Friday, December 6, 2013

Time .....for some whoopies

YOU know that other lady…not the other other lady..
the first other lady…well she is having a linkie party
for cookies….I will be in my kitchen again tomorrow
making some shortbread, but for now….wellll I thought 
it was perfect time for some whoopies

I am more than  a keeper of this

I bake too. Love to bake in fact.
I was sent this recipe and I followed
it to a T. ( first time last weekend)

Way to sweet for my DH and I's palate.
Sew this morning I changed the recipe
and the results were a much  chewier ( can I say that?)
 cookie with less sugar.
The only thing I did not do was
compromise it's taste...
( crunchy on the outside and chewy in the centre)

I have this buddy, I am sharing this recipe for
today. I understand he lovessssss
oatmeal and sew does his sister..
Sew here you go....Master E. 

I think you will be shouting..
very soon!

great price and you will be using this plenty...
I think I will be getting one more pan..
Wilton has them or some of our local kitchen stores...

Whoopie Cookie 
 WET Ingredients.....

I am always testing recipes , when I made this again,
I subbed 1 ingredient...

1/2 cup of unsalted butter ( soft, you know room temp works best)
3/4 cup of brown sugar..( I chose golden) make sure you pack it well
1/2 cup of honey ( I love creamed honeys)  OR you can add 1/2 cup maple syrup
instead of the honey. ( they just came out of the oven, same texture, a bit diff't
taste...very flavourful) 
2 large eggs
( wet ingredients...mix all these till nice and creamy)
you can  use a mixer..I just did it by hand.

Now for dry Ingredients

2 cups of all purpose flour  ( used Robin Hood)
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon of mixed spiced ( it has nutmeg and cloves and ginger)
1 cup of uncooked oats..not the instant kind...the one that has large flakes.. 
( I chose Robin Hood)
1 cup of raisins..( I like dark ones, golden would work too)


Preheat oven to 325'..you are going to bake this for a longer time
than a traditional cookies...  A warm oven will make them chewier
and more moist...( can you say more moist) or moister lol
 Add your dry ingredients alternating with some raisins...mix
with a wooden spoon...a little more dry ingredients and then more raisins...
YOU want your dough to be still wet, not dry...I always end up
with a couple tablespoons of flour mixture that I don't' add...
because it is at the wet mixture consistency you are striving for.

Look at the pic above. click on it..you can see the consistency
better there..that is what you want to achieve.
SEE IT? lol

Now drop a rounded tablespoon of dough into each
dish...If you don't have one of these, use of course
a baking sheet with some parchment paper.
Those of you who have a  whoopee pan by Wilton,
no prep needed, no butter, no parchment...

Now put your timer on for 20 minutes..YES 20 minutes
They will come out just like this..

I leave them in the whoopee pan for 10 minutes
and then I tap the pan on the side, and let the cookies
fall onto a dish towel ( clean one of course)

There you go...Let's all have a whoopee day..
Or tomorrow...or the day after...
I think a whoopee cookie would be fitting for any day
at all ...
 btw this recipe yields 21 cookies...

Ok, I have some behind the scenes stuff
to address today...still working
and it is Christmas season after all…
I am completing some Christmas projects too..


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I like Robin Hood flour too. Nice header!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. Maybe I should try it, I have to transform to similar ingredients that I could find in Sweden. And transform the oven heat to Celcius degrees. We have had awful stormy days here in the south of Sweden, so bad that we were warned to go outside. I have been in sewing a purse for my mother, that she has asked for more than half a year. Have a great weekend working with your Christmas projects.

  3. Mmmm..finished work at 8 a.m. too tired to bake cookies but not to eat them. If anyone has time to make some for me LOL..substitute 2 tbsp apple sauce per egg and call me to wake me when they are done...I'll bring the tea, coffee, hot apple cider, hot cocoa....whatever you prefer Whooppee!

  4. I'll be making these for sure! My hubby loves oatmeal cookies. :O)

  5. These sound delicious! Will you share your shortbread recipe, too?? I've heard you talk about something with lemon... Hope everything is well with you and yours!

  6. I just gained 5 pounds just looking at your Whoopee cookies! Would love to have one right now with my coffee. I'm going to make these and add some walnuts to the recipe.

  7. They looks super yummy! Thanks for the recipe. The kiddos should love them. ;)

  8. Delicious and Healthy...Now this is a treat! Thank you for sharing. I'll pour you a cup of tea to have with cookies. December Delights Dear...

  9. Oatmeal raisin are my DH favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  10. We have been gone since 8 am for a drive to the coast and this was such a yummy recipe to come home to. We have a party to attend tomorrow evening and I may just make some to share. :)

  11. So delicious! We tried these with cranberries too and they were great… thanks Madame Samm!

  12. You don't even want to know what I thought of when I saw the blog title. (hehe) Gonna have to invest in one or two of those pans. I love gadgets and gizmo's. I've seen them but couldn't figure out what their purpose would be. Now I have an excuse, like I really needed one! Recipe sounds yummy! Thanks!

  13. They look delicious!! I definitely need 2 of those pans, hope I can find something similar here in Australia, I have never seen Wilton brand things in the shops...

  14. That is a good looking cookie. I do love to bake & I love my Whoopie pan!

  15. I haven't started baking yet, if I start too soon. I'll eat too much...I'm sure going to try out some of these Whoopies.

  16. Ahhh, I can smell them in my head. I can! Now just to make them so I can taste them with my mouth! I think I got the whole non reply blogger thing figured out. I was connected via my google account and switched back. Hopefully it worked! xoxoxxx

  17. what was the change you made, was it honey in place of white sugar or simple less brown sugar. Thinking of adding craisins myself. Thanks. :^)


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