Friday, November 15, 2013

Our last day of Just for Boys Blog hop with Camelot Fabrics as our sponsor

What a wonderful HOP !!!
has provided us countless projects 
for the boys and men in our lives.
( and many fond memories I may add) 

GRATITUDE to all for participating 
in all the ways that makes these hops soooo special..

Amy was a wonderful cheerleader.
She certainly was worried about a few who were late,
and a no show..but never ever ever, is this reflected on our
cheerleaders… I assured her, cast that aside…IT IS PAST!
WE move forward and celebrate all those who did 
reach for excellence! AND YOU DID….all of YOU!

By now you may have seen all those who 
I share this beloved day…they all soar in my heart….

 Friday November 15th 

Sew Incredibly Crazy  ( Amy our cheerleader, be sure to cheer loud for her)
Sew We Quilt ( and me)

Ok, ready for my projects….

Stitched with Magic Stitches...

My oldest took every protection to not have any babies
till she was ready. But my oldest Grandson would not hear of it..
He was coming regardless….
( so she got ready)

When she was pregnant she called him KAL-EL as only 
a realllll SUPER baby could have made it through all the doors 
she had closed… Kaleb was born 13 years ago and his middle
name is KAL-EL. He is pretty obsessed with the MAN OF STEEL
for a number of reasons.

So when I saw this FABRIC collection from Camelot Fabrics, 
I knew what I had to create for my psssst a very special grandson…
What a perfect birthday gift for a teenager.

And of course the model of Man of Steel made possible by 
a dear friend, had to be part of his birthday gift….

 I took this photo when I had completed the topper, YOU have to take advantage of our
local farmers fields while you can….So I dragged David out, he is holding The Man of Steel on 
a broom…( of course you can't see him or the broom, he was photoshopped lol) 
It was a perfect day for this shot…

Once completed, I loved it even more….I binded it with the same material
as I did the back….something he will no doubt grow up with…
funny how adding the blue just has all the blue popping out of this film strip quilt…

take a peak...

He was pretty excited by his special SUPER gift...
His Gramps wanted to keep it for himself wink….

Size is 70 x 84

Ohhh see the Pillow, Mary made that for Kaleb, so she just had
to be on the label too….It was certainly a quilt stitched with SUPER LOVING KRIPTON  stitches…
I hand quilted it with boxes and stitches in the ditch...

( This lap quilt may not have any special powers 
and it will not have you soaring any heights. But it's stitched
with magic threads that will keep you snuggle and tight.
Happy Birthday my sweet young "teen" may you 
have this for years to come. 
To Krypton and back, YOU are loved, Nan and Gramps!)

Ohhh I had a bit of time to create this too…

As I have very special MEN in my life as well, it is important not to forget them..
I made 5 denim aprons however only had time to applique this one…
of course using Camelot Fabrics…
This one is going to a man who is pretty obsessed with expensive cars, expensive motorcycles...….
 He will NEVER GROW UP, is particularly appropriate for him…wink…
And I love that he has a special place in my heart forever..
( in case he sees this wink)

this pin cushion will go with the apron..winner of comments left here

( birds nest compliments from Ev, 
she was thinking it would be perfect for my photos..
she was sooooo right- so love her for always thinking of me)

 I always try to make something special for our Cheerleaders….this was going to be for AMY,
but it just did not seem special enough….so it will go into someones RED package soon…
it weighs a pound …lol

All the 
are from  ( link here) will go into the package too!

Her boy collections and monsters are simply OOAK…
Links on side bar on how to make them 
as well as pin cushion...

YES this one seems special enough now….the fur has strings of silver threads
that makes it sooooo darn girly too…
All the button pins were made especially for her too…
gotta have at least one spider lol

I was then going to make a pair of  BOY Jammies, however did not have enough
 CAMELOT fabric on hand for that…so I made a pair of mini jammies and needle turned
it on a  navy blue micro fleece throw, perfect for a special friend who welcomed
a new grandson….he has no name yet, he was just brought into our world
a couple of days ago…( he was very early) these jammies would likely fit him…
once they announce his name…I will add it on the bottom to match…

As I made a few denim aprons and have an extra one….THIS ONE IS FOR YOU,
what will you applique on it? 

Button pins goes with it too… 
and some Superior Threads that Bob sent!
OHHHH a special package indeed! 

And that is it for me….

I have been busy with a lot of EXCITING STUFF
behind the scenes, take for instance….

That Vickie is cheering for…
This is a very enthusiastic tight group we have
and they will be thrilled with all the prizes we have to give away!
it is the end of the year and Christmas time after all! 

So see you soon for our last hop of the year…

HOWEVER we are planning 
JANUARY, so it is not too late to 
Ask CAROL to put you on the list 

The link is on the side bar for the 
guidelines for this blog hop..

