Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 5 of our Black tie Boogie with Red Rooster Fabrics, Radial Roosters and Bird Brain Designs as our Sponsor…

We still have a lot to CROW about !

We welcome you all to Day 5 of  our FOWL hop…
Yes the one time when we will be able to create anything FOWL
and we will be up at the crack of dawn to prove it…

So if you are new here,  a big warm embrace….
for those who have been with us for a very long time…YOU so MATTER to us…Thank YOU.

We are a blog hop blog…we are the largest
 universal quilting bee in the world….Each month we have 2 blog hops, different themes.
with many sponsors. Everyone is welcomed, anyone can join, whether
you are new to sewing and quilting or even if you are really good…
WE celebrate sewers, stitchers, embroiders, doll makers and yes quilters alike…

Each month we invite you to join us for the next blog hop that will
commence 2 months ahead of our calendar year. WE do this so you
will have plenty of time to get your project completed. 

WE will be announcing our next NEW YEAR blog hops reallllll soon! 

 I can't tell you when I became absorbed with roosters..
maybe it was when I met with some of the wonderful 
intelligent, funny people at RED ROOSTER FABRICS.
Yep, maybe it was then.

It was very hard to hide my excitement these past few months
working with this collection…

I will tell you now, that other woman doesn't have a chance…
WE all know she is rising before the sun comes out
since she retired…she has kept me on my toes, let me tell you ….

But this time…wellllll I am just saying…wink…

OHHH my, both that other lady and I 
have someone else we have been worried about 

has  LIVE roosters on her ranch..
how will we be able to out do her…???

I am telling you, we are feeling the pressure..
Vickie is brilliant when it comes to impressing us all here,
we are not surprised at how well she has been cheering us all on,
perhaps she may have been a tad too busy to get too creative wink.
One of the reasons why we wanted her to cheer this hop..
giggling here…

YOU will love that we added more days
so we could shorten up our list of hops each day..
we are hearing you …

So today, we celebrate these ladies
with all the warmth we can muster…
Be sure to cheer them on…your comments mean so much to them..! 

Black Tie Hall of FAME

Look at those prairie points for beak and feathers..totally sweet…
turkey sweet….love the checkered border, colours…welllllll everything…
love it..

and most CREATIVE ROOSTER piece….

OHH MY word, if this is not the most beautiful piece I ever laid my eyes on..
wellllll it just does not exist….wow! 
that other lady and I really have a lot to worry about these days…
we are going to call this lady 

We have delightful sponsors..
of course RED Rooster who really was the spark
that gets us up so early each morning…( ok, maybe that is just me) 
It just would not be the same without you…
Thank you…feathers a flying with excitement….! 

WE also have Patterns to share from Radical Rooster

From the first time I saw these, I have been pecking at what or all I should make first..
She is amazing with her details .....

And on its way, Bird Brain Designs wanted to be part of this too..
they arrived..look below..

EACH DAY all of our Ladies PICS
will be here 

And oh YES Robin from Bird Brain Designs sent along these treasures…
t-towels, patterns, threads…everything you need to create some delightful projects..
She loves Roosters I hear….

A couple winners will win these too.! 
Will it be YOU ?

JOIN our FLOCK, we will be 

 celebrating FOWL each day until

Nov 29th! 

Need your HELP!!!

What would you think of 
Don't let the- DOOR STOP YOU ( blog hop)
in conjunction with Handmaids blog hop…

As we have not stirred enough shops as of yet
to bring some fabric in, why not have 
some DOOR STOPPER designers 
as part of our hop too…
( you use your own fabric in your stash)


Imagine this..pin cushions on STEROIDs?
It is a thought!


  1. A wonderful morning of entertaining with some awesome chucks. All blogs were so inspiring and I got several favorites.

  2. Happy Monday everyone! Wake up, didn't you hear the rooster crow!! :)

  3. This has been so much fun. Now I want to quilt some chickens too.

  4. The roosters are definitely crowing this morning!! lol What a great morning for these roosters!!
    My soul.....they are all great, but those 2 you picked....stunning.

  5. That Other Other Lady is pretty amazing and so are the other hoppers today...wow!

  6. Thanks Samm, it was fun ! It is fun ! The projects all of these amazing BTB hoppers are coming up with blow me away. I truly am enjoying cheering this hop...

  7. Wow these quilts today are above and beyond AWESOME!

  8. Your two choices are spot on today! And what about Fonzie? I loved him, reminds me os when I was a kid... sewinglbogsarefun at yahoo dot com

  9. I missed all this Black Tie Boogie over the weekend and happy it is Monday. What a wonderful array of "fowl" to be found. These two quilts are each amazing. Thank you for this hop. Blessings...

  10. The Hall of Fame quilts today are wonderful! Glad to see a couple of turkeys pop up in the hop today!

  11. What a great day hopping and fantastic choices today!!

  12. What great projects! (I have been pretty much absent on this one. My son and husband have all the computers taken working on the insurance list. We should have it finished by the end of the week and I will be back!) (They stepped out and I took advantage of having it for a few minutes!)

  13. Gorgeous quilts, so beautiful and I love the fabrics too!

  14. Everything today was fantastic! There is a lady, in Washington state, that has a shop and farm and a rooster named Fonzie!

  15. That Other Other Lady's portrait of her Fonzie is a top pick too on my list. And just think, she was working in cahoots with another other lady. This could get very interesting.

  16. These are such amazing quilts... really fantastic!

  17. These projects are gorgeous. What a great showing today.

  18. Great projects today - our top winners are just terrific!! And the "fowl" fun continues!

  19. Glad I had time to make the chicken tracks through the hop today! So many wonderful projects.

  20. Lovely projects. It's amazing what quilters come up with.

  21. The chickens and roosters are awesome.

  22. Love the hall of fame quilt. They were all fabulous creations.

  23. I just adore the black and white rooster quilt! It really captures the spirit of strutting and fluffing roosters!

  24. So many creative hens on this blog hop. The other, other lady outdid herself. She's one awesome hen quilter, friend, and cheerleader!

  25. Lots of tough competition in this hop. I am glad I am not up against them. I do appreciate the inspiration and I am learning some good tips.

  26. Catching up with the blog hop. What can I say but Wow! Great creations by everyone.

  27. What inspiring choices today! I love the color combos that were chosen, such talent in the blog hop, thanks for organizing!

  28. Those were my favorites from the day too but what fun to see what everyone had made from day 1 to day 5.


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