISE colours of KONA …
I began ruffling…. I tried sooooo to copy Amanda's pattern
for the weaved look of placemats….and I don't know why 
this is, but I am a mess following directions…MY MIND
sees one thing and I cannot seem to do anything else….
So I created what I thought looked like a gingham pattern…
Of course if you asked me what I did and how I did it…I could not tell you…

As it all came together, I hand quilted it and made a back
that would be ideal for my charger and pucks that angle
my LightPAD. I am thrilled at the outcome….

Which is a reason why our next blog to be announced * this week
will be 
I would love to see what you can do with solids, 
prints wellllll anything ruffles….I have many ideas for my project already…

I have at least one observer who was pretty impressed wink…

( fyi, there is approx.  42 feet of assorted KONA solids
that was needed to make this hand hemmed and hand
stitched ruffles….) I then hand stitched them on the panel
to create my Flamenco dancers ruffled train…

To give you an idea how large this bag is complete with wooden handles that came from the
BAG LADY…That is  my LIGHTPAD on the right….it is very large and heavy…and OLE'
a perfect solution and well dressed bag, don't you think?

And the back of my LIGHTPAD bag complete with 
my own Signature ( all hand embroidered) …not that anyone could really take
this out of my home without me seeing them…:)
I have to lift the bag right up to my arm pit 
to keep it from dragging on
the floor . To give you an idea how large it is…look at the matching 
Tammy Bag I put together…and yes of course ruffled too!
I did manage to use more of the leftovers to make
a large Tammy Bag! Ok, not as large as my flamenco bag wink...

Ohhhh and of course I have been playing with
something I learned at school….
How to remove colour from a photo..
I actually love doing this…reminds me of old
Miss Tammy Kona!

OHHHH but look, Here is a LIVE Amanda Murphy quilt
that was indeed MY INSPIRATION for my BAG….the Oranges
in the SUNRISE collection just stirred me.. Spring Blooms forever in my heart.
Of all the patterns in Colour Essentials, this was indeed my favourite…
Amanda's pattern are a delight….A HUGE appreciation of her talent
and her LOVE OF KONA… 

p.s Amanda made this lovely design! This is her quilt!

ohhhh and one more thing….

And this is is for YOU, one of you…My 
ideal of the perfect KONA pin cushion, with homemade buttons PINS
compliments from Shellys Buttons and MORE…
( she keeps me in theme buttons)

Yep now I am done! 

Ohhhh and look we have some delightful and very generous giveaways...
From Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil Thread...

A delightful box of Aurifil thread…I chose threads that were in both
sunrise and sunset..thanks to Aurifil for always being there to stitch us all together…

And if ever you wanted a quilt designed by no other than Amanda Murphy
here is City Lights that was featured in her book..
The beginning bid starts at $150.00

All proceeds going to CCFC( crohns and colitis foundation)

WINNERS of our Giveaways

Jelly rolls go to….

For top 2  of wow and creativity  Carol
For comments left  Emma J

Bundles go to
Vickie for participation 
Thearica for participation

Aurifil thread goes
to Deonn for comments left ( that is being a cheerleader)

Pin cushion as well as few extras from me goes to
Miz Cassie

They all have been contacted and are super
excited that they WON!

YOU Matter!
To me, to our cheerleaders, to our sponsors
to all who stitch from their hearts….

stay tuned to our next blog hops
CARLA has been very busy keeping
us all focused on…

and we added more days to this one too!

later this week, we will announce our next blog hop!

p.s yes I will be doing a TUTORIAL on how to make
ruffles by hand and by machine!
They are a very simple detail that really creates a bit of 
excitement wink….


  1. I stayed up just to see what you made. Oh my gosh Samm...What a great bag ! The 3D ruffles are are just awesome.. Well done !

    1. I've been thinking about what luck and timing you had getting a picture of that bird on your Tammy bag and all those hand stitches in your big bag...not to mention hand stitching the ruffles! What an inspiration you are to us all. Plus oh my goodness what a wonderful WOW today from Cherry !