And speaking of colour, would you believe
I , MDM SAMM did not have a business card..
Can hardly believe it… NO SEW WE Quilt business card..
so busy making them for others I suppose….

I know, not that I get out much,
but I do send out a lot of packages…
Sooooo I created a new design 
they are being printed as I write this 
at our local print house! 

I think it is so ME LOL 

I even made a special one for a certain
lady who loves purple lol

Ohhhh I didn't think I had one more POEM In me 
about BOYS….had to ponder...


We had a Nanny who was such a dear
she stayed with us year after year
Our mornings with her
were really a giggle

Cause the kids always had something that would 
make her wiggle.
She loved her cereal, especially her oats
it was not uncommon for her to spoon a wee car or boat

She lovingly packed their lunches
and knew how to get them back
she would place paper notes 
in between the breads
with the message "SMACK!"
 ( she would always say I will smack you…
meaning kisses of course)

My kids saved those notes for years from her…
She certainly made her mark on their hearts…

Their MUMM x

Boys Wall of Fame

( each one of you today could 
have been here, you were alllll so

Simply put this would be a quilt any young boy would treasures…
imagine cuddling up with dinosaurs that can only keep you warm…
She even made a matching pillow….

And you can stop right there….this lady who happened to be our cheerleader
too really outdid herself in this effective MANLY creation…
love that it looks dirty….I am soooo into this …allllll those blocks
to piece…brilliant...

 and most CREATIVE….

WOW, this quilt had me stopped in my tracks….this lady knows how to
bring excellence to the table..the photograph is amazing too..
but back to the quilt…look at this border….yep everything about it
speaks ROPE HIM IN….

                                 Each day all of our CREATIVE BLOGGERS PHOTOS

And we are filled with GRATITUDE to

 Camelot FABRICS…..

( winners announced on MONDAY for Q-Snaps too….)

Camelot Fabrics  is our Sponsor…ohhhh my do they have a lot of BOY collections, which is why we chose them for our sponsor for this hop… Anyone who has boys will love to win these bundles…. WE thank them from the bottom of our hearts, it is  sponsors like them
who really do create such excitement with their pretty amazing collections from their pretty neat BOY designers...

How to win?

1. Participate in our blog hops…all those who do get a chance to win ONE bundle.
2. Be in our top 3 for outstanding project, photo and creativity, all of them get a chance to win ONE bundle.
3. All those who leave comments get to win a bundle too…JUST for leaving comments……leave many, more chances….

The top collection is Naught Puppies by Heather Rosas, the left collection is Ace by Camelot Design Studio and the right collection is Ultimate Spider-Man by Camelot Design Studio J

To all who made this very special HOP possible..

FYI unique visitors 
since this  boy hop began

 844,338 ( that is not counting today)

( I think you all make an impact)

A few are dropping by wink...


  1. The blue binding really does make the film quilt pop! You were the busy lady and all just wonderful additions to the Boys hop. It has been a blast and I am sure everyone has found some inspiration along the way.

  2. Oh my goodness...Kaleb's quilt is perfect with magic hand stitches..Awesome job Samm ! Cute jammies, love Amy's pincushion and pins, handy dandy aprons and great business card...whew, did I cover it all. This has been a very good hop for all kinds of great ideas for things to make for our big and little boys !

  3. You out did as usual! Love the quilt, perfect for a sweet teen. Aprons, well again perfect, but everything you do and say is always perfect and means something special to each of us! Thank you for the wonderful hop, and for spicing up our hearts.

  4. Oh my...your Man of Steel quilt is simply stunning! Everything is amazing...the mini pj's throw, pins and aprons. Thank you for a wonderful hop. With a house full of big boys it is nice to see projects and ideas just for them. anglanouette at gmail dot com

  5. You continue to amaze me with how much you do. That quilt is super! Every man of steel would love it. Your aprons look smashing too and the rest of the projects are great. I always love to see your creativity.

  6. You really raise the bar with your Man of Steel quilt and all your other projects!! The hop has certainly been lots of fun!

  7. Another superb hop! Wonderful projects as always and your poems have been a fun addition...thanks again!

  8. Superb quilt and another superb hop! Man of steel has never looked so good!

  9. I love your man of steel quilt , no wonder that your grandson will love it. You are an awesome lady, thanks for sharing your creativity.
    Have a great weekend, as I will have going to an embroidery class, jazzing up our traditional wool embroidery.

  10. Great quilt - I bet this will be popular !

  11. Super quilt.....super blog hop! Love the film strip quilt and the story behind it. Great projects, as always, and lots of fun for all. Thanks for all of your hard work and inspiration!

