Friday, December 13, 2013

There is no place like HOME for the HOLIDAYS!

click on to see details…I see a pin cushion smack in the middle wink...

( we are home for a couple days and gone again)
but sooooon we will be sitting drinking some hot cider
and relishing all the moments that makes this time
Christmas time...

We were home for only a short few hours on Sunday,
but we did manage to accomplish a lot…
Our TREEEEE is all decked up with very treasured
ornaments collected through the years..
I think I wiped so many tears, I could fill a bucket
with tears to keep this tree hydrated…
( if it was real :)

Of course our beloved Sumatra sat in her perfect spot to be sure she was out of the way,
note her looking at the tree of the ornament of T-cup…
"Where is mine? I am sure she was thinking?"
It was there on the other side ….

Every year our mantle is covered with snow- people, this sure we thought it best suited
for our village….I only have 3 ( pcs) , a cafe of course….( was there any doubt)
a cattery for T-Cup and Sumatra….and a post office where I seem to spend as much
time there as the grocers….
Still looking for a quilt shop and bike shop…and I think that will make our village complete..

Ohhh that limited edition print of Santa…we have had for years….a constant reminder
to keep the spirit alive in our hearts and souls…. He seemed to fit in perfectly, don't' you think?

Close up of the Cafe….that is David and I inside ordering up 
2 pumpkin spice lattes...

Ohhh look, someone with a quilt draped upon  their laps…I was soooo excited when 
I found these pieces...

Ohhh The Cat's Meow….that is Sumatra peeking in….

and OHHHH of course we have to have a sign painter…now I was disappointed
I could not locate a lady sign painter in a long skirt…because surely, that would be me
up there painting Merry Christmas wink….

And our beloved Post Office where all your RED parcels get sent out….
In fact more parcels will be sent out today…
watch for them…wink...

 And of course we had to have some post people delivering all of your mail….

forgot to add some wee special bags for some very special peeps..

And yes T-Cup found it quite exhausting…her and her Parent Keeper…( David)
were napping….
shhhhhhhh let us not bother them….

Just a sweet reminder that a lot has been going on behind the scenes…
There are thousands of emails still yet to get to..
my apologies for being soooo tardy …
a very special man in my life has needed me by his side...

Carla  ( our newest cheerleader) 
is thrilled to share by the way
that both are FULLLLLLLL 
We even added one extra day…

so we will be going to FEB 7th…
will change both buttons very soon…

We will be announcing 2 more hops at the end of DECEMBER
for FEB…
A paper piecing project and a ONE BLOCK QUILT…
by our Deonn….
Ohhhh I am soooo excited to share 

with all of you


Made for you to pass the time wink..


  1. How beautiful does your mantle look! Your display is gorgeous. I love the large picture of Santa.

  2. Delightfully cozy and warm! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Your Christmas mantle looks just beautiful. :-)
    So nice to collect and show such wonderful village during the winter darkness. Don´t forget, it's less then 2 weeks untill the sun is turning again....
    Wish you and your H the best, and a happy Christmas. Hugs from Skåne.

  4. Maybe if I put up some Christmas decorations I would get in the mood! Wish I could come hang out with your kitties!!!

  5. With my cup of tea and under a warm blanket, I totally enjoyed my virtual visit to see your tree and village. Sweet! I just noticed your photo on your sidebar is now a furry hat lady...too cute!

  6. Rosemary B here:
    Happy Christmas Missie Samm
    I love the kitty shops the best, heh.
    I love all of your lovely Christmas treasures!
    Love always

  7. Your house is so festive! Thought I might mention that Equilter.com has just got in a big shipment of She Who Sews fabrics and shipping is free this week with a $40 (I think) order! :-)

  8. Oh Samm I do so love your beautiful snow village, your heart warming tree with all your treasured smiles on it, your kitties, and ...and ....and....okay so what's not to love??? Merry Christmas beautiful lady! Xoxoxxx

  9. Dear Madame, thank you so very much for the peek into your treasures ... bless you and your dear ones!! Be well and take care!

  10. Beautiful pictures Madame Samm...you know how to make things festive; for sure. Merry Christmas to you and David!

  11. How beautiful is your tree and mantle. Merry Christmas! I'm looking forward to 2014 as well.

  12. Nice pictures!! Yesterday my son gave the paper at Embassy of Canada for obtaint the visa, we need to wait the answer for 3 weeks.

    Te dejo un fuerte abrazo esperando que esta Navidad y Año Nuevo estén colmado de bendiciones para ti y tus seres queridos, me voy de vacaciones!!!


    Costa Rica

  13. Oh I enjoyed your festive holiday photos and my goodness..What a beautiful lady you are ! Love that photo !

  14. Such beautiful photos of Christmas magic!

  15. Beautiful tree and decorations. Using items that are sentimental, have stories behind them, and show a part of our life are the best ways to decorate.

