Thursday, January 23, 2014

Think Ruffles…how to make many of them...


                              I can draw ruffles…but I don't think YOU have dropped by for this…

By now you are possibly aware I am MAD about RUFFLES.
I have been known to add ruffles to diaper protectors, socks, 
under garments, scarfs, blouses, denim jumpers pin cushions, 
table cloths, basket liners, t-towels...…well anything
and everything is game for me…. nothing is safe from being RUFFLED.

So I thought I would show you how I make some of my ruffles…

OK, here is one I do by machine
using 2.5 inch strips

I love 2.5 inch rolls.. you know them as jelly rolls, rolie polies.
Of all the pre cuts these are my fav for ruffles...

 fold in half and press. 

now to ruffle…they seem to ruffle better if you press them in half first..

You don't need a ruffle maker, ( they can play havoc on your calibration) 
 no tools involved except your finger..
Fold as if you were making pleats. Do only 2 at once, sew over it,
pleat 2 more, sew, pleat 2 more, I think you get the picture.

Pretty easy, don't you agree?

Now how easy is that? pretty simple yes…you can run off ruffles forever….

I have created ruffled Tammy Bags with matching ruffled Thread Catchers...

I have created ruffled basket liners…this one is Laminate from Riley Blake Design…
doesn't Sumatra look happy to be in the basket...

How to make this type of ruffle…TUTORIAL
that is hemmed and has a ribbon accent

I have made ruffles for our outdoor cafe….using burlap….

Ruffled Rooster table cloth….yes that was just recently
using Black Tie Boogie from Red Rooster Fabrics..

and yes I have designed a few embroidered t-towels….
this  one I did by machine..

now this  red one above I did by hand...

this one I did by machine...

yes even ruffled kitchen gloves…

 This is my bathroom stool called "Un petit pot" I am sooo short, I like to have my feet on my petit pot
when I am my powder room…and of course ruffled laminates from RBD…. Deonn reminded me of this one…

and look a cashmere pin cushion and yes ruffled…
this one by hand…

This one you never saw….this was my Christmas one..
again all hand ruffled..

This was my Halloween kleenex tissue cover
Jan had made a pattern of...

 And here is how I made these for my Flamenco lady….

I did these by hand….now listen many of you do hexes
by hand and applique by hand…ruffles are easier…

Ok, here we go…

Tutorial on how I make my ruffles by machine and by hand//

You can click on images below and they will get much larger...

( this one slipped my mind lol) 

ohhhh and yes I had made a ruffled basket cover for my bike…

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  1. Sounds kind of fun! I never made a ruffle before but you have heard that many times!

  2. This will be a fun blog hop. When I first saw the light bulb with the text I thought never in my life. To make ruffles is not my thing, but then.... I thought of a special thing, that I have made once about five years ago, I maybe should repeat it. So my lovely Samm, you have made it again. One more blog hop that tempted me. Have a great day. I am going to visit my old parents today, 87 and 84 years old, but still living in there own house without help.

  3. Samm, you are the best, thanks for the tuto, I will try it right away :-))

  4. I think I am with Britt-Inger. You have tempted me again. You have rekindled my love of ruffles. I raised 3 girls and mad some dresses with ruffles. I now have 3 grandsons, so no ruffles. However, just sitting here, I have thought of 2 projects I would love to make with ruffles.

  5. Ooh I can't wait for this blog hop. Its going to be lot of fun!

  6. Well, these certainly look easier than how I have always made ruffles by hand. I have always ran 2 lines of stitches across the top edge of my ruffle strip and pulled both threads to gather the darn thing. LOTS of laborus work! I shall have to try your way! Looks much less complicated!

  7. Hmmm, I love ruffles and I love blog hops. With this combination I've marked my calendar to visit on Saturday.

  8. You've got me ruffling through my stash of fabric to get ideas. I used to sew them like Thearica did, but now I use my ruffled tool. Looks like another great hop coming!