  12. Well Madame Samm....never disappointing us!! I did see your little mice and love them...Your super hero is delightful and so much fun to read your posts. Great job with the hop again!!! Thank you.

  13. Just the greatest projects! All SUPER for the men in your life. Love the men aprons... Perfect for my sons in law... And maybe for my little grands. Always inspired by you!

  14. Wow, I love all your projects. The denim aprons are really great--hadn't thought of that--one for myself as chief cook would be very practical and fun. Thanks for this wonderful hop and thanks for sharing all your projects all the time!

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  16. All your projects are wonderful, but the Man of Steel quilt is Super!

  17. Once again, a fabulous hop! Your superman quilt is just well...Super! :-)
    I believe you are our Super Hero-we need to add a mask and cape to your signature pix! Thank you for keeping us hopping

  18. What great projects Samm! Love your quilt. And the top 3 today are wonderful as well.

  19. Your quilt is beautiful, all your projects are gorgeous. I especially like the apron. Thank you for everything.

  20. Samm I love, love, love this quilt. I know your Kal-el is going to love it too. :) And the apron - what a great idea! I think I might have to copy that idea and make one for my son with a big football appliqued on it since he's a coach. He'd love that. blessings, marlene

  21. I do not even know where to begin! Love the quilt, the aprons, etc- cannot even begin to pick a favorite!

  22. I love your quilt! You always have such creative ways to stage your projects and I'm constantly learning from you. Thanks for all your time and energy for not only this blog hop, but for all you do for the on-line quilting community. And thanks for choosing my quilt to be on the wall of fame. You made my day!

  23. This was a great blog hop. As a mom to three boys and grandma to three grandsons, I have gotten lots of inspiration to get sewing and quilting. Love your projects.

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  28. Wow, your daughter must be one brave girl to have a 'man of steel' for a son, not to mention you as Grandmom! hahaha! Allof your projects turned out wonderful as usual. And you handquilted the quilt....I envy you being able to do that.

  29. Your quilt is amazing! That is going to be one well loved quilt. The pincushions are fabulous too. I'm sorry to have had to miss so much of this hop, but I hope to catch up on the posts when things settle down here.

  30. Love this quilt it soars just like Superman! Love your aprons too such fun pics...I always enjoy seeing what you make and how you cleverly display them :) Great job and thanks for another fine hop!

  31. Wow! You sure have been busy! I love it all, especially the apron and the little jammies. What a sweet baby gift. Thanks for another great hop. It's always so much fun to participate.

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  33. WoW, I don't know how you find the time to go to school and make such wonderful, time consuming projects! You are wonderfully organized and a very talented lady. Thanks for the wonderful work!

  34. I love the Man of Steel quilt. The film strip idea is awesome. Thanks for the great hop.

  35. Well, you didn't disappoint! Wow! Love the Man of Steel quilt, the apron, the Jammy throw, the pin cushions, and the pins! So like you to come up with some special projects!

  36. This has been a super fun log hop! Thanks!

  37. Of course, you always deliver perfection. I love superman flying over. Too cute. I will be anxiously waiting for that pin cushion and pins. Love it! Thanks for intrusting me the the cheerleading. ;)

  38. I'd say that lil Kal-el, is one very special little one. What an adorable quilt...one he will needless to say treasure for many years to come. Can't believe David got the ax out of the photo! Poor David! LOL!! What a great apron too. And leave it to you, to make pin cushions so much fun. I sure love those buttons you find! Thanks for making us all, what we are! Your the best!

  39. Perfect quilt for a teen grand, That he almost had to tussle with Gramps for possession of it might be an indication that it would be popular with boys of all ages. I love the aprons and mine would have to say never grow up too, May we never lose that child like sense of wonder. Wonderful hop. As always I am glad to be a part of this little community here though I will sit the next two out to get caught up here at home. Hope to see what you have planned for the 2nd half of January!

  40. Madame Samm your creations are all fantastic! Love the poems too! Vickie's quilt was definitely my favorite of the day too.

  41. Once again you have done a wonderful job. Perfection must be your middle name. I am sorry I had to watch this one from the sidelines. So many great projects. It is a delight to see the finished "Superman" quilt. It turned out perfect. Thank you, I am glad I could have a small part in this one.

  42. Your boys are sew lucky to have these wonderful creations coming their way! Many men and boys have been well gifted by this hop. I have really enjoyed seeing all the creative quilts and projects and reading all the stories. Thanks to you and Amy and all the participants for a inspiring hop! ... :) Pat

  43. This was one of my favorite days on this hop. If I had that apron, I would either applique a snowman or a big treble clef on it. Thanks again for another wonderful hop.

