Friday, November 29, 2013

Wake up Newbie Rooster lovers...….it is our last day of Black tie Boogie with Red Rooster Fabrics, Radical Roosters, and Bird Brain Designs as our sponsors..

 ( hot beverage for you)
my  new POP up pencil bag!

Ohh you made it just in time for breakfast..WELCOME

Haven't you just been strutting these past 2 weeks 
with the likes of all those who CROWED and CREATED
for our Black tie Boogie Event?…It has been widely praised by the way,
filled with ohhhh and ahhhhs and many I hear have been converted 
to ROOSTER lovers….NOW that is pretty exciting…
However not quite as exciting as those I share my day with…
 I just adore the likes of them all..
Be sure to cheer them on they will be thrilled to hear from you…

And can I see your shaking pompoms for Vickie
who cheered us all on…This was her first cheering assignment
and she certainly deserves cheers for a job very well done..
Her infectious enthusiasm no doubt turned many of us
into Rooster lovers…Thank YOU Vickie…
 And now it is my time to fill you on
what I love about Roosters...
`between a very busy schedule that has taken me from 
home these past couple of weeks..
I did manage to create a few things…

Not that any of you need your eyes open to the brilliance
this hop has created, but I thought a nice breakfast would
be in order…

 ( taken before snowfall)

On the menu is soft boiled eggs ( these came from DUCKS) 
( not really just did not want to offend our roosters) wink.
 with some cranberry nut bagels ( toasted of course)
some hot coffee and tea and some cranberry preserves with ginger!
Ohhhh and it is a bit cool today, so you will need to wear a warm woolie
and perhaps a fur hat, maybe even gloves…wink…

I was in need of a lovely table cloth for Christmas and I thought this
collection from Red Rooster Fabrics would be ideal. 
As our kitchen area is all decked up in red, black and white,
ruffles and roosters seemed a perfect choice...

and of course I needed a new tea cozy for our afternoon delight..
I designed and stitched this pattern, and I must say…overjoyed at the 
effect, complete with ruffles and fun fur… surprised? 

( everything I created came from RED ROOSTER FABRICS
black tie boogie) gosh I love this collection..
sooooo my colours..

FARM animal buttons from yes…Shellys buttons and more..

and yes more fun fur…but no ruffles…this rooster said NO FRILLS lol

and what is Thanksgiving without a little stuffed turkey…?
yes I made a cute turkey pin cushion to go with our theme of the day..

And I have been working on some blocks for an embroidered rooster and chicken
quilt…here are some blocks that I have been working on…
and I have q-snaps that make it possible to hold my fabric really tight..

been using only kona white with only 4 colours of Presencia Finca #12...

Ran out of time for completing this quilt…but will be perfect for a summer
picnic quilt…wait and see… all roosters and some fashionable chics..

And for those who don't see snow in your area….
 coming home the other day, this is in a field a block away from our home…
it was simply pristine..our very first snowfallllll…


That is all I have got..thanks for coming out to visit..
be sure to add your name for a chance to win any and all these lovely prizes...

 OUR Wall of Fame winner 

And will you look at this…a family of roosters.. sooo darn colourful too..
gotta love roosters..we certainly do..

and most creative goes to….

NOW really, this is as stuffed as you can get after thanksgiving….are they not adorable.
this lady can create magic with her crochet needles…in this case rooster magic...

A very special note of appreciation….
to our sponsors….
of course RED Rooster who really was the spark
that gets us up so early each morning…( ok, maybe that is just me) 
It just would not be the same without you…
Thank you…feathers a flying with excitement….! 

WE also have Patterns to share from Radical Rooster

From the first time I saw these, I have been pecking at what or all I should make first..
She is amazing with her details .....

And on its way, Bird Brain Designs wanted to be part of this too..
and look what she sent…floss, patterns, t-towels..ohhh yes some very lucky ladies
soon will be stitching for Christmas…I just know it lol
all winners announced on MONDAY, lots to giveaway as 
well as extras….always extras stuffed in those red packages..

tomorrow tune in for our next blog hop 
merged with She Who Sews….

