Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just for BOYS blog hop begins NOW, today…with Camelot Cottons as our Sponsors

ps. added 2 more days..

  Welcome to yet another pretty special HOP...Why so special?...Welllll- we all like BOYS, of all ages, we love to cheer for others, we love to stretch our creativity...These hops do just that…All those who will be participation in our JUST FOR BOYS hop, love boys too. I am so excited to see what they will come up with.

What to expect…..WE are here to challenge our very creative friends to  THINK Boys!-anything and everything BOYS, tall, small, young, old...BOYS. This HOP is exclusively for those who have some BOY things in mind... quilts, nap sacks, sleeping bags, pillows...you name it if it looks like a BOY of any age would like it, we want to see it and YOU!

Recently I made something for a YOUNG Man  (BOY) in my life. This was my theme ( Man of Steel)  and all of my attention was focused on this fabric line from Camelot Fabrics and who happens to be our sponsor for this hop as well. You will have to wait and see the completed quilt and photos, I am tickled BLUE with it...( pink is for girls)  And a big thanks to Mary who managed to find this exquisite model... I am soooo into Man of Steel now. There is a wonderful story about Kal-El that will certainly bring a smile to your lips...will share on my day of our Boy Hop!

And who will be leading us into BOY LAND.....?
AMY is our cheerleader for this hop from Sew Incredibly Crazy  ( schedule is here and on side bar)
 and crazy she is not..but she is creative, funny, committed over the top CHEERLEADER. So we think she is young enough at heart to tackle this hop...

So who will be here today to have you celebrating all the BOYS, MEN in our lives…? Well these pretty amazing ladies….
Be sure to cheer them on, they do this for YOU! 

 Wed, November 6th 

Boys -WALL of FAME 

Doesn't this look like something you would have ordered from a big brand company?
like Mattel….perfect for boys cars….YES, my dear, you captured this theme
PERFECTlY…vroooooom ! 

I kept looking at this, I did not get it…that was before my first cup of coffee
sank in.- Than wham I got it….
I must ache her a question too….lol LOVE THIS! 


 I love crayons even at this age, so forget the boys in my life, I may have to make one of these for myself….seriously, the choice of fabrics, so BOYS….love them all…and yes that elastic, perfect solution to wrap them up….yes most creative…

                                 Each day all of our CREATIVE BLOGGERS PHOTOS

Camelot Fabrics  is our Sponsor…ohhhh my do they have a lot of BOY collections, which is why we chose them for our sponsor for this hop… Anyone who has boys will love to win these bundles…. WE thank them from the bottom of our hearts, it is  sponsors like them
who really do create such excitement with their pretty amazing collections from their pretty neat BOY designers...

How to win?

1. Participate in our blog hops…all those who do get a chance to win ONE bundle.
2. Be in our top 3 for outstanding project, photo and creativity, all of them get a chance to win ONE bundle.
3. All those who leave comments get to win a bundle too…JUST for leaving comments……leave many, more chances….


The top collection is Naught Puppies by Heather Rosas, the left collection is Ace by Camelot Design Studio and the right collection is Ultimate Spider-Man by Camelot Design Studio J

OHHHH let's cheer on those BOYS, men in our LIVES! 

"What is a Boy?"

He's an imp and an angel,
a dreamer, a tease
An explorer of meadows, and
a climber of trees.
A runner of errands, and
doer of chores.
Who tears his best trousers, and
tracks up your floors.
He's a solemn young man with
some mud on his feet,
And a daredevil riding his
bike down the street.
A bundle of questions, who
wants to know "why",
The world goes around and
the stars fill the sky.
But adventurous, timid, excited
or quiet,
There's nothing so new that he
won't care to try it.
And just when your temper and
patience wear thin,
He'll look up at you with an
innocent grin.
And your heart melts again with
your real pride and joy,
In that mischievous, wonderful
treasure--- your boy!!
 author unknown…( love to know and thank them)


  1. This fun blog hop is off to a great start! I have already found several ideas I want to make for the guys in my life. Looking forward to all the stops in the hop ... :) Pat

  2. Oh what a great HOP :D Shame that I miss it :( Good luck everyone ! I'll stop by to find out who will be on top today :) Have a nice day :)

  3. I just had to laugh when I read :"Who tears his best trousers..." You know I have 3 little boys at home and do you know how many pairs of trousers they tore last week???? And I am NOT kidding: 4!!!!! pairs of jeans, and when I write tore, it is TORE!!! So yesterday, I went to a shop and had the lucky great blessing mega chance to buy 7 pairs of trousers on sale... I can tell you, I nearly jumped with joy in the shop, I was soooooo happy :-))))
    And the torn jeans are now bermudas, next summer will come, sooner or later, at the moment later.... LOL
    And I am realy thrilled about this hop, so many ideas to see, just for boys, thanks Mme Samm

  4. A great hop Samm. Only the first day and I've already got some ideas for things to make for the boys in my life.

  5. I am thrilled there was a Hop for the boys in our lives - young and old. We do sew for them in many ways.

  6. Samm...love the mice in your photo...I have a pair of them hanging around here somewhere as well. Had to hide them from the naughty kitty who enjoyed knocking them off the windowsill while bird watching. Today has been a great showing...looking forward to tomorrow. Back to the sewing table for me.