  16. Beautiful Christmas décor. Those little bags are so charming and wonderful. I really wish I had my tree up. You have brought a little Christmas spirit my way.

  17. Thank you lovely Samm for the visit to see all your Christmas treasures. Your mantelpiece is adorable as your Christmas decorations.
    I haven´t started Christmas yet in my home, but soon all the small santas will be awake again.

  18. I adore your holiday decor and every treasure that has such special meaning for you and your family. Memories to savor and add to each year. December Delights Dear...

  19. Your Christmas treasures are beautiful. Love your little village. I notice you even have a pair of flamingos! My favorite bird. Your tree is beautiful as well. Enjoy the season. There is no place like home.

  20. Beautiful Christmas treasures. Adorable kitty face. Looking forward to the new blog hops ... :) Pat

  21. I agree, absolutely beautiful Christmas treasures. I love getting everything out & remembering, sometimes it is teary, but so good to remember.

  22. Thank you Samm for sharing your home and your heart with us all. Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season. May Santa bring you all that you desire. Merry Christmas.

  23. Your home with all of your special Christmas decorations, love the picture of Santa above the beautiful mantel. The tree is gorgeous, you make everything so special no matter how much you have on your plate. You are a very special person and I so admire you. Prayers and Blessings.Sandra

  24. Your tree and mantle are so Christmas beautiful. We finally put up our metal tree with all of the piggy ornaments. :)

  25. Vou ficar ansiosa aguardando os novos selos.
    Achei uma doçura a tua árvore de Natal com as mini bolsas.Me encantei com tudo.
    Bjs... Mari Bein

  26. Beautiful pics! I have a quilt shop for my Christmas village that I found a few years ago. I will have to take a picture of it! Can't wait for the details on the paper piecing hop.

  27. Love that you changed your profile shot to a winter one with your cozy hat. It certainly looks like Christmas and the holiday season at your house and the furry friends appear to be in agreement. Also I am sooooo in when you announce the February hops later in the month. Both sounds quite interesting!

  28. Your displays are absolutely gorgeous! You've got me thinking that I had better get going on our Christmas decorations!

  29. Your display is amazing. But your blog is too. Love your pictures and your attitude! You are the best.

  30. Your little village is just enchanting! I will have to start mine over, but every year there are new ones out there to choose from. Like you, mine all had memories attached (that was the way I limited what I bought!). They are so much fun!
    Your tree is beautiful and my heart melted at the photo of T-cup cuddled up to her "parent keeper".
    Have a wonderful Christmas season!

  31. Samm, thanks for sharing pics of your Christmas tree with all the ornaments that mean so much, and that little village - so darling! Don't you just love the season - the spirit of giving and sharing. And you and your blog personify that spirit! Thank you for everything you do to bring quilters together from all around the globe. Best wishes to you and David!

    1. :) Soooo looking forward to our February hops!

  32. What a beautiful blog post!! Thank you so much for sharing :)


  33. So where DID you find the little figures with the quilt covering them? So cute!

  34. Such a brilliant post and a delightful picture of T cup. Such a little sweetheart

  35. Holly Pointy Hat, at your service!

  36. I love your Christmas decorating! It was hard to get in the spirit of decorating this year. Our granddaughter and her momma and daddy are still in Japan (year #2 and 1 more to go), and just couldn't seem to get into it. My decorating consisted of a vintage table cloth, and Christmas quilts. Didn't even put up a tree this year. Leaving next week to go "home" to Missouri for the holidays. I'll enjoy mom's tree and decorations there.

  37. Your decorations are beautiful! Snowed in here, who said California is always sunny, LOL! Hope to get out tomorrow, 8 days is enough already.

  38. Hello... My name is Merry Angel Dust. :)

  39. STAR Sugar Plum.... at your service from More STARS !

  40. Your tree and village are so pretty and festive! I love the little bags too. I, too, am Sparkie Happy Feet....have a great weekend.

  41. Hey Sparkie!!.....Elf names...how cute....mine is Buddy Star Light....hummmmm....I like it!! Been busy here too...decorating and painting a big stairway wall....etc!!...shipping gifts to MD with cookies in the center....planning our trip to see our precious daughters' fam in Ohio for a day....Santa Gram delivery....waiting to hear if the transplant will be this month....praying it will for our son.....in this all there is much to celebrate!!.....Be safe!!....hoping I can join a blog hop soon!!......your iron is still such a gift for me!!........You rock!

  42. You cafe looks like a small cafe we saw in a small town outside Georgetown, Ontario. We also have the Santa picture. Are there pictures of children in his beard?


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