Congrats to the following and all have been contacted…
PARCELS are ready to be ship..and just in time for Christmas….wink..

Hello Marlene, ( for comments)  Vickie, ( top 3 )  Carol, ( for participating) 

YOU all have won a bundle of red rooster fabric...
Please send me all of your details for shipping...

And Mom to Josh and Lizbeth you won the Bird Brains packages….which? well I will surprise you...

and Jennifer, Corrie and Shari all won Radical Rooster patterns.. ( you will get to pick which one you like) 

please send me details...and congrats..this was a delightful hop...so glad you all were part of it...


  1. Lovely creations, Mdm Samm! I especially love your tea cozy - the details are so cute. With projects like these, everyone will be flocking to gather some Black Tie Boogie fabrics. :o)

    This hop rules the roost!

  2. What a cute collection of fantastic ideas! Cranberry nut bagels, now I will have to find those, lol!

  3. Love it all Mdm Samm - especially your pencil bag and your stitcheries. You Crow!!

  4. You Quack me up so early in the morning! You sincerely have a lot of talent and drive, keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what blog hop will be announced Next!!

  5. Fabulous projects as always, love the fur-trimmed cosy :)

  6. You have done it again, some wonderful projects. The rooster fabric is so fantastic and wonderful. Thanks for a very fun , creative and inspiring blog hop.
    I have loved every minute checking in on the mornings. Have a great weekend

  7. Marvelous projects Madam Samm. I really love the table cloth the best; all those ruffles!! The feathers on the Tammy bag and pin cusions cracked me up and you do have the best props. Love your gingham coffee pot! All in all, wonderful!

  8. Awesome projects...loving your tea cozy...adore how you did the gingham stitching!

  9. Amazing - all of your projects. I absolutely love the hexagon quilting pattern on the tea cozy. I can see how you love hand quilting - made easier with the Q-Snap frame. All the ruffles and fur - perfect trims for perfectly executed lovelies! This was a wonderful hop with so much variety. Thanks to you and Vickie!

  10. Lovely projects! I especially like the table cloth and would love to enjoy breakfast with you, even if it was a bit chilly! Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for all of these great hops! Enjoy that beautiful snow and stay snug!

  11. Wowsers! I can NOT choose a fabric! The popup pencil holder kept my stare for at least 2 minutes.. That is too stinking cute! collar and all! And then come to that luscious table set for 2! I know they have nothing to do with roosters but dadgum! those are some huge grapes! The tea cozy is darling and now I have an idea for a toaster cover as I do not do tea as you and the others do. But I do leave my toaster on the counter because I use it often and it needs to be hid and what cuter way than a cover fashioned by your tea cozy! And now you have me salivating to make yet another Tammy bag!! Love the fur addition and the pinkeep! Smiles all around for that cute turkey! And last but definitely not least, the embroidery quilt in the making! This is going to be outta sight!When you get all of your designs finished, I need to talk to you about hosting a sew along with them. Lots of rooster lovers out there! :)

    Your creations are fabulous Madame Samm, just like you are!

    Now off to go visit the other hoppers on today!

    1. OK... I just rolled out of bed... can you tell. :)

      Fabric should have been FAVORITE! ha! Maybe I did not get my nap out. lol

  12. What a finish!! Wonderful pieces and pictures...you have a real talent with photography

  13. What great creations Samm! You sure did enjoy yourself, I can tell :) I really like your tea cozy.

  14. OH! Your roostery tableaux are delightful! Our snow is all but gone but we expect more before too long! Thank you for each day of roostery fun.

  15. LOVE your blog hops! Really liked the cosy. The new quilt design looks great. Will be watching for pattern.

  16. Love the cozy - and what a good day for tea! I shared several pots full yesterday as the snow fell -- looks like we will get more today. :)

  17. You are so talented! Love the way you coordinate everything you do. Thanks

  18. Absolutely love your tea cozy! Great projects by everyone.

  19. Oh, love the breakfast table and all the other lovelies shared today. I am off to visit the list.

  20. What a lovely collection of things Fowl. the tablecloth is stellar but my fav is the tea cozy. Love the fence quilting on that piece. Thanks for being our idea girl, getting so many of us creating in ways we never thought we would or could.

