Wednesday, January 22, 2014

REST DAY and RECAP of our Blog HOPS!

Gooooood DAY …. it is rest day for some ( not me) 

Some are still confused! Yes, we attracted over 1 MILLION observers during our recent WAKE UP TO KONA blog hop. I still get mountains of emails. In fact looking at the stats from last January we have jumped by 47% percent. To bad we were not a REAL COMPANY with INVESTORS….lol

Wellll we really do have INVESTORS, YOU, those who participate, our wonderful sponsors who
understand the marketing of what WE ARE ALL DOING!

Here are some questions I still get but certainly worth recapping…. Today is the day to ask…I will
keep checking in and I will add your questions and answer them here….how does that sound?


#1 What kind of blog are you?

Think of us this way. My husband has a great way to describe to his colleagues what I do…
"My wife ( Mdm Samm) no he does not call me that lol --she manages a UNIVERSAL QUILTING BEE ONLINE" 

I like that… that is what WE do! …WE attract quilters, sewers, stitchers from all over the world, last count of countries that read our blog was 62… OUR BLOG IS just that OUR BLOG. I may come up with the THEMES in which YOU can get involved by just sending in your name, blog when we announce the next new blog hop. But this is YOUR BLOG, OUR BLOG!

For instance this week, we will be announcing THINK RUFFLES. Anyone who would like to create something with ruffles, any project, any colour whatsoever can participate.  I will be working on a tutorial on different ways to make a ruffle.  It may even be up tomorrow... WE have 2 blog hops per month.

#2 What are blog hops?

WE Supply a list of participants who want to create something for show and tell on a given theme…
Like the Wake up to KONA, you noted a list of 6-7 blog names…EAch one links to the next blog
on the list and if everything goes well and it usually does, you can link to the next blog on the list
and it will take you to the next participants creation. WE are all cheerleaders, so we even leave comments to cheer them on. That is what we do. Anyone and everyone can always benefit from accolades of our peers. BLOG HOPS is a like a meeting of quilters ONLINE instead of a in a brick and mortar building...

#3 How does one get involved?

That is the easy part, if you like the theme that is announced, and you have a blog  and you can sew, and quilt and you are committed to WOW us, you just enter your name to our Cheerleader for that hop.  YOU need a CAMERA, and we even help you with tidbits on how to take better photos… YOU create within the theme hop guidelines and commit to show something on your blog that day...

#4 Who are the cheerleaders and how can I become one?

I choose the cheerleaders, based on organizational skills, how many blog hops they get involved in, do they leave comments for others, are they cheerleaders in the quilting community? Do they constantly put their best forward, are they creative, have a sense of humour and don't need a lot of hand holding…
Are they dependable, gracious and take the lead, are they competitive in a nice way ..…simply put that is what I am looking for.

There are benefits to being a cheerleader. I am constantly observing, recruiting…NOBODY does anything alone. I realize that more than anyone. YOU too can be a Cheerleader, just be ONE.
* although they are sworn to secrecy on how they are rewarded I can share with you, I often hear
squeals of laughter and excitement at the other end of the phone lines…

OUR CHEERLEADERS make me a better quilter, designer, PERSON! They bring out the BEST in you too…. JUST BE A CHEERLEADER IN LIFE! I will know!

#5 How can I find out about past blog hops?

I have posted all photos of our quilters projects on these boards at Pinterest.
A great way to be constantly inspired. There are thousands of completed
projects of all those who have participated in our hops...

#6 How do I enter the giveaways?

You can win if  you  participate in our hops
You  can win if you were the top 2 of the day
You  can win if you leave comments.

WE enter all comments that have an email address, we check out data ( kind of like your thumbprint, you can only have one) If we have 3-5 different emails coming from one computer, they are  disqualified automatically. ( unless of course it is a family of quilters who live together)
Would you believe there are SERIAL COMMENTERS…? WE know who they are and they never win anything here…. Those who win our giveaways are from the quilting community. Everyone can win that gets involved.

#7 Who pays YOU? * I still get this almost every day…lol

I don't get paid by anyone, not a dime. There is no money placed in my paypal from any of our sponsors. I can make requests from sponsors when I need something for a project that indeeds highlights their company. I do negotiate all the giveaways for YOU not me. Trust me if I really
need anything I can purchase it on my own.

MY rewards which at times does bring me to TEARS is what YOU CREATE. It is the friendships
that have grown from YOUR participation. When I hear from YOU on a new friend you made
through our blog hops…that makes me smile. The fact that you feel safe, acknowledged, loved
here, that is my reward.