  2. WOW! I just love your Flamenco lady. How clever are you! Your Spring Blooms is gorgeous too.

  3. OK, you outdid yourself again! Love your light pad carrier, and it is sew you, ruffles and all. I may have to, well sort of, copy your idea as the cover that comes with it is a pain to put on. Your Tammy bag and pincushion are wonderful too. Got to buy Amanda's book. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Ole', indeed! How I love ruffles and the hot colors of Kona on this large, beautiful bag. I just love your story of inspiration for the light box storage bag and the added pocket on the back is a clever way to store the accessories. Your picture of the bags with the bird sitting on Miss T.K. is my favorite, although I'm a sucker for black and white with a spotlight of color, for sure.
    Thank you for a brilliant blog hop. This one knocked my socks off with all of the inspirational ways to use colorful Kona fabrics.

  5. This has been a great blog hop. Well done!

  6. This has been a great blog hop. Well done!

  7. I, too, stayed up late to check out what you created. Love the Flamenco dancer. All those ruffles and hand-stitched images it soooo fabulous!! Totally a sucker for the black and white photo.

  8. The flamingo dancer gives me some ideas to do for an applique on a wedding quilt I am making for my son and his Hispanic Fiancee. I hate to see this hop end, it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next two...I need two door stops and I have my handmaids fabric all ready to go for sewing room projects. Thanks for all you ladies do on these hops. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  9. The flamenco dancer is just gorgeous!
    You put together a great blog hop, well done!

  10. Your Flamenco dancer bag is both "WOW" and sew creative…love those ruffles!!! Thank you, and all the talented ladies, for this amazing hop…my favorite one so far :)

  11. Such a colorful and pretty blog hop with Kona. And to end with a Flamenco dancer sew perfect.

  12. The ruffles give the quilt an interesting dimension

  13. Ooo yes, that looks fantastic! Flamenco is a beautiful and very energetic dance, I love to watch them. We have a very good dancer here in Switzerland, Nina Corti is her name, just great. Your ruffles are gorgeous! But I dunno know if I will be able to do such ruffles, I never was a very patient woman..... Although I already have a project in mind, but are you going to give some directions to make these fluffy beauties?

  14. Thank you, Madamme Samm! I've been following, on and off, a lot of your hops over time, but this has been my favorite! I really enjoyed what everyone has been doing with solids. I love your over sized bag!! Well done. Sunrise is my favorite, too. The ruffles look like fun. I look forward to seeing a hop with them.

  15. I do love your ruffles. That is a lot of ruffles though! Your art work is lovely. And of course you made a Tammy bag with ruffles...lol. Your spring blooms really grabs me though. Great contrast in the colors. Thank you soooo much for another lovely hop. You punctuated it perfectly!

  16. Samm I am in awe of your flamenco dancer! She is simply amazing...and I can just picture you sitting and hand stitching those ruffles. :) I may have to "borrow" your idea of a bag for my light box one of these days. She's still in her most unattractive original bag and she needs something cute. I am in love with your signature embroidered on the back too - what a great idea for a label. :) And a matching Tammy bag - too much cuteness! blessings, marlene

  17. Yummy! This has been an awesome bloghop...certainly new heights have been reached. A wonderful combination of sponsors couldn't have something to do with all this creative genius flowing now could it??!! Loving your projects as always!

  18. Lovely Samm, this has been a wonderful blog hop, as always. So many creative ladies have made this blog hop to an awesome smorgasbord of different lovely and colorful projects.Your flamenco dancer is an awesome lady like you, I could imagine.
    Have a great day. Warm hugs from Sweden where the icing winds are blowing today.

  19. I don't know how and yet each hop surpasses the previous ones. This one has been phenomenal. And, your dolled up lady is perfect in Kona ruffles. Wow, what a large bag lady! I'm not much taller and that has to be a stretch to carry. I can only imagine the looks that you get with her at your side. She is absolutely amazing. Does she have a name? I spotted the Tammy bag immediately in the photo - wow! That is amazing. I love your pin cushion and was actually "window shopping" for ideas to think about making pins for our boutique at the guild quilt show coming up in June, after reading your tutorial. Yes, the tutorials are used! Many thanks for those, too! Thank you for all you do to keep these hops going and bringing joy and inspiration to all of us. I have been absolutely impressed with all the projects in this hop. Each day the level equals or exceeds the previous day. It just boggles this feeble mind. Thank you for helping those who are unable to obtain sewing machines, too! Creating is a great sanity builder. I had double vision for quite a long time (it's much better) and couldn't craft or hardly read. It was miserable. I missed my crafts. I pray that hubby is much better. Again, thanks to you and the angels who help you.