  21. Wonderful projects! I adore the tea cozy and the stitcheries!

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  23. (woops, computer published before I wrote anything) I think all your projects are just stunning. I couldn't pick a favorite if I had to. I want to thank you for the snow scene. Brings back a lot of memories. We moved to TN 6 years ago, we dealt with snow all our lives. At that time we were really tired of it. But now, we miss it. People laugh at us but we wish for a nice snow fall this year.

  24. All great projects, as usual, Madame Samm. Thanks for another incredible hop--I sat this one out, knowing how busy I was going to be sewing for Christmas and traveling, but I certainly have enjoyed all of the terrific projects created for the hop! Thanks again, for all you do!

  25. Of course just divine!!! Love all the feathery details! Love the Tammy in roosters and the pin cushion! Your hen stitching is too cute. Beautiful work on all of it! ;)

  26. Congratulations! You, Mdm.Samm, have inspired so many to ruffle their feathers and put plucky poultry on the pedestal they readily deserve.
    Your Tammy is the quintessential accessory for the holiday season =)
    Blue ribbons for everyone in this hop just for making us smile.

  27. Love the Tammy! Actually love all your projects!

  28. You've totally wow'd me this morning (no surprise) with the ruffles and feathers. Each project is so unique! The pencil holder is very cute and your embroidery designs are beautiful!

  29. What fun each of your projects are! Love the fluffies added in place of ruffles ... I am thoroughly "wow'd" by your hexi-hand stitching on your cozy! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful works!!

  30. Great projects, all! The tablecloth is my favorite. Also, I am really looking forward to seeing more of your cute embroidered blocks for your quilt. Good things are always worth the long term effort and a well worth the wait to see and enjoy. This has been a fun hop. Thanks! ... :) Pat

  31. I had no idea that roosters were so popular :-)

  32. Wow, what wonderful fowl ideas you had ! I love the "always behind you" ! Cute cute ! The feathery tea cozy... love it !
    and the STUFFED TURKEY..hahahahaha.... your too much !
    Conclusion...I must get myself some Black Tie Boogie fabrics !

  33. Well, Mdm Samm, now I know for sure some more things about you:
    - you definitively make time, but just something out of my imagination....
    - you must not sleep more than 30 minutes a night
    - your DH must held some shares of a candle company, helding them for you while you are stitching until the first rooster is singing, LOL
    - I just love your projects
    - you are a pro in photoshop
    - and I know, I should say all the things, because you don't like it, but you know what......
    - YOU MATTER as well, YES!!!!!!!
    - c'est tout!

  34. Great projects!! And thanks for the wonderful blog-hop experience :) it was my fist blog-hop but it will not be the last!!!

  35. What nice projects! I also like your top picks.

  36. Your breakfast table looks very inviting! I love all of your projects and the Red Rooster fabric. I look forward to seeing the rooster quilt when you get it finished.

  37. What a beautiful display, and the colours are so nice. Thanks for sharing really enjoyed your site

  38. That Black Tie Blog is sewing set is so cute! Thanks for picking my kitchen chicken quilt for today's wall of fame.

  39. Love your projects Madame Samm! Such cute Rooster ideas. That pic of the snowfall is magical. I would love to see snow like that in person just once.

  40. Samm I'm just blown away by all your projects! But I love, love your Fresh embroidery! And that tablecloth...oh my. Fabulous! Blessings, Marlene

  41. Love your projects, MS. The tea cozy is my absolute favorite; what an adorable stitching on it. Very cool how you did the checkered pattern on the FRESH! Thanks for all your fine work on another fun hop; it's great fun.

  42. I am clucking with giddy delight at your wonderful projects for Black Tie Boogie. Love all the black and white and red and Roosters and Chicks, I do. Thank you sew very much. Today I put my Q-Snap Frame on my blog post. I like yours with the fabric and stitching being held taut. Blissful hopping dear...