I am more than a Cheerleader, I am like the orchestra leader whose back is always to the crowd. That is my role, I don't mind at all, not being a designer or author or pattern maker in mags.... I am deliriously happy being HERE, at home, with my family doing what I love to do….  I love bringing you all together and seeing what LOVELY creations that wow me time and time again…

That is how I get PAID. wink

Ok, that kind of sums up the queries that have come through these past few weeks…

NEXT.. I need a cup of coffee!



  1. What a wonderful blog hop this has been. Thank you Mdm Samm and Carol for doing and amazing job! And thank you to the sponsors! :)

  2. Wow, very well said. You have a way with words (and quilting, and creating, and, and, and....) I think it's safe to say "YOU'RE AWESOME". And the part about getting paid. I get it completely but my family sure doesn't! I constantly get "why do you blog, you don't get paid do you?". No I don't get paid any money but there's more to life than money! And and I like it so I'm going to keep doing it! Thank you again!

  3. Thanks for all you do to keep these hops going!

  4. #8- AND Mdm Samm does a fabulous ob organizing these blog hops!

  5. Thanks so much for the explanation. I don't remember how I first became aware of your blog hops but I have wondered about the overall structure. Now I understand! And, once I get caught up on my backlog I'm going to jump in as a participant. I've resolved to not take on new projects until I get some of my old ones done. But I do so love the inspiration of looking through everyone's projects! Thanks and thanks again!

  6. Thanks for all your hard work Mdm Samm<3 This was my first hop and it was sooo fun. I hope to do some more of these this year for sure:) Everyone was so encouraging and the projects definitely WOWed me!

  7. Thank you for all you do. Kona was my first blog hop and it was so inspirational and just what I needed to brighten these cold winter days. I look forward to the next one!!

  8. Your have created a sensation! Thank you very much for all your hard work. I look forward to being in a position to participate again in your hops :)

  9. I know it must be a lot of work for you to organize these hops, so I hope you know how much it as appreciated by those of us who participate. Thanks so much for all you do. It's a lot of fun to participate in the hops, and to see what everyone else does with each theme. I always look forward to when you announce new upcoming hops to see if it's something I would be interested in. Even when I don't participate, I like seeing what the others make.

  10. Thanks once again Madam Samm for doing what you do! I have been following this blog almost daily since it was stash manicure and it couldn't be in better hands than it is now. You are truly an inspirational and uplifting person. Ever since I talked to you on the phone that one day, I have referred to you as my friend Samm. The day you posted the picture of the McDonald's covered in snow, I told my family to come to the computer and see what my friend Samm posted.

    I haven't been commenting over the last two years and I'm sorry for that. I know you love to read comments. It is one of your forms of payment for doing what you do. lol My mother-in-law passed away and I moved from snowy and cold Pennsylvania all the way to warmer Mississippi which is 1200 miles away from my family, friends, and all I have ever know. But I still stop by to read almost daily. My life here is much busier than it was in PA. I'm still highly involved with both my daughter's schools and Girl Scouts. We are also preparing to send our oldest daughter off to college in PA next year.
    My mother-in-law left me with a TON of Wal-Mart/low quality JoAnn fabric. It takes up almost a whole room in my house. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on what to do with it. She was not much of a quilter, she made a sold medical scrubs. Much of it is not prints a quilter would choose. Any help would be appreciated. I would really like to start using the stuff up.

    Once again, THANKS!!!! You brought a smile to my face again this morning. It is uplifting to read what you write here.

    1. Doll quilts! Kids love 'unique' fabrics. Our quilt guild does a LOT of these with fabrics that have been donated they are then donated to local shelters. He kids faces make it worth every second!

    2. Stacy... Some of the Senior Centers take donations of fabrics so they have something to keep them busy. If you have more than you will ever use, think about donating to your local town center.

      You can also make pet bed quilts for your local animal shelter. It matters not if the prints are current. Those sweet animals will love you for their comfortable quilt that gets them off of the cold floor.

      We also have 2 homes here for children in my area and you could check to see if your area has such institutions. Lap throws for these children create huge smiles.

    3. To Stacy: I would offer the Girl Scout groups you work with the chance to get merit badges or whatever girls get by sewing lap quilts and activity pillows for people in elder care. An activity pillow has fabrics of different colors, different textures, a zipper, some snaps, a little velcro something that is tethered on to the pillow so it can't be lost. Elderly sometimes like to have their hands busy. Also, there are free patterns out there for invalid robes that are fairly simple to sew. My grandmother used "ugly" fabric as batting for lightweight quilts but she never really did the quilting, she TIED all her quilts. Very simple and quick and fun for a group of girls. One of our guilds Makes big pillows and everyone donates scraps. Then we seal them up and the local animal shelters sell them in their thrift shops. Maybe that is another Girl Scout badge--charity and animal care. Good luck. I think you have so much on your plate right now, it must be overwhelming but you can do it!