  7. Today had great ideas for things to make for boys....can't wait to see what else this week holds. I mustache you a question...Wasn't Baa's Mom clever ?....LOL

  8. Ohh, I can't wait to see all the wonderful projects in this hop!! I have FOUR boys in my life, including my young at heart dh ;) and I am always looking for great ideas for them. Love the top three today, especially that car bag! And I love that poem too, it's perfect :)

  9. I'm more into pink stuff since I have two girls in the house but it sure is interesting to see some boyish projects.

  10. Fabulous idea for a hop....not so many ideas out there (or in my brain) for boys and men. I'm off to be inspired! (Love, love the poem.) Have a warm and wonderful day....here's a hug for you from me!

  11. this looks to be a great and fun hop.....good to see some "boy" projects....

  12. I mustache say it was a great beginning to the hop. Loved the poem, it is sooo true.

  13. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of.

  14. Boys and men were always without a doubt the most difficult to gift to. Now I see lots of great ideas. " For the Boys" is Brilliant! Thank you sew very much...

  15. I am wating for the projects since I am expecting a baby boy. I have not found the perfect quilt for him. So I am really happy that you have this blog hop now :)

  16. I am sew excited about this hop. I have 5 grandsons ages 6 and younger to make gifts for and I know all these great ladies will come thru for me. Thanks.

  17. Boy are we off to a great start to this hop! :O)

  18. Lovely ideas "for boys" of all ages today. I should be sewing as I am only about 2/3rds done with my entry but I just HAD to come see what the group had been up to, first!

  19. This will be fun. Seeing all the boy stuff. And lots of inspration too comeing out of this hop.

  20. Just finished hopping and commenting... been a busy morning around here. I have now added to my fabric stash from the mattel hot wheels creation! Spoonflower is only 45 minutes from me so I hope my fabric comes by friday. My grandson is going to squeal with delight! :)

    Everyone outdid themselves today! I am looking forward to the 12th for my day!

    Mdm. Samm... I found you sumpin' today... Might want to call me. hehe

  21. A blog hop for boys! Look at that basket. That is a clever idea! I might have to make a few of those!!

  22. Thank you so much for a very inspiring Blog Hop. Being surrounded by boys-men, it is hard to come up with things to make for them. But I have already seen several things my boys will love. Can't wait to see what comes up for tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!

  23. Yay for boy print fabric! Would love some!
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  24. I have my own super hero - Batman! Bruce Wayne is my hubby!!! so I loved your man of steel doll. great choices for today. love the bag. and that she designed the fabric. how cool is that!!!

  25. Wahoo! I've been waiting anxiously for this blog hop to start! I've got twin boys, and I need all the ideas I can get!

  26. some really cute projects for here.

  27. so cute! I love the car bag. Thanks!

  28. Great top picks for today. I love the bag for carry their little cars in. At least they won't all fall out.

  29. Great top picks!!I love the car bag too!! Where can we get the pattern? Love the boys in my life!!

  30. Mdm. Sam !!! You never hesitate to impress. So love this idea and am looking forward to so many inspirations. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  31. Loved seeing my car fabric up here on your blog! I found you via my mum at Threading my Way and am happy to haved joined you here :) Tash

  32. Let's hear it for the BOYS! I Love all of today's top picks.

  33. What a great first day to the "boys"hop,everyone has such perfectly boyish projects! Going to have to start a new pinterest board to save all the inspiration.

  34. The first day of each hop is very exhilarating, knowing that we have several days to go is wonderful! Just love the blog hops, visiting each blog is like a gift in itself! Thanks for doing them, your ideas are awesome!

  35. love me some boys, love the fabric. I will follow all the great ideas along as I have my 11 year old.
    thanks, Patti

  36. Love the fabrics and all of the cute projects! I really NEED one of these fabric bundles!

  37. Thank you so much for your kind words re my fabric basket!!! You've made my day, Samm. I'm looking forward to the rest of the hop. Today started with lots of great ideas, making my To Do list even longer.

  38. Loving the inspiration so far, a nice kick-off For the Boys!

  39. Terrific ideas today! The fabric basket with the drawstring is fab! All I could think of though while hopping from blog to blog was the Connie Francis song "Where the Boys Are".

  40. LOve!!!! I have a big boy who is moving out and needs a big boy quilt - hope to find a good idea here!

  41. Was able to catch up late last night…what fun ideas and inspiration!

  42. I'm just now getting the chance to follow this hop. I'm already inspired and I've only read day one! Your poem is adorable, too!


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