Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CHECK this out! Gingham Ruffled Bar Stool with Mdm Samm

as in check this out, checkers, gingham  style-wink! 

Gingham and Ruffles was my focus in  2013! ( last year lol)
All my projects that year  were made from  Gingham from RBD!

Gratitude to  Riley Blake Design and PELLON
, for creating a staple print
that has been around for centuries and the proper fusible notion
that makes this stand out...
Did you know it is a design that never goes out of fashion?
NEVER! It has been around since the 17th century...
I found this well documented piece on Gingham I thought
would inspire you to choose RBD Gingham -
YOU will always be in STYLE! 

My Grandmere ( Grandmother) 
 loved gingham too. Here she is in her kitchen...
this photo was taken in the 80's. She was 81 years young, 
she lived till she was 106. 
 Her window treatment was starched Gingham curtains with ric rac trim.
She was a 3 colour lady too...
My style really came from her...We both loved
simplicity. She even matched her kitchen ! 
Ok, I don't always do that wink! 

INTERESTED in your own custom ruffled  BAR STOOL?

Here is what you will need...
FABRIC requirement

1 fat quarter large gingham for top seating area
1 yd of black gingham 
( ruffles are 8 inches wide and double the width of area around 
stool) 21 x 11.5(2)= 65 inches x 2 = 130 inches for fullness)

1 yd of yellow gingham ( same as above) 
1 yd of white polka dots ( also from RBD)  (same as above) 
Pellon Fusible Fleece for some cushioning! 18 x 9 
1 1/2 yards for  skirt lining ( I used some white cotton) to place
 the ruffles on. Cut your piece in half....( you require the length...
the other piece will be for another stool) 

Measure seat, mine was 21 wide  x 11.5 inches  deep.
So I placed a fat quarter on the floor, placed the stool upside down
and clipped using wonder clips and pressed raw edges...

Don't know what I did before Clover Wonder Clips!

Press seams down and cut out a piece of PELLON
fusible fleece 18 x 9 inches and iron in the centre
of your top piece for the seating part of stool...
It will give some body to the top of your stool cover.

Pellon's Fusible Fleece 987F , this package
will be enough for 2 bar stools.  
( if you make 2 stools, double your fabric requirement above
exception, your skirt lining) 
I used medium heat and steam to adhere
this fusible fleece to my top piece. 

Now pin your lining around your top piece, fold in 
the corners like you would if you were binding a quilt.
Turn in seams by 1/2 inch, pin and press and stitch 1/2 seam
all the way around your skirt lining! 
This will give your skirt some fullness and your ruffles
will not be tight! 

This is what you will end up with, now you are ready
for some ruffles...

The left side, only needs to be pressed and stitched 
using 1/4 in seam. This side will be your ruffled edge.
ON your right side, turn in your seam and top stitch close
to the  edge. Use the gingham pattern as your stitching line! 

YOU can hand stitch your ruffles, which I prefer, ( shown in 
the polka dots) or machine stitch a ruffled edge by pleating
and sewing down 1/4 seam.  
Hand sewing gives the ruffle more POOF! 
or as some would call BODY!

Now pin your first ruffle close to the top of your skirt lining. I left 1/2 inch, 
from the top, and then sewed down the ruffle all the way around the skirt lining.

Now we are ready to hand stitch the top of your seat to 
your first ruffle....use a slip stitch to cover the first ruffles edge. 

Pleat your corners with a couple stitches....this is where
you will place some self covered buttons! 

Now you are ready for your next ruffle...Pin and stitch
and place under the first ruffle about 1 inch...so you don't see the skirt lining...
Your top edge will be covered by the first ruffle. 

The same with your last ruffle, if your skirt lining is too long
fold under and slip stitch all way around and you will end with this! 

I added some red gingham self covered buttons on each corner..
And what do you know, I had a matching cup! 

My ruffled stool will be in style for a very long time...

Big thanks goes out to Pellon for always sticking to my projects ...

Cheerfully YOURS

from sewwequilt.com


  1. very cool! and cooler still that you shared your Grandmere with us ... thank you!! Love the yellow and white :)

  2. Lovely project! I can't wait for to sign for the ruffles blog hop.

  3. How adorable I have a round kitchen stool maybe one of these days I will do that. I used a lot of gingham last year on back of children's quilts I have always love gingham and back in 70's in our first home I had gingham kitchen curtains and used gingham as skirt on bassinet so I am a gingham lady too!! Blessings Sandra

  4. You are definitely the queen of gingham's and ruffles! Love that picture of your grandmother!

  5. So cute is right... just adorable and so was your grandma

  6. Nothing better than gingham and polka dots with a wonderful tute. I had a yellow cord sailor pant suit with gingham collar and trim on the puffed sleeves when I was in college. My daughter's nursery has blue gingham ruffled curtains (back then we didn't have much clue to the gender of the baby prior to birth). Thanks for a great tute. You have me recalling wonderful memories of my grandmas and my mom, too!

  7. Great tutorial Samm - I needed this right now. :) blessings, marlene

  8. Now that is bright and cheery. Someone's grammie, would be very proud! :-)

  9. Love your stool cover. You come up with the cutest ideas. Love hearing about your Grandmere.


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