    4. Stacy-- In my county, we have a group of ladies that sew for the needy and they always accept donations. The Quilters Quild also makes donation quilts. You could check around and see if there is anything iike this in your area. I am sure if there is they would definitely appreciate any donations of fabric you would like to give to them. Nursing homes love to receive adult bibs and lap quilts for their patients also.

    5. Our local high school kids team up with our quilt guild members to make charity quilts each year for homeless shelters, children's hospitals, and etc. Donated fabric (this year, it was all from Riley Blake Designs) is cut up into 1-1/2 yard lengths. The quilt guild ladies envelope stitch two pieces right sides together with about an 8" space left open for turning. Then the batting is added and stitched along the same lines, the quilt is turned right side out, and the opening closed either by hand or machine. The high school kids take a day or two and tie the quilts. They usually finish 35 to 50 quilts to donate. It's fantastic!

  11. We love you for it! Mmm coffee I'm on my way!

  12. I have been hopping along with you off and on for about a year or so now. There is always something to see, always something to learn. I knew the answers to some of the above, but it is good to have all the questions together. Some I did not know I wondered about until I saw the answer!

  13. This is my third hop with you and let me say, they keep getting better and better! Thanks for all that you do and all the work of the wonderful cheerleaders. Looking forward to a quilty 2014!

  14. You make me push myself to try new things and work my brain a little more each day. Thanks! :O)

  15. You put it all in words so well. These blog hops give us quilters validation!
    Enjoy your coffee!

  16. Madame Conductor ... Bravo! ... :-)

  17. Hi, I hope you will fine with the snow!!! I´m back, so if you can see my blog, you are welcome.


    Costa Rica

  18. I love those blog hops and as you well know by now it is very difficult to resist the the different challenges. I have been participating for more than one a half year now and according to my own opinion, LOL, I have explored my creativity to grew more than I thought was possible and tried different techniques, some of them was not my cup of tea and some of them I just loved.
    This blog hop Wake up to Kona was the best ever and so wonderful, but I think that I have said that before about earlier blog hops.
    Thank you lovely Samm for your enthusiasm and your creativity.
    But I am sorry that there are only a few quilters from Sweden that have found you and want to participate with projects in the blog hops.
    Hugs from Sweden

  19. About a year ago I was told about a mysterious Madame Samm who wasn't mysterious after all. She loves to help, teach, encourage, challenge and promote women. She is kind, smart and important, and has 5406 followers !

  20. I loved the wake up with kona hop. It opened my eyes to tons more blogs and I love me some kona so woo woo!!!!! I'd love to be a cheerleader for y'all one day!!! Rah rah sis boom bah!! **dont mind the dust bunnies I was shaking off my high school Pom poms :)**

  21. I enjoy being part of your online 'UNIVERSAL QUILTING BEE'…the inspiration I get from you and all these talented ladies is 'PRICELESS'!!! Thank you so much :)

  22. Nicely explained! Just dropping by to tell that you are doing a great job! Thank you!

  23. Blog hops are always full of inspiration from those who participate and show their creations. Blog hops make you feel good when you do get some wonderful comments from all the cheerleaders. Blog hops are a great way to discover other blogs you didn't know about and follow their blog. Blog hops are a great way to meet and make new blog friends from around the world without ever leaving home; and you can even wear your pajamas all day long and your blog friends won't mind at all, LOL!!!! Blog hops put your on a time schedule so that you have to push yourself to "get 'er done" in time to post on your day to show others. Blog hops help you to "think outside the box" sometimes in order to fulfill the theme requirements. Blog hops are just so much fun!!!!

  24. I feel bad that I can't comment on every blog everyday. I have recently started babysitting my grandson and I hardly have time to blow my nose. Its been twenty years since there was a baby in the house, I forgot a lot and am re-learning the hard way from a 3 month old who only takes 30 min naps. I have had such fun checking out the new projects everyday. My one small bit of relaxing with a cup of coffee per day. They are always beautiful and creative. I admire all the participants for their focus in getting them done. And I really appreciate all the cheerleaders, official and unofficial. Such a great group of women. And I am awed by Mdm Samm's organizational abilities. Wow. I wish I could accomplish half as much a day as you do. You are amazing and very kind to encourage everyone as you do.
    I guess my thirty minutes are up. I sincerely thank everyone who gives their time and talent to these hops.

