Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wake up to Color Essentials, Amanda Murphy and KONA SOLIDS ONLY ! BLOG HOP SIGN UP!

Let's WAKE UP to 2014 Together. 
Let's add a splash of colour, let's turn a page, let's sew a stitch…

This will be our 1st blog hop of the NEW YEAR.

Amanda Murphy, don't we just love HER, well her new book is 
out called Color Essentials  from CT publishing and it is filled with designs using
 KONA SOLIDS ( from Robert Kaufman)  Don't you just love the colours….

In fact Sunrise and Sunset from Robert Kaufman are new to the market and
are our top sponsor for this hop!

Here are some snapshots of the content of Amanda's new pattern book..
Don't they just warm you up to the colours….
YES it is going to be one colourful hop…
Will you be joining us…..?

I got to choose all the Aurifil  threads to match our KONA
Collections….We have some of these to giveaway too! 



We wanted to WAKE UP a few top 3 creators of our blog hops with 
a special something…

All of these ladies have been on our Wall of Fame countless times…
Their projects, photography, patterns have been noted….
~I am always behind them-gently pushing them forward~
 love to add a few more to this fine collection of ladies who just continue to inspire us all!
Will you BE our next PROJECT DESIGNER?

They were all sent bundles of either Sunrise or Sunset, some Aurifil thread
to match their collection and a copy of Amanda's book.

( Robert Kaufman, Aurifil, CT PUBLISHING)
have been very generous already 
for this hop and we haven't even begun yet…can you imagine what else
will be sponsored, and Amanda has some goodies too to offer...)

Now don't  fret, we still have giveaways, books and threads to giveaway too
for those who are into anything KONA SOLIDS…..

These ladies have a lot of pressure on them you know…we are going
to expect big things out of them….but then again  we are going to expect the same from you too.

Blog HOP Requirements

Make something using any KONA solids….
which means. only kona solids….
no prints, not even gingham….just solids….

Embroidery, Applique, piece, paper piece, well anything your heart desires…
small, large, projects...

YOu can show other projects you have done in the past as long as you have at least
1 NEW PROJECT for this hop. 

Let's begin our new year with COLOR, we will ALL feel so much better.

NOW Carol  from just let me quilt….( that other lady will be cheering you all on)
 she has the pressure too of creating something pretty spectacular….
she is one of the top 10 who has been in the top 3 numerous times
to my chagrin…:)
She is always a welcoming cheerleader and my nemesis, but then you knew
that didn't you? 

She will need the following:


send the info with the subject heading…



If you commit, commit. If you drop out or are a NO SHOW - I hear all about it…
Gosh I hate those emails….help me out here, unless an extreme
emergency comes up, please follow through. Our cheerleaders
do an amazing job of sending gentle reminders...

Please add the list fellow bloggers  on your day and keep your name added
too so we know we are on your blog….WE all don't know your names
and blogs names by heart …( well I do wink)

Be a cheerleader for one another, you have no idea how that 
comment, note, encouragement, cheer makes another human being feel.

Put your post up midnight EST. If you are not sure, put it up a day earlier...

Please turn off your word verification…it slows down those comments
by the time we get in, we forgot what warm fuzzies we were going to leave you…
and some just don't bother trying at all...

PLEASE add the Button on your blog ASAP. YOU WANT your peeps
to know you are in this hop….so they can cheer you..
and besides..this button is by far the nicest one yet..
it's PERKY! 

There you have it…..IF YOU are  MODERN Quilter
this is one HOP you will want to be showcased..
WHY…well I am not saying ….YET …..

So which bundle do you fancy..

SUNRISE ( top)  or SUNSET? (bottom)

Which of Amanda's pattern has you wanting more…..?

1 -2- 3- 4

pssst look below for a GREAT Quilting TOOL….


  1. Sunset is my favorite bundle! Of course I like Sunrise too :-). But out of both of them would go for Sunset!

    I love the Garden Path pattern by Amanda murphy!

    1. Since there are no pattern names for the new ones. I got confused and picked an old one.

      Well I love the pattern with Dresden variation!

