Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mad about Ruffles…THINK Ruffles and join us on our next blog hop!

So we ruffled your feathers a bit have we?
YOU too want to stitch, sew, quilt  RUFFLES to something…

Here is your chance…

If you are new here, we welcome you with 
all the warmth we can muster….

if you love ruffles, WE will be friends FOREVER!

On March 5th till the 14th with the exception of weekends…
YOU will be stitching, sewing, quilting something and 
on your day, AMY ( from sew incredibly crazy)
 our cheerleader who is known
for going way out there to WOW US….will 
be cheering you all on…

Would you believe AMY does not do ruffles..?
but you can bet she will be ruffling some thing for this hop….

If we can get her excited , imagine what we can do for YOU!

amywarner AT rocket mail dot com

subject line

She will need from you the following:

YOUR blog name
YOUR url to your blog name

 Blog Hop Guidelines

1. create something with ruffles…
you can show past projects too…but you have to have at least 1 NEW project.

2. take great photos  - a good thing if you are aiming for
our POST Of FAME each day!
 BEST in Wow and Creativity .

3. have your blog post ready at midnight EST 
so the world can pop in and cheer you on too.

4. turn off your word verification - you really do not want to 
miss that chance of hearing how GREAT YOU ARE!

5. place button ( on side bar, copy code ) 
 on your blog once you hear you are IN,
YOU want your Friends to cheer YOU !

6. most important on your day, 
Add the list of fellow hoppers on your day to your
 post so everyone can find them as easy as they found you
( and please leave your blog link on too) 

7. and most most important….
YOU will be surprised who is WATCHING!

- we can all use more CHEERS! 

WE are already RUFFLED at the excitement..
Ok, maybe just me….wink…
Amy will be I know she will be! 

 how to make them by hand or machine...


  1. I have of course sent a mail to Amy. As you know it is so hard to resist your calls.
    Have a great weekend and warm hugs from Sweden.

  2. Ruffles and Amy...great combination for a blog hop!

  3. Ruffles, ruffles! I can't wait to make some ruffles! Happy quilting!

  4. Not that I have been known to ruffle featers before.... but! LOL! My thinking cap is on!

  5. We'll have fun fun fun as we ruffle our way through it.

  6. Ok, this is pretty scary because I never made ruffles before. That being said, count me in. LOL I'm up for the challenge. Going to email Amy now. Yikes, I must be crazy!

  7. I an sure I can ruffle up something ... ;) Pat

  8. I found you from Wake Up Kona and am so inspired. I sent Amy an email; I hope my idea can hold up to you creative ladies. ~Shari

  9. Everything will be coming up ruffles! I too must be crazy. I haven't ruffled anything since my 26 year old daughter was a little, little girl! I can't wait! Sending Amy an email.

  10. I must confess, as soon as you said this was coming up, I started thinking about ruffles. And then I tried your ruffle making technique and ruffled enough to make a pillow. Just practice, mind you, but gosh it was fun! And I needed a new cover to replace my Christmas ones. I was so surprised, even my hubby loved it He says we can't just let it sit on the couch because it will get messed up! Ha! If it does, I will make another!

  11. I sent my e-mail to Amy last night when I got home last night. Sounds like it has already filled up! It will be fun to see what everyone dose. Have a great weekend.

  12. I am going to sit out this round but just reading Mary's note above, it may have already filled up. The one project that I can think of, a new dust ruffle for my bed, is not one that I am quite ready to undertake at this point. I even got the ruffler foot for my serger for when I AM ready for it. I'll watch and cheerlead!


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