  9. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I never ruffle anything....this should be interesting and fun....you know I'll be there

  10. Mmmmmmm ruffles. I like ruffles but haven't made any for a while and I'm not sure why not. I love all your ruffles.

  11. Wow, you're a rufflley girl! Thanks for showing how you do it without the mess and stress! They are just darling in every application you've shown... giggling at the gloves.

  12. Love, love, love those ruffles! Especially the rubber gloves. :) blessings, marlene

  13. Before I read this I had no idea that I needed to make ruffles. Thanks to opening my eyes! Janis@pinklemonadequiltshop.com

  14. GREAT GREAT JOB! I think I will be signing up for this one too!!!!
    You have succeeded in "ruffling" my creativity!!!!

  15. Your ruffled rubber gloves have put several smiles on my face. And you are a ruffiley girl. And yes I will certainly sign in for this blog hop too.

  16. Great tutorial !! Thank You for sharing.
    My best,

  17. Your ruffles look amazing. I also do my ruffles by hand. I bought a ruffle foot and ended returning it after one try. Doing it by hand is the best😄 I will be signing up for this one.

  18. Love your tutorials on ruffling. I did it old fashioned way, 2 lines of long stitches and then pulled to fit into the required space. Been a while since I have made anything with ruffles. Looks like I am going to have to put my thinking cap on.
    All your ruffles items look fabulous!

  19. MME Samm you are a ruffling sweetie, I love all the things you did with ruffles. I use to do ruffles on my daughters clothes but it has been years.
    Blessings Sandra

  20. Thank you so much for the tutorial on ruffles. You make it look so easy. I love all the projects that you did using ruffles.

  21. I've used your machine ruffles tutorial when I made a valence like yours. It makes such nice even ruffles. I've actually made ruffles using your method more recently, but you will see soon...*wink. Thank you for the wonderful picture tutorials. I will try the hand method next.

  22. I'll have to go the machine route. I'm too impatient to do it by hand. I don't do those hexie things by hand either nor do I do my bindings by hand. Please don't send the quilt police after me for that. With 2 granddaughters I have plenty of things that need a ruffle or two! Wonder what will come out of this? *wink, wink*.

  23. Ruffled kitchen gloves, you are addicted to ruffles, LOL!

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this. I have wanted to try them for a while but thought they would be tricky, but your firs tone in particular makes it look so easy. xx

  25. Rosemary B here:
    Hi Missie Samm,
    Yes, I have been looking at all of the activity, at least a few times a week.
    One day... soon. Busy with the olden folks. Mom turned 91 on the 8th of January. Dad is so tired. I worry about him

    You know I am so glad for everything you do. I just adore the inspiration you give to so many, and they inspire you as well.
    Today is going to be a beautiful sunny day in No Va, only 22 degrees! a heat wave, so I am running out of here in a few minutes.
    I am going to the fabric store up the road to --- get some fabric with a coupon that expires soon. Freeee fabric.

    Then I will come home and make 5 phone calls to clear up doctor office "problems" and prescriptions for my parents.
    Maybe go to the gym.

    I am working on a silly annoying project for my quilt club (the only fun thing in my whole life hahaha just kidding)
    I did not really want to start this one and finish it, but someone in my quilt club showed hers almost done and I immediately became -- well, just like you and "that other lady" you know who I am talking about... yeah, her! So I came home and sew myself up to doing a LOT of hand sewing, which I carried around in a little box of supplies to doc appointments, visits, everywhere..... every one asks "what are you making" and really.... when they see, they look at you kind of funny.
    I will send you photos when it is done. It is not impressive but I still have some sewing to do.... and the ruffles might just be what I need to add.
    You know I adore you. -and I will never let you go :-)
    Love, Rosemary

  26. You do make that look easy. I like your machine method. Thanks! Pleat & sew, pleat & sew. Looks much more fun that when I do by hand. We do know, you are the ruffle Queen.

  27. Love all your ruffles! Especially the flamenco dancer. I started flamenco dancing when I was 27 for about 7 years so I'm partial to the dancer.
    Thanks for sharing

  28. all great projects. where can i find "THE TAMMY" pattern?


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