Saturday, December 7, 2013

White Chocolate /Cranberry Shortbread..ohhhhh yes!

This ornament came from my  dear friend pastry chef Daniel.
Certainly reflects who I am over the holidays!
That other lady, yes she is still busy baking
wellll you know we don't compete in anything
at all, but baking, wellllll there may 
be a bit of ..you know lol.

In our home the Christmas season begins
when I get out fresh cornstarch, icing sugar,
butter ( unsalted of course) and some fresh flour.
To make Shortbread...

As far as I can remember Christmas Shortbread
has been our family tradition , with added white chocolate
and some dried cranberries, you will note these are one
bar cookie or mold recipe you will want to bake in your kitchen too~!
Preheat your oven now...at 300'F.
( tools needed, sifter, Kitchen Aid if you have one,
or a mixer of any sort, one large rectangular jelly roll
pan or cookie sheet. or a molded cookie sheet, included these below)
2 cups of corn starch ( always purchase a new box, to get the best results)
2 cups of powdered icing sugar
4 cups of all purpose flour 
3 cups of unsalted butter ( room temperature, soft, not melted)
1 cup of dried cranberries

1 cup of white chocolate chips.
Follow this to a "T" and you will have shortbread that will melt sew quickly in your mouth
you may have to help yourself to another serving lol...

 Hope you have a sifter,
as this will be needed. I have an old fashioned triple sifter, so I can do this step
all at once. However if you do not, you will have to sift all the dry ingredients 3 times.
So corn starch and icing sugar and flour, sift in a large bowl. I then take a whisk
and be sure it is all mixed well.
Empty all of your dry  ingredients into your Kitchen Aid mixer..
add butter now, all at once...and blend with your paddle attachment
until just blended..now add 1 cup of dried cranberries and 1 cup of white
chocolate chips...just fold into batter until well distributed.
Empty onto jelly roll pan, ( add one sheet of parchment paper on the bottom)
I do this even in a non stick pan...just makes it easier to remove from tray once baked)
Pat down and smooth out using a piece of waxed paper, sew you do not toughen
the batter..heat from our hands toughens the dough...

Now place in a warm oven that you have preheated at 300
for one hour...when the edges start turning a nice golden color...
remove..and leave on tray for 10 minutes to cool..
then lifting by parchment paper, transfer to a cooling rack,
20 more minutes then cut into bars. Or if you used
your molded cookie tray, my cookies above were made that way...
( well I use both methods...if I am going to make shortbread, I dare say
I make enough to give some samplings away too) 
you just wait 10 minutes turn upside down and pat back..they will drop out..
cool these as well for 20 minutes...
Now go quick put your kettle on...pour your favourite brew...and tell
me these are not the very best, easiest shortbread you ever made....
Tell me lol…


  1. Sounds & looks delicious. I want them to melt in MY mouth. And what a fun Christmas pan.

  2. Stupid question but for a non-American hard to fathom: How do you measure 3 CUPS of butter? Your biscuits sounds delightful and I would love to try making them hence the question.

    1. Maga, 1 cup of butter = 225 gr of butter
      have a look here: http://www.usa-kulinarisch.de/informationen/masseinheiten-umrechnen/

  3. Mdm Samm, sound very nice, I have everything at home BUT no white chocolate.... Let me try the recipe with black chocolate, 72% cocoa. I will let you know, but I think that this little change will be eaten by my men within some minutes without any protests :-))

  4. We have a big storm coming in today so it's a perfect day to bake some of these. I need to go shopping quick! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  5. Sounds yummy. I'm with Carol, I need to go shopping. This recipe looks so easy and I can't wait to try it.

  6. I do the shortbread too....not Christmas without them!!!

  7. A Christmas tradition for sure and these sound scrumptious. I luv shortbread anytime but it sure tastes extra 'cool' during the holidays! ;) ;)

  8. That sounds wonderful! I like the tip about buying a new box of cornstarch. I always buy new powdered icing sugar too as it tends to taste stale pretty quickly once the package is opened.

  9. I have never made shortbread anything and this recipe sounds totally yummy. I just might have to try this as Mr. C loves shortbread! Thank you for sharing. December Delights Dear...

  10. Mmmmm - sounds wonderful! blessings, marlene

  11. You've been busy in the kitchen. I've only been busy in the quilting studio. But you're inspiring me to get crackin' in the kitchen too. Hard to beat a good shortbread cookie! Mmmmm good!

  12. Oh, wow!! My favorite - shortbread!! And cranberries, AND of course, chocolate!! Thank you sooooooo much for the recipe!! :-))

  13. Yummm! Thanks for the recipe! Looks like an awesome one to make for my trays for my best customers....or maybe keep at home and eat. I'll let you know! Warm hugs to you!

  14. Another yummy looking cookie. I have a the ingredients and might have to just give it a try. Thanks for the recipe! The ornament is adorable. Btw - love your pic with the new fluffy fur hat. As cold as it had been here I should look for myself one.

  15. oh you are making me hungry with these cookies and shortbread recipes! I contented myself with making a couple pans of Morning Glory Muffins so DJ and i have something I can pull from the freezer for coffee break time. They should be coming out of the oven in about 15 minutes, LOL.

  16. Oh Samm those shortbread cookies sound ever delicious! I have promised my son, who is now living back home after being out on his own for a year, that we would bake some homemade cookies this Christmas. Oh yes, I do believe I found our first recipe thanks to you! Xoxoxxx

  17. Is icing sugar just "regular" confectioner's sugar? Really want to try these - they sound yummm!


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