  20. This is my first blog hop I was able to follow and I have been so impressed. A talented group of people for sure. Thank you all

  21. I love all your projects, but the Flamenco lady es magnífica! This has been a very impressive hop!

  22. Gorgeous projects - thanks for sharing. I haven't sewn in ruffle in probably 40 years. May have to give it a try again.

  23. I love your dancer Samm. My favorite place for ruffles is a dress. She's adorable. As is your tammy bag. And I love the quilt you made too. Great job all around.

  24. It is ENORMOUS. How can I not like anything so orange? And useful--one might say necessary. And the little teases of "gingham"! I have a secret passion for gingham. I even like the "fake" gingham that is printed instead of woven. I mean I LOVE it in all the colors it comes in, but most especially orange. I like seeing what you did with the photo. I would like to learn to do that, too, but I will have to put it at the bottom of the list I have so many other things to do. Oh. About those ruffles. 42 feet is a LOT of hand sewing but they are just the thing for your lovely embroidered seniorita. I will enjoy seeing what others come up with for a ruffles hop. Maybe there will be ruffles in my future.

  25. Great hop. I really enjoyed seeing everyone creations

  26. ¡Hala! Your flamenco dancer is incredible! What a lot of work those ruffles were. Love the improvisational pieced accents. Great job, Madame Samm! Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Oh Samm......You know I love everything you do! But I think this dancer takes the cake!!!!! I love it's elegance and simplicity...striking.
    Would be so happy to have your lovely pin cushion; if so lucky. Great choices again today. thank you for a wonderful hop!!!

  28. I was so inspired by this hop. I have never done anything in solids, but this was just amazing. Thank you so much for all the time you spend doing these. I am so glad I ran across you site. It is just a joy.

  29. your dancer is brilliant :-) THanks for a great blog hop, as always :-)

  30. This has been a great hop! Thanks so much. I love solids which has been part of the evolution of my quilting journey!

  31. Your dancer is just beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your item and for hosting this hop!

  32. I am crushing over that bag! I need one that large for post office runs! The dancer is gorgeous, as are you! The Tammy bag is adorable and the pincushion ubber sweet!

  33. Just love the falmenco bag- what beautiful craftsmanship! Have never made ruffles but will now!

  34. Your projects are just gorgeous. Your imagination blows me away!!

  35. When I make a bag for one of my tools - like my loom - I think utilitarian. Sigh, your gorgeous bag for your lightbox is a reminder that we should make everything "special" even when we are making it for our own use.

  36. All I can say is...OLE! Muy Bien! Your bag is not only useful, but beautiful! I don't know how you managed it with all you've had on your plate this last month or so. The Tammy bag is also very pretty!

  37. Thanks for another great blog hop. I am not a solid fabric girl but I am going to have try out this fabric. Your projects are sew cute.

  38. Beautiful! Love those ruffles! Thanks for hosting such a spectacular hop! Lots of color and creativity to make me want to buy more Kona solids and get to sewing!!

  39. Hahaha, I love that bag! The dancer looks amazing with all those ruffles. Another great hop full of inspiration!!

  40. wonderful ideas from a talented bunch of ladies once again. Love the ruffles Mdm Samm.
    thanks for keeping us all inspired

  41. Thank you for all the bird pictures...love 'em. Your bag is so creative and inspirational, especially because autumn colors are my favorite. Your efforts to make the hop such a success are truely appreciated. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  42. My hat's off to you, Madam Samm :) She is a graceful and lovely, that dancer of your's, the colours are so festive and lively! They spin and swirl off the screen. Ole, indeed!!
    What a darling pincushion to finish the show ;)

  43. Love your 'light' bag. What a beauty, it would even make a great throw. I have enjoyed the "Wake up to Kona" blog hop. Such beautiful and creative projects make me want to get to my sewing machine and whip out something in those gorgeous colors.