  44. Great projects, Madame Samm. Doesn't it make you feel wonderful when you make something that is sooo right for that special person in your life? I love the quilt and I just bet that your grandson thinks it is awesome. Thanks for sharing all your projects today.
    Thank you also for a wonderful Blog Hop. I am surrounded by men-boys and it is so hard to make something for them. But I got so much inspiration from this hop. I think that this has been the best one, but then again, don't I say that about every one of them? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  45. Our quilt is outstanding. The photos make me smile. Love the apron and pin cushions. Sweet. Another great hop!

  46. Absolutely darling...those pins, aprons... ALL of it!
    Thank you and Amy for hosting this hop...it was fun and I learned a lot!

  47. Loved the entire hop. So many wonderful projects. Picked up quite a few ideas for gifts in the future. Oh, if I had the apron I would probably applique either a dragonfly or moose on it. Thanks sew much for such a fun hop.

  48. Ha! What a great quilt - such fun to make memories with your grandchildren - they are the best kind of memories - really, really enjoyed this hop and all the things created - BIG thanks to you and Amy. As for the apron - a sheep of course. Have the best of weekends.

  49. Wow! You sure were busy, too! I love the quilt for Kal-el! I was amazed at how large it is because I figured that Superman was a lot shorter than that! Cute pin cushions! Great job on all, Madame Samm!

  50. Dear mdm Samm,
    you have made wonderful projects. Love the quilt you made for your grandson, absoutely perfect for this special boy!
    The apron is great and the suit for the baby so so cute!
    Thanks for sharing your creaitvity, thanks for this hop and the chance to win.
    Enjoy the weekend!
    Liebe Grüße

  51. Great projects -- especially love the apron, because I would HATE for my sweetie to ever grow up, lol! :)

  52. Madame Samm,you take the cake hands down :) What a special quilt for your grandson,it will be cherished for years to come,no doubt. The pincushions are also quite lovely,and the little jammie throw just adorable! Thank you for another wonderful hop.

  53. Madame Samm,
    Another great hop. Thank you all who participated .
    Your Grandson's quilt is so awesome, as are the other projects. You are amazing girlfriend!! I want to be you when I grow up.


  54. Your grandson is going to love this quilt. Stitched with love, and oh so personal. Love the aprons too! NO ruffles LOL. I enjoy looking at your photography, it is just awesome. Great blog hop. Thank you for all your hard work dear lady.

  55. Oh my gosh, your grandson's quilt is sooo cool! Thank you for a fab blog hop :)

  56. WOW! So many great projects. Love each one of them "MAN of steel", "never grow up" and jammies are so cute and boyish!

    When did u start working on these projects?

  57. Left early for a girls days out with a friend and 9 1/2 hours later found my way back home. It was a very good day!

    Today was a great ending to an awesome hop! Thanks for all you do Madame Samm! Your energy is endless!

  58. Love the quilt Samm my grandson Konnor would be over the moon if I made him one like that. I just should have put my name in this one I have made so many things for my grad boys but I am just very shy. Thanks to you for once again giving us a lovely hop and lots of beautiful projects.

  59. Everything is sew stud muffin :)
    Now that I have a new little grandson I'll be paying more attention to the boy things. We have done girls for so long I feel out of my element.
    Always amazed at the creativity with each hop. Janita

  60. That's one lucky grandson. How neat that Camelot came out with this fabric - absolutely perfect! Thanks for the fun hop - again.

  61. Such a terrific quilt and will be surely loved a great deal. Thanks so much as always for sharing the love and inspiration.

  62. Your Man of Steel is the perfect finale, and the photoshoot is just a hoot!
    The idea to turn the jammies into a quilt is SO good - Love it!
    Thanks for all you do to make this so much fun!

  63. Love the Man of Steel. The apron is great. Love the denim look. Of course your pin cushions and adorable pins make me smile. You always inspire! Thanks for sharing and ask you do for the hops.
    p.s. Great business card. :-)

  64. What an awesome quilt for a teen boy, in fact, a boy of any age. I'm so pleased I joined in this hop. Thanks heaps for all the organisation!!!

  65. WOW!!! luv the Man of Steel quilt...I can see why Gramps would want to keep it. Lucky grandson...great idea making it a film strip...sEw perfect in every way. You never disappoint with your creations!! The appliqued apron is perfect for the man who is always young at heart. This has been a fun hop, sEw glad I joined. Enjoy the rest of your weekend...happy stitching, xop

  66. Love that Man of Steel quilt. This was a great hop (as usual).

  67. Another great hop....love your projects! The apron is darling, would love something kitchy on mine.

  68. I have had a great time in this and all the hops this year! Just one more left turkeys and chickens! I am really excited for 2014
    , thank you for a great time! I love your creations!


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