  25. You keep me wanting to see what is going on in the big wide world! Living in a small town is ok, but I have to depend on the internet for quilting ideas and new products. Well I should say you are helping me support my buying habits and everything you suggest has always been fantastic, LOL! I love the Blog hops for the wonderful things that have been created. Your generosity and feelings toward those in need, has sparked a flame in all of us. Thank you for being YOU!!!

  26. That about sums it up. Well said. Always such a pleasure to visit & play along. I have been pushed by the different hops I've participated in and observed. Thank you!

  27. Thank you for the explanation of all that goes on here and I LOVE looking at the amazing photos. They are always SO colorful and happy!

  28. Serial Commenters? Really? How funny! In addition to everything you said above, I love reading the comments you get too. I feel like so many who are on here often are my family and friends and when I see their name on a hop schedule I smile and wonder what will they create this time. We all appreciate you, dear Samm.

  29. #8 I'm absoutely honored to be part of this UNIVERSAL QUILTING BEE ONLINE!

  30. I have learned more about myself and what I am capable through your hops and not just with sewing. Looking forward to the year and stretching creativity even more. -You are the Best Cheerleader and I appreciated you so much! ~Amy~

  31. Thank you for another wonderful blog hop, Mdm Samm. I get so much inspiration from these. Hopefully, I'll be taking part in another hop sometime. Thanks again for all you do. Hugs, Christine xx

  32. I am sorry that I really did not get to follow along with this hop as I normally would and cheer the girls on. That sewing room re-organization took about 10 days out of my life counting the time to empty, put the flooring down and re-load. Now I am busily trying to get ready for the next on I am signed up for! I could not get caught back up so followed along with pinterest. Obviously another successful hop with the Kona solids! You are the best and the blog hops are the best because the hoppers SO rise to the challenge you present us with. My secret ambition is to some day be a cheerleader---shhhhhhh. Keep 'em coming and I'll do better the next round because I missed it!

  33. Thank you Mdm Samm for helping us inspire others and be inspired! I am looking forward to the She Who Sews Hop... it'll be good to get back into a routine. I've scaled back a bit to take care of myself the last few weeks. Looking forward to tons of inspiration to help me (and others) get through this long dreary winter! Happy Quilting, Cindy

  34. I very much enjoyed this blog hop.... you all made some great stuff to share!
    I never thought that much could be done with solids...

  35. For all you do... You deserve a coffee and a rest. Thank you for another wonderful hop, Madame Samm!

  36. Bless you Madamm Samm. I do enjoy everything you organize and do for us. It is such an inspiration to follow your blog hops. Thank you ever sew much dear.

  37. You have a great way with words. Now I have a post to refer others to when I receive these questions. You have rocked my world in so many ways and I am so much better for it. We have a community here that grows everyday with your leadership. Thank you for ALL you do.
    Rewards in life aren't always material things. Friendships and kind words last so much longer..
    oh, but I'll take the material things if they come my way...lol

  38. As you know, Madame Samm, I am eternally grateful for you and this quilting community of which I am blessed to be a part of ... all of you have done so much for me than most will ever know! I love my online quilting bee for inspiring me, encouraging me, and motivating me to not only be a better quilter, but constantly striving to stay apart of this wonderful group! Thank you to you, Madame, and to all of the wonderful people it takes to make up this community I adore feeling included in :)

  39. I'm amazed at everything you do, Samm, you do have a gift! And your husband sums it up perfectly! A Universal Online Quilting Bee! Where we can all bee amazed, bee inspired, bee encouraged, bee creative, bee acknowledged (when participating) and bee better for beeing here! Thank you, and thank your good husband for his support of you.

  40. Hi Madame Samm, I'm new here,I would like to send you a picture of your table runner I enhanced! please forward me an email address, thank you!

    1. Leslie Coffman hard to reply since you have no email lol

    2. I'm sorry it's Leslie.coffman01@yahoo.com

    3. I'm sorry it's Leslie.coffman01@yahoo.com

  41. I am honored to be part of the Universal Bee. I have grown with the regular challenges that you offer on such a regular basis. It has forced me to expand my talents and by points of view. It has provided me with a link to quilting buddies worldwide. In the beginning of my participation in these hops my biggest kick was to make lists of the countries and states where my comments were coming from. So cool. Thanks, I feel it a treat to have you as a friend.

  42. I sew LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog hops, they challenge me to think outside of the box and I've always enjoyed a good challenge. I'm not the best commenter, but I always comment if I like it.. That said, I to needed coffee after reading this post.. :) LOL That said, bring on the Ruffles!!!

  43. Thank you so much for organizing these amzing blog hops. The kona one was my first and I will be joining you soon for another one!


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...