  44. The lovely flamenco dancer with Kona ruffles is just so stunningly beautiful! Knowing you sewed each of those little ruffles by hand is definitely a WOW factor. Thank you for this amazing hop that was overflowing with inspiration!

  45. I am so impressed by your projects, as well as by everyone else who took part in this Hop. While I hate to see it end, I am already looking forward to the next one, as it allows all of out here in cyberspace to get acquainted with all the talented and creative quilters out here in Quiltworld. Your flamenco dancer is so beautiful and graceful, especially with the addition of the colorful ruffles.

  46. Oh, I have so much enjoyed my mornings with this wonderful "Wake Up To Kona" that I could not believe today is the last day.....for me it could just keep on for the whole winter!!

    Thank you so much, it has been an awesome way to start 2014!!!

  47. You did it again! Your flamenco dancer is spectacular. Mdn Samm you are such an inspiration. You are amazing and this hop has been a true inspiration. I am taking my solids with me on a cruise to start another project. Have to keep that ball rolling! Thank you for all your encouragement and inspiration in this fantastic hop.

  48. This hop has inspired me to do more with solids. I just love Ole. What a fabulous project. You do such great work. Thanks for another wonderful hop.

  49. Ole! What a stunning end to a stunning blog hop! Yes, I am stunned by all the color and creativity in this hop. Last night I was feeling that I did not know how to see it come to an end. Your post sums it up. It has been a beautiful dance and now it is time for the next dance to start. It has been wonderful being a part of this. Thank you, Mdm Samm, Carol and everyone who participated and all the visitors who joined in the fun ... <3 Pat

  50. Thank you, thank you for making a very dreary day so much brighter! Today's pick is absolutely stunning and I'm not the least bit surprised by your creation, love those ruffles! Again, thank you for a truly wonderful and inspiring hop.

  51. Very nice flamenco dancer. I can't believe it took 42 feet of fabric to make all those ruffles! Also, what a great capture of the dove. It's like it was waiting for you to take the picture.

  52. My goodness, that's a lot of ruffling, 42 feet! I'd be completely over ruffling after that, and here you are wanting to do a hop all about it! Hahaha! I love the flower quilt, and am impressed with how brave your little junco is. Thank you for this hop, it's been amazing seeing everyone's creations, and I'm excited for the upcoming Door Stop Hop (mine are coming along nicely) as well as the 4 the Sewing Room. I'm sure I'll see a lot of ideas for my room, hopefully space saving ones. Have a lovely day!

  53. That is quite the ambitious bag! Very fun :-)

  54. I love what you did with the ruffles. What a great idea. I would have never thought of putting them on a quilt. I thank you for this hop. I was brought up with dull plain colors. As I got older I was determined to put more prints and brighter colors in my creations. But this hop showed me solids work great all alone. I seen so many beautiful things and got so many ideas. Can't wait till the next hop!

  55. Wow, 42 feet of ruffles - very impressive! I love the orange colors which help wake us up from gray wintery skies. This has been a very colorful and inspirational blog hop, and I found so many fun projects to add to my list and met new friends.

  56. Oh, the things you can think of!! So amazing!

  57. Wonderful Projects!!! I love them all!!! Great Tammy!

  58. Wowzers! or should I say Ole! I love your Flamenco dancer. There is so much handwork there with the ruffles and handquilting. Gorgeous. And the photos are beautiful. Love Little Miss TK too. Looking forward to the next hop.
    Happy Winter!
    xo jan

  59. You know, of course, that I just love your Tammy bag, but your big tote for your lightbox is wonderful! And your signature on the back...it's a wowser for sure! I haven't made any pinnies yet but have the glue, the buttons, the pins, and the pattern...now all I need is time! :)

  60. Your project brought sunshine to my day! Love the ruffles in the dress for the flamenco dancer.

  61. wow your projects are stunning. thank you for inspiring us all on.

  62. The ideas are endless and colors so much fun, the pin cushion is the bomb, thanks for sharing.

  63. A beautiful finish to an inspiring hop!

    Love your Flamenco dancer, Samm. She's so gorgeous in her Kona ruffles! Can't think of a prettier way to safely carry your lightpad.

    Thanks for sharing and keeping us inspired!