  43. Oh my, what beauties. I have finally purchased the Tammy bag pattern. I am excited to make my own. My ducks are not happy about you serving up duck eggs.... lol. Great projects and wonderful inspiration. This was a very fun hop. Thank you.

  44. Talk about talent with a capital T-you go girl. Yep, Tablecloth, Tea cozy, Turkey, Tami bag-just awesome.
    Thanks for a great hop!

  45. So hard to pick a favorite from all the fantastic creations, love them all.

  46. Your tablecloth is awesome. It has been enjoyable checking out all the fowl creations. I never imagined there could be so many.

  47. Your projects are super super cute.

  48. After reading your entry and the top two I thought I should peruse the sponsors stuff more closely, and boy those are some great prizes! The fabrics are wonderful and the patterns are gorgeous, too! Wish I could hand sew like you do, but this old 'chick' does her best work on a machine nowadays. You made a great showing, love your pinnies, especially.

  49. What a super blog hop this was! Really was something to crow about :)

  50. It is all stunning. Looks like you had a great time creating all of this. Very fun hop!

  51. Thanks for another fabulous hop - one of my favourites as I love chickens!
    Cheers to Vicki for all she has done and best wishes to all involved!
    No sign here of any snow but we don't always get any!!

  52. Your breakfast table is darling! Only you! Decked out with a Christmas tree too! So glad the snow had not fallen yet!

  53. Thanks so much for the inspiration, love the embroidered cover and the tablecloth is a beauty...I will await that picnic quilt...the blocks are gorgeous so far :)

  54. Thanks so much for the inspiration, love the embroidered cover and the tablecloth is a beauty...I will await that picnic quilt...the blocks are gorgeous so far :)

  55. Thanks so much for the inspiration, love the embroidered cover and the tablecloth is a beauty...I will await that picnic quilt...the blocks are gorgeous so far :)

  56. I love how you have showcased this fabric! Lots of goodies to look at, love that table cloth, and your embroidery stitching is superb! Love it all!!

  57. I cannot wait to see your picnic quilt and everything once again is spectacular! :)

  58. Another amazing hop. It just doesn't stop.

  59. THX to you and Vickie for the behind the scenes work that makes this all appear so effortless. THX to the sponsors as well. You made some really neat things to share with us on your featured day--hard to pick a favorite. Now off to see the overview in pinterest. I have an idea for a bird hop if it is repeated in 2014!

  60. Oooo...perfect tablecloth! And the the stitched blocks are darling. They look like like something my grandmother would have done back in her time.

  61. SHAZAM Madame Samm, fabulous projects! Love the ruffled (of course) tablecloth and the Tammy bag with the fur and the pincushion and the turkey and the ... well you get the picture ... I love ALL of them. Funny how you added the fur to the Tammy bag, the tea cozy and the pincushion. I was going to add that to a tissue box cover, but can't figure out how to sew it on without the fuzz getting caught in the stitches. Would love to know your secret how you attached it. Thank YOU for all YOU do for us behind the scenes to make all of your blog hop huge successes. Yep, YOU matter too!

  62. Thanks it's been a great Hop with some lovely ruffle magic from you to end with.

  63. I love the chicken wire hand quilting you did on the tea cozy.

  64. Your projects are sew lovely! I really like that pop up pencil bag. Those Qsnaps, not sure how those work. I tried using something like them looong ago. I'm not even sure if they were the same thing but they didn't hold that well. Maybe I'm Qsnap challenged. lol

  65. Madame Samm...fabulous job as always. I love your table cloth with the ruffles. Too wonderful. Thank you for all your do!

  66. I too had a blast looking at all the beautiful fowls ~ What wonderful work ~ My little favorite was the "Yes I Am A Pincushion" Is there a pattern for that anywhere. Amazing work -

    1. if you are talking about the wee one on the stand I made…I will work on one over the holidays…I had no way of letting you know
      as know reply blogger…meaning no email left...


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