  2. I live for "pressure"! My life would be rather dull without it! LOL

  3. I hope you mean funny in a good way? Hahaha!!! Looking forward to the challenge!

  4. I like pattern #1 and Sunrise I would say because it just appeals to me I would say.

  5. You describe me well. *wink I'm a nervous wreck all of the sudden. The challenge is on...
    I hope I live up to it. What great sponsors.

  6. It looks like fun.
    The fabrics are very nice.
    I dant know the book

  7. Yipppiiiiiiiiiiiiii, I just love solids, have lots of KONA at home, but these bundles are just fantastic!!! Hopefully I will be part of the hop :-)

  8. Loving sunset...I just love the blues and purples. Sounds like another fun hop!

  9. Unfortunately no Kona in the house but I sure look forward to see all those fab colors in the hop.

  10. I love it!!! My favorite is sunset.

  11. Good morning My Dear !!!!
    I love Kona Solids and I'm in :)
    Have a great day !!!

  12. I like Sunset. The colors are like our desert sunsets.

  13. OHHH, how very fun! I am in, getting Carol my info.... I love that sunrise bundle... I love that sunset bundle ;) I just bought a flying purple eater bundle of Kona :D

  14. What wonderful fabrics!! I like pattern #2 and sunrise is what i will choose...but both are fantastic..

  15. I love looking (and petting) these rainbow bundles. I like #2.

  16. I love the Sunset colorway and so does hubby. He has a better eye for fabrics most times than me. Pattern #2 for me as it is like a puzzle.. and I love puzzles! I try to keep my brain sharp by working puzzles every week. :)

    I am excited to see what the 10 bloggers have in store for us.

  17. Now you are talkin' my 'solid' language! I just received 32 one yard cuts and 2 rainbow jelly rolls of Kona solids. I've got a couple of quilts in my head that aren't letting me get my sleep until I make them. Count me in!

  18. If I was on that top ten list I would be having a heart attack right now, but I know that these ladies will do a good job as proven in previous hops. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what they come up with. One question, does the project have to come out of the book?

  19. I am so looking forward to waking up to this challenge! Beautiful fabrics and wonderful company on these hops ... yay! Thank you so much for the gentle pushes to keep us creatively involved!

  20. I love the Sunset Samm and pattern #3! This is definitely a blog hop I want to take part in........I just love that little coffee cup......you make the cutest graphics!!

  21. I am loving pattern #2 and sunset. well I love all fabric so either one lol! Looks like a great book!!


  22. Waking up to this blog announcement and the beautiful bundles of Sunrise and Sunset Kona Solids has sure brightened my morning! I love both of them, but this morning the Sunrise bundle is my favorite! Tonight as the sun goes down, I will be loving the Sunset bundle, I am sure. I am really looking forward to this hop as I love color, I love Kona and I love making modern quilts! This will really start of a New Year of blog hopping in a wonedrful way! ... Thanks to all who are making this hop happen! ... :) Pat

    1. I love all of Amanda's patterns. If I can only choose one, I will go with # 3. Sew striking! ... :) Pat

  23. I love the Sunset bundle (those blues) and pattern #1 - can't go wrong with a classic.

  24. I love the sunrise and #1 because Dresdens are well the best! :) Fun, fun, fun and such happy fabric! :)

  25. Excitement is BREWING at this ranch !! Yippee !!

  26. I like the Kona Sunset bundle and pattern number 3 is my fave! I would love to participate in this hop!

  27. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with in January!

  28. What a great group of 10. So much talent and so much imagination in that pack. I am into the sunset colors plus red from the sunrise packet. I like #4. On my way to sign up.

  29. Wow, the pressure is on for those nine very talented ladies ... oh, make that ten including YOU. Can't wait to see what they/YOU create with the Kona solids (my favorite solids, by the way). Sunrise is definitely my favorite bundle and #4 is my my fav of the four designs you are showing.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Sunset, # 2. Looking forward to this colorful hop!