  64. Your projects are so wonderful. The flamingo dancer is so clever too. And those beautiful colors all around. I never thought i would like a solid quilt but I was wrong. These have all been so beautiful. I have really enjoyed this hop.

  65. What a lovely way to end the hop! This has been such fun! Beth @ Words & Stitches, pbstrand@msn.com

  66. Beautiful bag, Mdme Samm. Love, love, love the ruffles. Thanks so much for sharing

  67. Loooove your Bag!! Definitely Huge! All you do....and still time to create such Awesome projects!! Such a Talented lady you are!

    This Hop has been such fun...tho they all are...we learn so much & get so much Inspiration from each Lady involved! Thank you just doesn't seem enough to say....

  68. I love flamenco dancing. Not that I would ever try it myself, I am 5" tall as well. LOL!! What a stylish bag!! I still can't get over how pretty it looks. I am so impressed that you hand stitched the ruffles, the shading effect on the train looks so pretty. I love the borders AND the back! So so pretty!!

  69. The perfect way to end an amazing hop. Love all your creations and have had so much fun looking at all the eye candy during the hop. Congratulations on another successful hop.

  70. Beautiful work, as always. I've been in Chicago during the hop so I've been late most days checking the marvellous quilts. Leaving here tomorrow for home.

  71. Todays pick is awesome and so warm and inviting on this frigid day. And the ruffles are cute too. This hop has been very inspiring.
    dragonfly9716 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  72. I love your flamenco dancer Madame Samm!
    Thank you for a fantastic hop - so much wonderful inspiration!!

  73. Oh, What a beautiful flamenco lady!! And ruffles and bag, all is just you!!
    I can just imagine the look with you and this huge bag, walking. :-)
    Thank you for the inspiration, and the smile.
    Would love to win the give away, its just also just you.
    Thanks for a wonderful hop.
    Regards InGa.

  74. What great bags! Those ruffles make me want to cha cha. :)

  75. I love your Flamenco girl with her ruffles! And the back is just as artistic, beautiful work!

  76. The ruffles are way too cool. And the dancer--oh my, my. She is perfect. Another great hop coming to a smashing end. Thanks!

  77. Ruffles of course! ; ) So YOU. I'm sitting here singing the Chiquita Banana song from the commercial many years ago. The song was used in commercials from the mid 1940's through the late 1990's. Here's the early version from You Tube.


    Your lightpad bag is really spectacular and very creative. Talk about out of the box creative thinking. WOW. From the beautiful embroidered flamenco dancer with her ruffled dress to your embroidered signature on the back. Awesome! Love your Tammy bag and pin cushion also.

  78. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flaminco design and bag. Really really cool! All in all it was a really great blog hop, Lots of inspiration, and many exciting looks with solids that I personally would never have thought could look so wonderful. I have been awed and stunned during this hop. I have really really enjoyed each day of it. Great Job to all!!

  79. That is a lot of fabric ruffled into that skirt. Can you imagine how much is actually used to make a real dress? Wow. I'm super jealous of your LightPad. I am going to be buying one myself soon but am positive it will be nowhere near the size of yours. I did like what I have read about that brand though so they are at the top of my list.

    I adore the Spring Blooms quilt. Those colors are just gorgeous in that quilt. I really need to get some of those colors to make something soon.

    The blog hop was fun. Thank you.

  80. You are such a talented lady. Love all of your creations. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and your drive with us all.

  81. I love your bags and look forward to your tutorial on ruffles. This was a very inspiring blog hop as I have never made an all solid quilt. Thank you for hosting this

  82. Are you sure you are only 5' tall? I would have guessed you at 6' tall. Those ruffles fascinate me. What fascinates me even more is how you managed to attach them to the bag. I am looking forward to that ruffle tutorial you mentioned.

  83. I love all of your bags. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing with us and for doing these hops. vickise at gmail dot com

  84. gorgeous bag! love the sprig blooms pattern and how it shows of the kona colors! this has been the best blog tour ... lots of inspiration and gorgeous kona colors! thank you and carol for another marvelous hop!

  85. Your quilt is great, your ruffles are great and the colours you've chosen are perfect. You sure are busy and I wonder how you do it all.

  86. such a creative way to use your Kona solids. Love your quilt. It has been a great hop.

