Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wake up to Kona Day 3 with Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil as our sponsors

Even our morning doves were excited to  join in the fun….


January 7th-21st

Yes here we are Day 3 of our Wake up to KONA…. A lovely way to begin our year with loads of colour and coffee…Ok, that is just me….

 Amanda Murphy knows a lot about colour and coffee drinking.  She  sipped  - wrote and designed quilts for  Color Essentials that is filled with patterns that she created using Sunrise and Sunset bundles from Robert Kaufman…ohhhh and let's not forget Aurifil which is the thread that matches perfectly too….Yes it will be a year of colour… If you have been searching for inspiration on what to do with KONA SOLIDs…then you will be thrilled at what all of our ladies have been busy stitching...

And we love that you will be joining us…In fact today, we have quite a line up of COLOURFUL ladies who have quilted and sewed using only KONA SOLIDs….I know I am certainly ready to shed the greys of 2013 and burst through 2014 with COLOUR…..

Who is on our list to show and tell today?…. We limited our hops to a much more manageable list, so you will be able spend some time with them and cheer them on…. So please do, let them know how excited you are to see what they created…..

Big thanks to Carol who has managed this hop and sent out gentle reminders to keep this hop
in particular running smoothly….ON the top right of this blog you will note the whole schedule on her blog… She is a lovely cheerleader who never disappoints, she fills our hops with humour, spirit and yes she cheers a lot….Isn't that what a great cheerleader does…..So let's check what Carol ( 1st one on the list) and the other ladies have created today….

Check  back to see who are top 2 of the day are..
Tops for creativity
Tops for Wow FACTOR! 

Another delicious serving of KONA,
really ladies, you are shining, all of you
it was difficult to pick as you allllll were striking

Who WOWED us today?

Yes how could you not love this….and who would of thought
adding your quilt to a pile of logs would have so much impact..
Yes Wow, all of her photos of her sunburst were inspiring..! 

And tops for CREATIVITY!

There is just something about a GREY background that pops kona…
she also made a pillow, and with the logs that Sunburst ( above)  provided
she created a warm and lovely setting, complete with rocking chair…

For overall creativity, setting, colour, position of quilt design! 

Each day all the participants on our hops 

Ohhhh and look we have some delightful and very generous giveaways...
From Amanda Murphy, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil Thread...

A delightful box of Aurifil thread…I chose threads that were in both
sunrise and sunset..thanks to Aurifil for always being there to stitch us all together…

And if ever you wanted a quilt designed by no other than Amanda Murphy
here is City Lights that was featured in her book..
The beginning bid starts at $150.00
YOU can bid on this quilt from  January 15-21st
Winner will be announced the 22nd!
Along with all the winners from our hop too! 
( link will be here on the 15th) 

All proceeds going to CCFC( crohns and colitis foundation)

YOU Matter!
To me, to our cheerleaders, to our sponsors
to all who stitch from their hearts….

Our next hop that we are still accepting
check it out here


  1. Your dove photo is beautiful, especially how you captured the dove in flight. Just lovely, as we're all the projects today!

  2. I also commented on her rustic background with the logs....a real eye catcher for me too....as well as your awesome photo of the doves....so cool to catch the dove in flight ! It looks like your having loads of fun with that new lens !

  3. Having fun enjoying all the projects using Kona cottons! I'm slowly returning to the blogging/quilting world...missed it!

  4. The Sunburst quilt is so stunning. I have been on a sewing café today together with 24 other ladies, and all the time I was thinking of that quilt. I found a charm pack with bright Kona cotton and must sew a similar quilt later. Yes, a sewing cafe is a place where you sew and talk and drink coffee. Strong, Swedish coffee. And all the time thinking of that quilt.

  5. You had some really great projects today. I love the solids.

  6. Today had some bright projects. I'm glad I didn't have to pick which two were the most outstanding as I would not have been able to chose from todays bloggers.

  7. Wow, remind me again just why I had a mental block, and could not see anything in solids????? I am thinking that little birdie is sharing the word with his friends, that I am crazy! :-)

  8. Another creative day, the KONA solids are just fantastic for all these projects and the Groovy post just gave me a booster to unpack the pattern and to begin in a few days with this quilt!
    But before starting to groove, I have to finish some others projects, LOL!

  9. love the starburst for its wonderful play of color -

  10. Another great day of inspiration! The only problem is that I'm knee-deep in my project and keep getting more ideas! pbstrand@msn.com

  11. We were certainly WOWed today!
    I'm loving the smaller lists so getting to everyone is not quite as time consuming! More time to let the inspiration set in!

  12. I was awake at midnight to greet these beautiful creations and I dreamed in color all night and Woke Up With Kona this morning ... thanks, everyone! ... :) Pat

  13. Such a pleasure to see bright, happy colors on a cold, dreary winter's day.

  14. Thanks for hosting the Wake Up to KONA hop! What an inspirational line up we have had in the past two days! Great way to pass the time while enjoying the morning cuppa!

  15. Great stops today! I especially loved the projects at Everybody Deserves a Quilt.

  16. Every morning I look forward to checking the Blog Hop -- I think this Kona solids is my favorite of all the hops I've seen. :)

  17. Such wonderful Kona projects again today!

  18. It just keeps getting better and better,clearly I need to add a lot more solids to my stash!

  19. Love all these projects. Each is so different in style but they are all so sophisticated and COLORful!

  20. Beautiful stuff -- I am loving these solids!

  21. Love your picks today. I just want to go cuddle in that rocking chair with that blanket. Thanks again.

  22. Wonderful projects today. I really love that sunburst - such a bright pop of color!

  23. The creativity is just flowing with all these talented ladies…can't wait to see more!!!

  24. I was wowed by Stitch In Time's quilt as well. What an explosion of colour! Having so much fun.

  25. Late to the hop today but not going to give up until I have hopped each participant today. I love seeing all the amazing inspiration. Peace and Joy...

  26. Lovely projects by everyone! This truly has been a very fun hop!!

  27. You are blowing me away with those photos. Beautiful, crisp, gorgeous color. Great quilts. Off to see the rest!

  28. They have all done such a wonderful job!

  29. I'm going to have to start collecting solids. Everyone's projects are looking fantastic!

  30. Oh...........I got involved and forgot to stop my yesterday.....good job!!!

  31. Great chioses, but it must be hard to choise.
    Thanks for the chance to win, I love the Konas!

  32. Hopping slowly but steadily. What an amazing group of talented people, woww!

  33. oh my goodness that starburst quilt is spectacular.

  34. I love these bright and cheerful quilts, they are so beautiful, I bet it is so hard to pick just 2 every day, but I agree with this sunburst quilt, it is gorgeous!



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