Saturday, January 4, 2014

I love Winter, love snow and love Guinness Beef Stew.!

Here is a Landmark I am sure you ALL would be familiar with!
This is a hill of Snow that has fallen from the heavens this past week..
I had to go into town which for us is down the escarpment…
and this was taken in a small town called Grimsby!

and here is a photo of our home….
our snow banks are about 4 feet tall and I just love it…
All of this has fallen in the past week.
Our snowblower has certainly been busy…

Sumatra does make me laugh…she cries  to go out then gets down off the deck,
and sits there…the banks of snow are all around her keep her motionless….
I usually have to go out and pick
up her to come in…. We go through this countless times per day lol

I just love that our Blue Jays have such attitude…He could see me taking pics…
he gave me many profiles, but this one says it a lllllll!

Mrs Buttons… she is getting braver….again all these photos are taken from me on 
the window bench inside the house….

Now alll this winter white stuff has me thinking STEW

but no ordinary stew….one that is made with 
Guinness Beer….This is one of our staples during our cold spells..
Nothing warms you like a hot stew…

thought you would like the recipe….

  Recipe from Mdm's Samm Kitchen

1 -3 to 4 pound bottom blade pot roast
( braise it first then cut into chunks…about 1.5 inch cubes)
3 tbs of butter
2 onions chopped fine ( I like sweet onions)
1 tb tomato paste
2 garlic cloves minced
1/4 cup of flour 
2 boxes of beef broth…( or cans) approx 3 cups)
1 bottle or can of Guinness Draught beer
2 tb of brown sugar
5 large yukon gold potatoes cut into 1.5 inch cubes
8 med size carrots cut into 1 inch pieces

How to:

salt and pepper 
before browning, add butter and on medium heat
Braise or brown roast on all sides then cut into cubes.
Add back to your large bottom pot...
Add onions and cook till soft, add tomato paste and simmer
till all browned…now add garlic cook for about a minute, stir in flour and then pour beef broth… beer and brown sugar
No need to cover pot and simmer for about 2 hours on low heat…
( you can do this in a crock pot too…but braise or brown
meat in a pan first) 

After 2 hours, add potatoes and carrots…cook till
tender, about 1 hour…season…
I like to add some cloves…usually 4….this just makes
it very fragrant….

Serve with hot biscuits…a perfect meal for a cold winter day..

See you soon for our KONA HOP!

I just happen to come across this 
flamingo…I know it was  a treasures from my world travels 
from years ago…it still had a sticker on it..
goodness me she was priceless…lol

I thought of someone immediately when I found her..
she would be good for glasses or a card..
surely she will find some use for her…

So she will be packed and on its way tomorrow..

What treasure have you come across that had 
SOMEONE"s name on it? 


  1. Happy New Year!
    Ummmmm! Great stew and Kona cottons!
    All the best to you and yor man!
    Ake care, Leslie

  2. Sounds wonderful to me. Just wish we had a little snow here too. Cute birdies! I wish you a wonderful and blessed new year filled with laughter and stitches.
    Hugs Martina

  3. I am so excited!! I had no idea you were in Canada, let alone so close!! I am a little over an hour north from you in the Center Wellington area!! Too cool! I am so excited to be a part of the Kona Blog Hop!! Love your pictures!! Stew looks amazing!! Any substitute ideas for the beer? We don't drink.

  4. Now why was I thinking you lived in the U.S.?
    My husband's jaw dropped when he saw the picture, he used to live outside of Grimsby on an acreage years ago.
    Thank you for the wonderful stew recipe, it looks yummy and with our prairie's -40C (and colder) weather it will be perfect.

  5. I'ts beautiful, but if I have to deal with just one more person screaming that they can't get home for 5 days at the airport... LOL! It's be a very tough travel season for many! If only people has wings like birds! Tee hee hee I so wish I was sitting in you window box just enjoying things! :-) How's David doing?

  6. Our snow is coming tonight, only have 5 or so inches now and are awaiting 10-12...good time to quilt :) Stay warm, that stew sounds similar to my recipe but we don't do the Guinness...the mister does like to drink that, maybe I'll steal a bottle from his stash next time I make stew. Thanks for the wonderful bird pics!

  7. I LOVE all your snow!! We have had quite a bit this season but not so much since Christmas. And your pictures are so fun!! And yum, I am trying this stew sans the Guinness - will it be as good, do you think?? :-))

  8. I love your pictures and the winter weather. Here in the south of Sweden the weather is spring like. I am in fact longing for winter weather with snow, that we are used to have this time of the year.

  9. I have never seen this much snow!

  10. So much snow! It looks beautiful even if Sumatra doesn't think so. I will be making that stew next week for sure...yum!