  87. Madamm Samm you have completed such a wonderful hop with your Kona solids light pad bag. To think you created it "old school" with needle and thread by your hand is amazing. This hop has been truly inspirational and eye-opening. Who knew solids could be so beautifully put together. Thank you sew very much for all your hard work and organizing and cheerleading. I am ready for the next blog...

  88. Love the Flamenco dancer! And all the projects! Thanks so much for hosting this blog hop, Madame Samm! It has been so much fun to see what everyone is up to with Kona solids!

  89. What a grand finale! Thank you so much!!!!

  90. fun lady there! thanks for another great hop. always so much fun.

  91. What a "lite"bag, very clever, I can see the skirts twirling as they dance. And you still had strength to make a pincushion. I'm ready--Thanks again, K

  92. Well, I have to say: Ruffles Rule! You did an amazing job on that flamenco dancer. I actually have been to a flamenco performance in Spain and it was awesome! All of your projects are glorious and your work is impeccable. Thanks for being our cheerleader (with Carol, of course). This has been a wonderful HOP and I enjoyed seeing the creativity with solids!

  93. This has been my favorite hop so far. And of course, LOVE THE RUFFLES!

  94. Madame you are an inspiration to us all. The Flamenco dress with all hand stitched ruffles is above and beyond "Wow factor" Thank you so very much for sharing your labor of love with us! This has been a hop to remember with inspiration at every turn,so Thank You Samm.

  95. WOW!! Words fail me..(yes, I know, hard to believe..) But your bag is so awesome!! You are so talented..
    This blog hop has been so much fun. Every project was wonderful and so inspiring. I rarely work with solids, but now I really really think I need to..The Kona palette is gobstopping. I must get some and just fondle them for awhile. lol But then I'm thinking maybe something appliques? hmmm.

    Thanks again for another wonderful blog hop. Okay, now I keep thinking about ruffles...ha.


  96. Oh, pooh! I forgot to tell you that I've been enjoying the bird pictures from the mourning/turtle doves to the cardinals. You sure captured some great shots!

  97. Drat! What happened to my first comment? My afternoon didn't go especially well so maybe that's following me around tonight. So...here goes again:
    Loved the hop and know it's been one of my favorites. Thanks for all your cheering, MS. That quilt of CB was absolutely amazing. Of course, the pattern is fab to start with but I always know that Cherry Blossoms day will be a winner for all of us hoppers. :) After this super-duper blog hop, a Kona solids quilt is definitely on the horizon for me. Amanda Murphy's been a favorite designer but after the hop/book, I may be IN LOVE!! Tomorrow I'm out after some black Auriful for a quilt I'm working on. Great sponsors!

  98. OMG!! I sure hope when I wake in the morning, the devil that's been on my tail all afternoon and still with me, is gone, gone, gone.

    In my first comment (that disappeared), I did tell you how much a loved your 'Lolita'. Your stitching skills are as marvelous as your quilting and designing. I think I could almost hear the castenets keeping the rhythm and her skirts swishing. Wowza! that's one big bag but a great idea to keep the light box safe.

    No matter what, I will not write again tonight - even if I've forgotten something!!! lol

  99. I was waiting for Your bag... it looks awesome!!!! And 3D ruffles...WOW !!! You've done such great work !!!
    Thanks for that great hop !! "Wake up to Kona Blog Hop" was full of inspiration!!

  100. Wow. I love your flamenco dancer. I kept seeing the word hand - hand hemmed ruffle, hand quilted. I'm so impressed with how much work went into your bag for your light box - which must be way bigger than mine, so certainly worth the effort of this bag. Thanks for a great hop! dezertsuz at gmail

  101. I am speechless. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I bough to you and dutifully crown you QUEEN of Kona Cotton. I've been de-throned! lol. What awesome projects. We all pale in comparison! I guess that's why you're our fearless leader and we honorably call you Madame Samm!

  102. I could tell right away you knew a thing or two about flamenco dancers, because the spirit of your bag is so vibrant! I love it. So cool that you did it all by hand. Some great pics too in these dreary months. Well done!