  32. Sunset for me, if I were to chose. I am going to behave myself and end this year and/or starting next by finally quilting that stack of 4 or 5 on my armoire. Maybe catch the end of January hop whatever that might be. Sounds fun but modern, I am not definitely NOT. I can still be a champion caliber cheerleader watching y'all strut your stuff!

  33. Oh I might have to join you for this one! The sunset set is just gorgeous! And with so many patterns to choose from the quilting possibilities are endless! Heading to email now :) x

  34. I love Sunrise and #2.
    Looking forward to the hop.

  35. Sunrise is my favorite. I can't wait to get started! Gorgeous fabric!!!

  36. I love Kona! Paper piecing is my favorite and I use lots of solids, so now with their new colors sew many new choices.

  37. i love sunset too. Kona solids are to die for as well. Of course Aurifil thread is my favourite to quilt with. Too much to be happy about here.

  38. I love the sunrise bundle. And project #3 from the book catches my attention. And that Aurifil is just totally amazeing. Oh I would love to use it on something for sure. Looks like a fabulous new book. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  39. So when you say you need to use any Kona solid fabrics, do you mean that I can use just one Kona solid fabric if I want to and the rest can be print fabrics? Or does the entire project have to be made in only solid fabrics? I know there will be a lot of prints and solids in this hop if this isn't spelled out exactly. So before I decide if I will sign up for this hop I want to know if it's only solids or what? Those sure are some beautiful Kona colors you have in your photos...too bad we can't win them first and create later, lol!!!

  40. Who wouldn't want to wake up with quilters,Kona cotton, Aurifil thread,and Amanda Murphy in 2014? Love both sunrise and sunset,but think for the time of year I would have to go with the sunset! The number 2 pattern looks like a great one.

  41. I L.O.V.E Kona cotton....*dreamy sigh*

    I have to say the sunrise bundle is my favorite. Love the warmth of the colors. Amanda's Dresden patter is so up my alley!

    Thanks for all you do for us, Samm...

  42. Really looking forward to this! I like both bundles equally, but I'm feeling the sunrise more at this moment.

  43. Love Kona cotton. I guess I better join in. I am a sunrise girl. Love it!

  44. I love the sunset; I tend to work in more blues, greens, and purples. But, I just signed up to participate in the hop and just picked up the Kona that I needed to make up for what was missing in my stash, and the hop is taking me out of my comfort zone of color. Here we go!

  45. Swoon, thud! That was me falling on the floor while looking at those gorgeous Kona solids and patterns! I'm in love with both sunrise and sunset, but am leaning more towards the sunset at the moment. I just picked up some Kona solid 1/2 yards this weekend for a project that would be perfect for this hop!

  46. I love Kona solids! That sunrise is looking mighty fine, can't wait to see what the ladies come up with using these fabrics!

  47. Love Kona Soldis!! wow to choose, they are both gorgeous bundles!! Why do we always have to use "or" when "and" is so much better!! lol

  48. O love Kona! I go with sunrise right now! I need warm colors to brighten up my winter. And I choose pattern 1. I'm thinking about joining the hop. Wink.

  49. Ooh, fun! I so want to join this one...love me my Kona. Loving all those patterns, but number 3 speaks to me the most. And I'm all over the sunset palette! I'm sending my email to Carol now!

  50. I love sunrise and pattern 3. I am really looking forward to this bloghop:

  51. The only thing I use Kona solids for is dyeing, .. and since it seems we have to stick with a solid color I won't be participating, I never ever ever use solids in my quilts or my projects, just personally do not care for them. I prefer tone on tones.. I don't even own a "solid" of any fabric line currently.. :) it's just me.. what can I say!! I'll just have to watch from afar what everyone does, but the whole idea of the hop is exciting and I'll definitely be looking forward to what everyone does.

  52. Kona solids are great fabrics to make quilts. Love sunrise! I am loving #3 and looking forward to this blog hop!

  53. Sunset and anything Dresden pattern

  54. I can't wait to get some of those solids and make a new dresden.


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