  11. Your snow looks beautiful (I love snow too) and I see the first ruffle of the year! :) What would happen if I needed the stew to be wheat/gluten free, just leave out the beer and the flour...I wonder about using gluten free flour? We will be inside starting early tomorrow...only going to be -60 windchill which means frigid!! Your home looks warm and cozy.

  12. Love seeing snow in pics or on the mountain in the distance from our home (not a fan of cold weather!) Your stew recipe sounds yummy..I'll definitely be giving it a try..thanks for sharing :)

  13. OMG! My son loves this stew. He leaves far away these days; but I will make your recipe on his next visit. Thank you!

  14. Wonderful photos, everything looks so pretty covered in snow. Delicious looking stew too.

  15. Your stew sounds wonderful. I was wondering what to make for dinner Wednesday (my day off). Now I think I know. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe.

  16. Awesome pictures! I wish I had some of that stew.

  17. love the pics - I was raised on good stew - my mother always made dumplings and added them to the stew - 10 min uncovered then 10 min covered - and being the carboholic that I am, the dumplings were the best part

  18. I'm with Sumatra. I hate winter and snow and cold. I don't cry to go out, but our cat Peanut does and then she comes right back in. It's been so cold she has given up going out the last couple days. Love Beef stew--I'll have to try your recipe sometime.

  19. Happy New Year, I am wondering how you can get around and do all the things we normally do with all that snow and ice. Living in Australia and not seeing much snow, except on the mountains this looks it would be so hard to live normally. We are currently having a hot summer and I would love some relief but not all that snow lol, best wishes Wendy

    1. love to answer you….Wendy, you are a no reply blogger, which means I cannot answer as there is no email…and I am not a google plus as it causes many problems with our blog….so drop an email next time…we live quite easily in winter as our townships and cities are prepared with snow plows, brine and sand….it is rare we cannot get out…best

  20. Wow you have a lot of snow! I will not complain anymore about how much snow we have... we don't have much, but it sure will be cold here on Monday. I'm planning a sew day. Your recipe looks wonderful, Thank you for sharing it. Maybe I should try it sometime this weekend.

    Stay Warm and Happy Quilting,

  21. Thanks for the delicious looking recipe. I shall have to try that soon! ... :) Pat

  22. I love looking at pictures of snow, but am so glad we are in the middle of summer here!! Thanks for the recipe, I got a new cast iron casserole pot for Christmas (I've never had cast iron before!) so might make this to try it out!! I love casseroles winter and summer, they taste so good and are so easy to make!

  23. WOW! dude! That is a whole lotta snow! I want some please!

    Your stew looks yummy! We made white chicken chili today... Have left overs for tomorrow!

    Happy winter!

  24. Love all that white! So nice to see when I'm enduring 70 degree temps in Miami for Winter. Your recipe sounds delicious and super easy too. :-)

  25. Beautiful photos and your stew sounds heavenly.

  26. Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Yummo, but definitely not for breakfast. I think we are going to give this one a try too. The size of the roast makes it sound like this recipe makes a lot, Yes?

  28. Love your pictures.
    Happy New Year!

  29. I'm with Sumatra, but I'm glad you like the snow and winter. This stew looks so yummy. Thanks for the recipe.
    You make me want to go camera shopping...

  30. Wow! I'm only 45 min. West of you and we don't have THAT much snow! I'm trying to decide between sewing and snowshoeing. Hmmm, decisions...

  31. This recipe should wonderful! Thank you, I can't wait to try it.

  32. Having been sick all week...that stew looks heavenly!!!! Your photos are so fun...jealous of the snow for sure! Hugs!

  33. The stew sounds yummy! Do you have to use the Guinness beer or will another beer work? Btw, l love flamingos. Don't know what my fasication with them is but I'm really attracted to them. Hubby hates them so I have to be selective on what I bring home and where I put it.

  34. Great pics! Love the birds and that stew looks yummy:)

  35. I'm glad someone likes snow as there seems to be an abundance of it this year in the US. I just wish we'd get some rain here in CA. It's been so dry I had to get a vaporizer to help me sleep! Our three rescue kitties are always curious about going outside but we don't oblige them. If they happen to get out accidentally, they don't go very far and hurry back inside when we do find them! Your Pot Roast looks delicious, can't wait to try it. I know we must have a bottle of Guinness around here somewhere. Can't wait for Kona Blog Hop to start!

  36. Send me some snow please, I sew love it and I sew miss it :)

  37. Was a balmy 9 degrees so I made your stew for my family last night for dinner... they LOVED it. So yummy Thank you for sharing the recipe with us.

  38. Good thing you are the one living there, then! LOL I really HATE snow and cold! The pictures are wonderful, though, thanks for sharing them.


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