  103. I love your Flamenco big bag Madame Samm. Very colorful and well done. The ruffles give the whole design a lot of movement like a dancer.
    I like the Tammy Bag and the pincushion too.
    This has been the best blog hop yet! Thanks for all your inspiration and blog ideas.

  104. Love your photos of the various birds in your part of Ontario. Your comments make them even better!

  105. You never cease to amaze me! Awesome, just awesome!
    It's been a great hop!

  106. wow your projects are amazing!!
    the dancer's dress is stunning and all the hand embroidery very beautiful!!

  107. How very clever! Love the ruffles and the bag! You ended this hop with a real splash! Thanks for all your creative work as well as the endless hours you must put into thinking up the next best thing! Hugs!

  108. As always your projects are amazing. So much loveliness.

  109. A very personal bag with a lot of personality. Love the ruffles, of course. The blog hop has been a blast. I have loved every minute I have spent admiring all the projects made with those wonderfully luscious Kona solids. Thank you.

  110. Gorgeous, so creative. I love all those ruffles!

  111. A stylish end of this blog hop, Madame Samm! Love the flamenco dress; I had to learn to convert feet to cm to find out how much fabric you used! Ruffles are lovely but the gradient ruffles- you spoil us! The Tammy is adorable too - I love the color palette you used- Amanda's quilt is truly an inspiration. Thank you for a fabulous and colorful blog hop.

  112. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous. At the moment I am obsessed with bags. All sizes and shapes, it doesn't matter I love to make them. I have never made a bag quite so big but now I am thinking I could use one to carry my cutting mats and rulers to quilt classes or to friends houses when we get together for a day of sewing. Thank you for the inspiration.

  113. Congrats to all the winners. I bet they were over the moon excited and I'm looking forward to the ruffles tutorial.

  114. Oh my goodness...you told me...but I wasn't prepared for HOW ABSOLUTELY CUTE THAT REALLY IS!!!! I think that is just perfection!
    This blog hop has been so awesome to watch...I haven't always had time to comment, but I have LOVED it so much! I hope this hop makes it back in the line-up for next year!!!!
    You, my dear, are amazing. Thank you for all you do.

  115. Wonderful, awesome, fantastic ruffles!!! I used to love making ruffles but never thought of putting them on a bag. Great work and what a great way to carry your light pad. The hop has been more fun then I ever expected and got rolling eyes from my hubby because I spent so much time following it! Today I get to pick up the book at the library and go through it. So excited. Thank you Madam Samm for adding so fun.

  116. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  117. You are Ruffilicious Star, Mdm Samm! What a gorgeous and creative design for your bag! I love how you made the pocket on the other side, and incorported you signature! What fun you will have toting your light box around now!
    Thanks for your inspirations!


  118. Wonderful bags, great ruffles.
    I think you are the Queen of Ruffles *lol*
    Congratulations to the very lucky winners.


  119. My mom made me a dress with ruffles like that for my confirmation. It was SO much fun to wear, although it was all white. Spectacular job as usual Mdm Samm!!! BRAVO!!!! :)

  120. Such lovely projects! You did just an amazing job with the Flamenco inspired trail of ruffles. Love the colors!

    Thank you again for such amazing experience in the blog hop! Absolutely love it!

  121. I just think that you are "da best"....as our Caroline told her Mom one day..."da best"!!.....God Bless!!!

  122. As usual, I am floored by your project. Your ruffles are simply perfect. I know that you will enjoy that bag for a long time to come.

  123. Oh, and there's your orange! I know you love that color, and wondered if we'd see it! Wow, the ruffles! The light box bag is just terrific! I've been wowed and amazed by everyone's creativity in this hop! Dazzling, seriously beautiful, high quality items... I've been inspired over and over every day. Hate to have it end!

  124. Olá. Mdm Samm
    Estou adorando conhecê-la cada vez mais. Seus trabalhos são lindos.
    Um beijo. Mari Bein

  125. I received the fabric bundle from Amanda and I wanted to say, I am most appreciative for the surprise win! I am thrilled to be able to make something else with Kona solids! These look like ice cream colors... hmmmm.. I have an idea! :)

    Thank you Madame Samm... Thank you Carol... Thank you Robert Kaufman... Thank you Aurifil....and thank you Amanda! :)


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...