Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 10 reasons why you should consider our BLOG HOPS!

What BLOG HOPS can do for YOU???

I will tell you but first a big big thank you to all of our cheerleaders who 
make our blog hops unique….

Carol,  Wendy, Linda, Vickie, Amy, Marlene, Cherry, Mary, Pauline, Kristen,
Debby, Carla, Thearica and there will be more this year….

Each one of you have sewn a thread into my heart…
it is YOU that inspires me….
Because of your dedication, passion and most of all- your love of everything fabric..
we will be continuing through in 2014 with even more BLOG HOPS! 

2013 was a challenging year for many of us…
I will not even concern you with how it affected our family…

I grew, I was INSPIRED, my faith grew…
 I was challenged by the likes of CAROL ( that other lady)
and( that other other lady) we now call Vickie….lol She challenged me too..
and Carol wink…

Ohhhh why I decided to this post..CAROL started one, of all the things she made
then Vickie and not that I am at alllllll competitive..well you know…wink..
* their blogs on the side bar…
Carol's just let me quilt
Vickie, more stars in Comanche...

But all of YOU inspired 
me to bring my best forward…

why you should consider joining us for our BLOG HOPS?

1. We set a deadline, usually 2 months lead time to work on a themed hop….

2. You get inspired by all those who are in the hop to bring your best sewing threads
and fabrics forward.

3. You rid of some of your stash instead of just storing it for GOD knows what reason ..wink…

4. You can win some delightful, generous giveaways from our SPONSORS…
and we have many of them….seems our list only grows per month….

5. YOU form delightful friendships with ladies you may never meet
but they too manage to find themselves threaded  into your hearts…

6. We try to cover many facets of quilting, sewing, embroidery, paper piecing,
doll making, flag making, stamp creating, mini, large, quilts,
pin cushions, bags…..( ohhhh and soooo many NEW ones to be added this year) 

7. BORED will never be in your vocabulary..EVER, NEVER…

8. YOU will be challenged to learn new things…we will keep you focused and inspired.

9. YOU get introduced to amazing new tips and tricks..

10……… most importantly….if ever you wanted to make it in the QUILTING world
as a designer, or project designers. HERE is your opportunity..
I get asked continuously, who is shining the brightest, who is your BEST creative
quilter, WHO Is in your top 3 Today…

Beginning with most recent blog hops
this are some of the things I created….

Each one can be clicked on to see up closer…!

Looking back ----welll I stitched a lot….gingham was my fabric of choice , BIG thanks to Riley Blake Designs, ( they have the best collection of gingham out there). Being a full time student, I wanted to participate with all of you, so small projects were my answer to being productive and inspired.

I did stitch even more than this for gifts and giveaways….but I think it gives you an idea of themes
we managed to pack into 1 year…

Sooooo my sweets, consider joining us….WE have hugs and kisses, 3 patterns to chose from
for our February blog hop…

We still have room, email me at madamesamm@me.com
details in our last post...

Kona is coming up..

She who SEWS….will follow at the same time as our
           Door stoppers…ohhhhh just cannot wait to show you what I have planned for this one..

So my word for 2014 


( because everything always works out for the BEST)


  1. You and That Other Other Lady made your photo collage so much nicer than mine...dang it...I mean, that's so nice (I'm not competitive, I'm not, I'm not!) I can't imagine my life without blog hops, YOU, and all the other wonderful bloggers I've met through blog hopping. I'm looking forward to a bigger and better 2014!

  2. Was a great year.....hoping to do more with all of you this year

  3. Beautiful makes! May 2014 being you truck loads of happiness :) Happy New Year!

  4. Lovely Samm, you have made it again. The blog hops during the two last years have been so positive for my creativity that of course I could´t resist Hugs and Kisses. I am in I hope and I have fixed the payment. It will be so fun and I will be so busy. LOL

  5. I love the wonderful abandon with which you take on all these wild and crazy projects. I admire the creativity you use to help blogging friends too. If you could figure out how to sell all that excess energy, you could make a fortune! Sometimes I wonder if you ever sleep. I think lurking in the corner is my best option. I await what the new year has to offer.

  6. You are such a fount of inspiration and motivation! Thank you for being YOU! Those other ladies are pretty special too! Looking forward to seeing what you girls will come up with to keep us quilting through 2014!

  7. A beautiful year! You have been a huge inspiration to me. Thanks again for all that you do. ;). Peeking at your blog the last couple days had been a wonderful distraction. Here's to a great new year!

  8. It has been a great yeat. I love our hops. Even when I am not making anything for one, I come every day to cheer, and be amazed at the beauty. Thank Samm. Now off to stitch on my Kona project. Can't wait to show you what I am making for this one!!

  9. You're blog hops are always fantastic. I haven't joined one yet but am determined to make the time in 2014. Thanks to you and all the other lovely ladies who make them possible.

  10. What a beautiful collage Samm - and a beautiful collage creator. :) Like many others I love the blog hops! It's true they can sometimes be a challenge but they are so much more than that. They are fun and they keep my brain engaged and as I get a bit older (it is a new year after all) I want/need both of those things! Thanks for the memories. blessings, marlene

  11. Oh no (tHaT OtheR LAdy) got here to comment before me...... again ! I like yours and her collage so much better than mine ! I must try harder..... We are going to have a blast in 2014 ..... I so/sew hope more will join the hops, they will have sew much fun won't they ! 2013 was a year of sewing and friend growth for me, Love all you guys! Cheers to 2014, creative imaginations and new friends.....oh and all the wonderful fabric too !

  12. Thank you for all the inspirations, from hops, pictures and comments. I hope that 2014 will be as challenging as -13 was, and I will for sure be in some of the hops. Happy new sewing year to all of you. :-D

  13. Looking forward to more inspiration this year. I may not join them all because I am finding myself busier making other things, but as soon as one blog hop "calls my name" I will be joining in for sure. Thanks for all you do in organizing these hops Samm.

  14. Love it! all of your projects are fantastic! ..

  15. Thanks, Mdm Samm! Looking forward to another great year with this wonderfully creative community of quilters. I have my Kona Top done and my post drafted and ready to start the New Year of blog hopping. I just need to finish the quilting. Time to go "get it done" ... happy sewing, everyone! ... :) Pat

  16. You forgot the most important reason...because its FUN !!! :-)

  17. Thanks for all the inspiration and challenges. I sew enjoy all the projects and look forward to the hops, and your posts!

  18. You and those other ladies just crack me up. I can just imagine you all thinking hard of how to better each other, in a fun way of course. I look forward to seeing what you've got brewing this year.

  19. 2013 was a beautiful year for new friendships. I met you. Thank your for all the inspiration and encouragement. 2014 looks to be even better.

  20. Love seeing so many of your projects together! So creative you are!

  21. Olá. Mdm Samm
    Estou ansiosa para receber mais novidades. E quero desejar um 2014 repleto de muita arte, e muita fé. bjs... Mari Bein


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