Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't let the door stop on day 2

with an extra day added Jan 27th to Feb 7th

When I first announced DOOR STOPPERS
I mentioned that they really are PIN CUSHIONS on STEROIDS! 

YOU will see what I mean…..oh my this will be a delight!

A warm welcome  with all the warmth we can muster
to our newbies and  to those who cheer hop after hop
soooo nice to see you again…we relish you to bits..
Here we are day 2 of 
 Don't let the DOOR stop YOU…

If you have been searching for DOOR STOPPERS
TODAY will have you inspired.
Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks
 who has become known
as that other other other LADY
is cheering you on.
Ever since she stitched her way into our hearts
none of us have been the same. 
In fact many of us including all those other other ladies
have been fidgeting in their sewing rooms…
Soooo let's see who will be inspiring us TODAY.
Ohhhh I see some very lovely stitchers…
Door stops can be made with ANY collection from their STASH! 
Don't Let the Door Stop you

January 28th
threads on my socks
How ART you?
Den syende himmel
Moosestash Quilting
life, quilts and a cat too

What WOWED us overall

The expression on both of them is "No really, do we look STUFFED?" lol
seriously, trying to be….both of these are just adorable…
stuffing and all…WOWZEE door stoppers...

What Wowed us in CREATIVITY

And let's keep swimming a log….the detail in these duck doorstoppers
certainly made quite an impression….! 

Be a cheerleader, our world could use more cheers!


  1. Wow, what a great first day of door stops. No doors are stopping these gals, they have set the bar high. What a super fun hop. I want a door stop for every door.

  2. Just finished hopping to see the door stoppers on parade today! Love them all!

  3. The cat and the dog are really on steroids, I love them, they made me really laugh and laugh!!! Thanks and glad you are out of the storm :-)

  4. What cute doorstops! I really loved the standing Moose, too. :)

  5. Yes indeed, the dog and cat are on steriods and stuffed fatter than a Thanksgiving Turkey! And aren't those ducks just .... DUCKY! Very cute!

  6. What a great start to the door stop hop! Such creative bloggers!

  7. I have a funny picture in my mind...imagine that.....ducks float right..... can't you see the fat cat and the puffy pooch bobbing up and down in the water ....LOL.

  8. Such adorable ideas today! What a great start!

  9. Lots of great doorstops today. The chubby cat and dog just cracked me up! They were so cute! :O)

  10. What a great stop to a lovely hop!

  11. What a fun hop!!! I love all of the ideas.

  12. What a cute idea pincushions on steroids. Loving all the inspiration

  13. I loved all the doorstops today, but they were waaay too cute to sit on the floor.

  14. I love them...how did I miss signing IP for this hop? I am going to blame the holidays. LOL. I am still going to check what everyone made though. Am not going to miss a one!



  15. Thanks for thinking my not so mini puff cats and dogs were worthy of recognition today. They were so fun to make and Cindy Rose was so kind to answer a query or two that I had. I am happy that they brought a smile or a giggle from the hopping crowd today.

  16. The doorstops were all awesome, but the fat cat made me smile a lot. He is so cool!!! So many fun creatures today.

  17. The stuffed animals are just adorable and brought a smile to my face!!


  18. Dogs, cats and ducks, all fantastic! Did you notice the fish bone hairdo on Mommy duck, just 2 cute.

  19. Love love these today! Sew cute.

  20. The dog and cat really cracked me up, so darn cute. The ducks really are very unique and creative indeed. I wish I would have entered the doorstop hop. I was thinking draft stopper instead of doorstop when I read the announcement. Ugh!

  21. Great fabrics, Madam Samm, and I love how creative all of these great quilters are!

  22. I see that hoppers follow your suggestions to the letter. That cat and dog are priceless.

  23. What fun doorstops….love the chunky cat and dog!!!

  24. I am late to the party but ever so glad I made it. I am smiling and happy with all the uber creative door stoppers shared today. Thank you for such a great hop dear...

  25. Totally enjoyed today! Wishing I would have hopped in this too. They were all just so fun!!

  26. They are adorable!! What creativity!

  27. I'm enjoying this hop. Lots of creative goodness on show.


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